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English only, please!?


Kidding aside, yes, it’s important that you know how to clearly communicate in English language.

So, English only please, seafarer?

A seafarer’s poor English communication skill is dangerous. That’s what researchers Nora Berg, Jenni Storgård and Jouni Lappalainen of The Centre for Maritime Studies in University of Turku had proven when they conducted a particular research.  i read their paper entitled ‘The Impact of ship crews on the Maritime Safety’ online and it tackled why effective Maritime English should be observed.

“Because of the international character of shipping, maritime English has proved to be a very important part of future officer training. If an officer is not used to speaking English, in the beginning it may be difficult to express oneself,” the authors wrote, highlighting the value of maritime English, particularly to those who aspire to be ship officers.

“A paper written by Popescu et al (2010) suggests that the improvement of the standard maritime English would help young apprentices to communicate and so to avoid accidents that happen due to human errors caused by bad communication.

“Despite the positive impacts of multinational crews, communication was seen as the major problem. When skills in English are not good enough, it increases the risk of misunderstandings.

“This is a risk considering the ship is a highly hierarchical system. Sampson & Zhao present an example of a captain who had poor knowledge of English.This caused problems with the lower ranks in terms of a loosened authority,” the source said.

Meanwhile, a more advanced level of maritime English had been recommended to be taught especially in schools of less developed countries and shore personnel interacting with seafarers should know at least the basics, too!

“Recommendations for standard maritime English have been adopted by the IMO.

“It is a simplified version of English including standard vocabulary for maritime communication.

“(Sampson & Zhao 2003). Despite good efforts of adopting Maritime English into the field, it was not detected in the study on board ships.

“Also the drive for cheaper crews from less developed countries can, according to Sampson & Zhao, be seen as a risk, since the assumption is that their English skills may be poorer.

“The additional training in English is well acknowledged by maritime training facilities (Horck 2010). In any case the English skills of seafarers are often very basic, and the situation in ports is similar, too (Horck 2010).

“This said, it is evident that the level of English taught in maritime education has to be more advanced and also implemented for on shore operators such as port operators.”



What can you say about Filipino’s English communication skills? Leave a comment below!

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Ten true-to-life experiences of Pambansang Pinoy Cruiser which can truly change your life today

Hey, girls (…and girls at heart)!

If given a chance to travel around the world for free with this hunk would you still have second thoughts?


(Oh..ohh.. stop swooning?)

Okay, time to meet the outspoken Mr. Rinell Banda.

With artistahin look and buff body I guess he’s paradise before your eyes now.

Kidding aside, did you know that Rinell had been visiting various ‘paradise’ on earth since he started to work in cruise ships?

You got it right, Rinell loves to travel and as he goes to those wonderful places, he shares us his rare experiences by posting them online via ‘Buhay Sa Cruise Ship’ YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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Cruising either North to South or West to East, Rinell, who traveled more or less 113 countries (and still counting) of the world already as of this writing, is truly sensational!

Like Rinell, you’ll be on the crest of the wave too if you strive hard and maintain a positive attitude towards life.

Here’s your #How2beUpo guide ala Pambansang Pinoy Cruiser!

1.Dream your destination.

To travel around the world is Rinell’s ultimate dream and he even first thought of flying a plane.


Tulad ninyo nangarap din po ako, pero hindi sa barko kundi sa eroplano na maging piloto. Para nga maikot ko sana ang mundo.

2.Stick to your goal but be flexible in your approach.

But the Guinness Book of World Record’s potential candidate for the “most traveled man” was born poor.


Sa kahirapan ng buhay hindi ko nagawang makuha ang kurso na ninanais ko.

So what he did?

(Nag)working student po ako nung kolehiyo, nagtrabaho sa mga fast foodchains katulad ng Jollibee, Dunkin Donuts, Carls Jr. nag banquet waiter din po ako sa Dusit Hotel, naging gym intructor sa Fitness First, naging sales agent ng educational plan..

In addition, he worked once like a Trojan in Japan.


Nagtrabaho din (ako) sa Japan as entertainer. Hindi ko inasahan, partime ko kasi mag ramp model dati, Nakasama ako sa Walang Tulugan sa Japan kasama sila Kuya Germs, Albert Martinez, Patricia Javier, Joyce Jimenez etc.) ‘Di ko akalain after ng show namin sa theatro ay sa club na kami babagsak..

3.You’ll never know unless you apply

Securing a job in a cruise ship is not an overnight success.

Rinell’s resume was trashed as much as five times.


Nabalitaan ko na ang pagbabarko rin pala ay tutupad sa aking pangarap na makapag-ibang bansa. Kaya sinubukan ko po na mag apply.. Hindi lang isang beses, dalawa, tatlo, apat, lima ni halos di ko na mabilang dahil bagsak daw ako at kulang pa sa experience. Kaya tinyaga ko sya, tinanong ko kung ano requirements, sabi sakin 2years experience sa 5 star hotel…

I hope you have now the reason to bounce back high every time you fall, cruise job aspirant! 🙂

5.Experience is your passport to the world

A lot of aspiring cruise ship workers is impatient in getting a good experience, lest the minimum required by hiring employers. Well-experienced crew are preferred by employers to man their vessels so don’t waste your time (and money) printing your skinny CV (because it lacks working experience).


Ok eh may isang taon na ko sa Dusit kaya isang taon na lang pala ang bubunuin ko. Tyaga tyaga lang sabi ko sa sarili. Walang backer walang pamasahe kaya minsan nag wa 123 sa jeep hehe sorry po sa mga driver na nasakyan ko. Ngayun nagbabayad na po ako, kadalasan keep the change pa.. ☺

5.Confidence makes you stand tall and proud

The interview process is one of the best opportunities to show your potential employer why you deserve the ‘Yes, you’re hired. Congratulations!” feedback.  During his time, Rinell was nervous in the beggining of his interview but since he prepared himself well, the formal jacket he borrowed was proven to be effective. Lol

Kidding aside, confidence served his best outfit.


Initial interview na ko sa Magsaysay, kabadong kabado habang suot suot ang napakainit na formal jacket na hiniram ko pa sa tyangge. (Teka parang may amoy pa). Nung tinawag na ang pangalan ko, tumayo na ako ng may lakas ng loob, bakit? Preparado ako eh, pinag aralan ko lahat ng tatanungin nila, kinabisado ko ang serbisyo sa pagiging waiter, confident na confident ako. Kaya yun sapul na sapul pasado pero kinabahan din nag antay kaya ako ng tawag for two weeks at nag ring ang phone Principal interview na. Hehehe Ayos!

6.Do your best and God will do the rest

For Rinell, a prayer is God’s divine WiFi. Sincerity is the password, and it’s unlimited and absolutely free!


Ilang beses ako nag dadasal sa mga simbahan na nadadaanan ko, kasa kasama pati ang magulang at kapatid ko. Umaasa na balang araw makaranas din ng kaginhawaan sa buhay… Gusto ko kasi na mabigyan sila ng magandang buhay habang kasama ko pa sila.. Dahil mahal na mahal ko sila…

7.Learn to wait for the right time

As what Lola Nidora, a hit character of noontime show Eat Bulagas’ Kalyeserye segment, said “Sa Tamang Panahon!”… Yes, there’s always the right time for everything.

Rinell has showed us how to wait patiently and all sacrifice is worth most especially if we offer them to our loved ones.


Ayun nakumpleto ko na lahat ng requirements, may visa na ako, may ticket na ako ng eroplano! (Wow yes makakasakay na for the first time, di nga ako piloto pero pasahero naman ako hehe!) Eto na airport na teka parang ayoko ng umalis ah… sakit din pala na magpaalam sa pamilya ayun sila kumakaway, pero umiiyak (ka) mixed emotions ng tagumpay, lungkot at saya… (deep breath…) paalam… hawak hawak ang mga maleta habang umiiyak palayo sa kanila… Anyway, 8months lang pala kaya yan! Nag-antay nga ‘ko two years para makapasok lang sa barko eh…

8.Dreams turn into reality

As mentioned earlier, Rinell first dreamed to be a pilot to traverse the world but he had no money to support such grand dream so he took the ship instead and I bet, you’ll agree with me if I say, with regards to discovering places beyond the horizon, Rinell is flying higher than any pilot could.


Eto na ang realidad – ship life… pagkadating dating ko palang sa barko, nalula ako.. Ang laki! At teka ba’t parang malamig ang panahon, nasa Italy na pala ako for the first time, naka apak din sa ibang bansa (na recall ko tuloy ang tropa ko sabi sakin “Baguio lang di ka pa makapunta?” (Huh…) Baguio pala ha in your face ka ngayun..! ) Wala kasi me pera pang travel, masisisi mo ba ko? Di naman ako pede 123 sa bus..Jeep lang ako expert! (Guys dati na un ha, Good boy na ko sa drivers ngayon.:) 

9.Remember for whom you are fighting for

Many Filipinos are leaving the country in search for greener pastures overseas. Like Rinell, remember who motivates you to work hard even homesickness is lurking around at sea.


Welcome Welcome daw sa amin ( sabi ng ibang crew)… Eh di ako tuwang-tuwa naman ako, pinakita kwarto, pinakita yung uniform.. Sabi o sige suotin n’yo na uniform n’yo pasok na kayo.. Huwaat? Di man lang nakapagpahinga, o di sige GO lang ako.. bring it on! Nasa akin parin yung lakas.. Grabe ang hirap talaga ng first timer, ang hirap pala ng trabaho dito napapasabi ako “Diyos Ko” kala ko mga seaman sarap buhay! Hirap pala..Hirap pala.. Saan sila nakakakuha ng lakas? Sa Pilipinas pala… Para sa pamilya…

10.If there’s a will, there’s a way 


(Banda po rito ->>) Joke again! 🙂

It may sound cliche but Rinell has proven us that you can do everything if you don’t limit yourself.

Dream your destination, plan your course and once you reach your port of success, inspire other people of your remarkable story!

“Eto ako ngayun 7years na sa barko, at para sakin normal na ang lahat…Na promote nga po ako na Bell Captain 6years ago.. Sa barko pag may pangarap ka makukuha mo rin syang abutin!” said Rinell Banda.

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Can’t get over of Pambansang Cruiser? Follow his Vblog here and don’t miss to watch his viral Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) video!


Did you find this blog post inspiring?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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If you travel with your love or simply loves to travel, visit Mararison Island. It’s paradise!

Before our Christmas vacation comes to end this year, we decided to visit the rumored beautiful hook- shaped island named Mararison (or Malalison). I often saw photos of it being posted on Facebook. Some friends had detailed that its surrounding waters are clear blue, the sand bar is white and the mountains are chocolate brown during summer time. On this paradise, you can swim, snorkel, catch fish, trek the mountains, lie and roll on the seashore and/or simply relax on wooden beach cottages. Simply enjoy nature at its best!

Join us as we temporarily escape crowded Manila!

To reach Mararison Island, ride a motor driven wooden boat. A lot of ‘pumpboat’ services are available on main island’s Culasi boulevard. To get the best price which suits your budget you have to deal with the inviting boatmen wisely. Sailing usually takes 15-20 minutes, mainly depending on weather condition.



Yeeehey.. we’re getting closer..and closer!



Finally, we stepped on the grounds of the famous island!


Every tourist is required to pay an environmental fee. We paid cash on this barangay’s post.


Further, the people on duty are benevolent to assist you whatever your queries and needs are. Don’t hesitate to ask them nicely what activities your group plans to conduct or the best place to stay during your visit!


Since our time is constrained, we decided to trek the mountains first and would just enjoy the beach after. We climbed the steep mountains with a hired local tourist guide. For some safety and security reasons, the barangay tourism workforce strongly advises visitors to get a tourist guide at an affordable cost and common guys; we should help them earn a living, too!




Climbing the mountains of Mararison is not easy but once you get on top, everything looks awesome! You might consider it a climb of your life.

Ohhrayt! All for travel and love..











See that? That’s Nablag Islet. You can reach it only when it’s low tide.





What I like most about mountaineering on Mararison is that you can finish the awesome adventure in just 2-3 hours.



If it’s only a day of visit, it only means you can have some more time to enjoy other adventures.

Did I say beach earlier? Oh beach, yes please!


See how we enjoy Mararison’s white beach  here  >> In Mararison you can paint itswhite sandbar with colorful memories!.




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