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Mga Bagong Bayani ng Pilipinas




At the height of the civil war in Yemen on 17 August 2015, the Port of Hodeidah where the MV Horizon was berthed was bombed by the Saudi-led coalition.

It could have been a major catastrophe at sea if not for the decisiveness and maneuvering skills of the 22 Filipino Crew of MV Horizon who are honored as Bagong Bayani Outstanding Employees.

Captain Virgilio A. Javier wasted no time directing his crew to proceed to the lower deck for shelter.

After getting clearance from the vessel owner to leave the port due to the dangerous situation, the crew successfully brought the vessel to safety using their maneuvering skills and sheer determination. They were able to do this amid continuous bombings and zero visibility brought by the thick smoke.

The crew of MV Horizon has shown decisive action and exemplary teamwork in a risky situation that prevented the loss of lives and property and potential damage to the environment. They have set a good example not only to their fellow Filipino seafarers but to all their colleagues at sea.


Captain Belen has been a seafarer for thirty (30) years. His decisiveness and readiness to take action when duty calls has brought him to where he is today.

This was exhibited on the 24th of December 2015 when Captain Belen led a rescue operation of two European crew onboard a race yacht whose lives at that time were threatened by huge waves and rough winds while sailing. His vessel MV Star Isfjor was on its way to The Netherlands from the USA when the call to assist was received. He immediately led his team to battle ten-meter waves and strong winds without any hesitation on the imminent danger that lies ahead. Despite extreme weather conditions and several unsuccessful attempts, Capt. Belen did not waver in his strong determination until he was able to save the precious lives of the two sailors.

This heroic feat and that of his crew was recognized in various media platforms in Europe, once again proving the Filipino Seafarers’ gallantry.

The leadership, excellent seamanship and heroism of Captain Belen makes him truly worthy for the Bagong Bayani Outstanding Employee Award.


A native of Cebu, Captain Sison has been a seafarer for more than thirty (30) years having obtained his Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at the Philippine Merchant Maritime School-Manila in the 80’s. The formative years he spent at the University of San Carlos in Cebu has greatly influenced his desire to help the needy early on in his life.

Captain Sison is a Bagong Bayani Outstanding Employee Awardee for saving the lives of nine (9) Algerian refugees who experienced being aimlessly adrift for days in the Mediterranean Sea without food and water.

On the 24th of August 2015, Captain Sison and his crew, while on their way to Spain onboard MV Star Herdia spotted these helpless refugees who have been refused entry by the European countries. He immediately contacted the Algerian authorities to report about the plight of their fellow nationals but was refused help.

While fully aware that he will get the ire of the Spanish authorities, his fortitude to save precious lives prevailed upon him to rescue the beleaguered refugees. With the help of his crew, he provided them with food and temporary shelter. Capt. Sison never regretted his decision and will continue to risk his life and limb to help others in distress.

This makes him truly commendable as a Bagong Bayani Awardee.


Daniel Galano Cabasa, an electrical engineer by profession, has worked overseas for the past seventeen (17) years holding managerial positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He is a project manager who possesses solid leadership and technical skills in the field of power and energy sector providing inspiration to other Filipino electrical practitioners and skilled professionals. He unselfishly shared his skills and expertise in the field enabling his fellow Filipinos to work with pride and dignity, as well as uplift their quality of life by having a better job as licensed professionals.

One of his outstanding achievements was his unconditional support for the under-board Filipino electrical practitioners and electricians in Riyadh to become licensed professionals in the field of electrical engineering. His unique way of teaching enabled them to have a better passing rate in the exams by sharing his theoretical and technical skills as Board Reviewer/Instructor in the Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) regularly conducted in Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission.

He also conducted skills development trainings and seminars for professional advancement and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program in fulfillment and preparation for registration to the Asean Accreditation for Professional Engineers (ACPE).

Mr. Cabasa was Chapter President of the Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers – Central Region Chapter- Saudi Arabia (IIEE-CRCA) in 2014 where he also served in various capacities for many years. He strongly advocated for global competitiveness during his term challenging its members to equip themselves with necessary trainings in supervisory and managerial skills, and served as channels for the exchange of knowledge, technical information, and skills development, among others.

In recognition of his significant contributions for the benefit of Filipino workers, including his involvement in many socio-civic activities, he was conferred the prestigious “Gawad ng Pangulo,” award for Banaag Category, representing the IIEE-CRCA in 2014. To this day, he continues to be involved with the organization as its Chapter Adviser.

Earlier, through his dedication and perseverance in helping fellow practitioners, he was recognized by the IIEE National Committee on Selection and Awards as one of the Most Outstanding Electrical Practitioners.

Mr. Cabasa is most worthy of emulation for the Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Employee.


Professor Joeffrey Maddatu Calimag, Ph.D., is the only Southeast Asian professor at the University of Ulsan in South Korea teaching in International Business, Trade and Global Management.

As an esteemed professor and scholar, Dr. Calimag has delivered a number of lectures not only in South Korea but in various countries in Southeast Asia including the Philippines as an expert in international business.

He has worked tirelessly as an OFW and has made significant contributions in promoting the welfare of Filipinos and other migrant workers in South Korea. Dr. Calimag is an advocate of financial literacy having conducted several seminars to Filipino communities in South Korea. He is also the adviser of the Financial Literacy Advocates Network (FLAN), a newly organized group in South Korea that resulted from the activities of the Global Filipino Investor (TGFI). Whenever he is in Manila, he is a regular guest and resource person at the ABS-CBN Teleradyo show aired every Sunday, discussing relevant topics on saving and budgeting tips during the holidays and personal finance of migrant workers and their families.

An advocate of volunteerism, he promotes the welfare of migrants by serving as a counsellor at the Korea Migrants Center for almost five years to different nationalities. He was also a news anchor of the Migrants’ Network TV Multilingual Migrant News program at, English editor of Migrant OK News Magazine, Public Information Officer of the Association of Filipino Educators in Korea (AFEK) and editor-in-chief of the Sulyapinoy Newsletter of the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA).

Dr. Calimag has helped bridge friendship and foster goodwill between Filipinos living in South Korea and the Koreans. He has been the editor of several Korean-Filipino language guide books intended for the use of multicultural families and migrant workers, thus, bringing new insights in multiculturalism in South Korea.

His expertise in the Korean language and knowledge of labor laws and immigration policies proven useful as a mediator and translator in conflicts and labor disputes involving migrant workers.

For his numerous accomplishments as an OFW and his great efforts in promoting the welfare of Filipinos and other migrant workers in South Korea, Dr. Calimag is bestowed the Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Employee.


Dr. Juan Cruz Lucero, Jr. is a teacher for 25 years specializing in the field of special education for children with autism, having spent the last four (4) years in the United States of America. He has completed numerous trainings on special education for children with autism and was given a certificate of appreciation for mentoring students with special needs.

Owing to his excellent performance in classroom teaching, he was selected as one of the teachers of Gallup-McKinley County Schools to qualify for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) retention, an education grouping used worldwide when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools to improve competitiveness of students in the science and technology department.

Further, in recognition of his teaching competencies, the State of New Mexico granted him a Level III-A Instructional Leader Special License.

True to his commitment, Dr. Lucero wrote a workbook on mentoring that is being used by students for career readiness pathway.

His hometown in Norzagaray, Bulacan has also recognized his notable achievements. In 2006, the Norzagaray Smiles Club, in appreciation of town mates who have accomplished their goals in life, awarded him a Plaque of Recognition as an Outstanding Citizen in the field of education.

For having exhibited excellence in the field of special education for children with autism, Dr. Lucero is accorded the Bagong Bayani for Outstanding Employee.


A nurse by profession, Henelyn De Ruña-Collis rose from the ranks to become Assistant Director of Al Jahra Hospital in Kuwait where she dedicated 30 productive years of her life. She went through numerous experiences such as war, fire, terror attack and trauma which strongly put her skills, courage, patience and strength to the test. Her selfless actions towards patients, regardless of their color, race or belief, saved the lives of many, thus earning the admiration and respect of various nationalities.

In 1990, when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, she remained steadfast despite imminent danger. Neither did she opt to escape or leave. She bravely stayed behind to attend to the sick and wounded civilians and military soldiers alike. She also helped her colleagues overcome their fears and focus on saving lives which uplifted their morale and gave them the drive to help others.

In March 2003, when Iraq again attempted to invade Kuwait and spread the use of nerve gas as a potent means for mass killing, Ms. Collis immediately volunteered to spearhead a comprehensive training program for nurses and hospital personnel on how to handle and treat patients exposed to the harmful substance. She was a leader, a teacher, a health care provider who inspired the hospital personnel to contribute their precious time and share their knowledge to avoid major casualties.

In 2008 and 2011, she fearlessly led rescue operations beyond her duty and capacity when a fire broke during a wedding in two separate occasions. These were considered biggest emergencies in Kuwait where hundreds of children and women suffered severe burns, resulting to death of thousands.

Ms. Collis is also an active Filipino community leader and volunteer in various socio-civic activities and outreach programs in Kuwait. She heads the Filipino Nurses Association in Kuwait (FNAK) which initiated medical missions and the promotion of welfare of Filipino domestic helpers in close coordination with the Philippine Embassy. She is also the President of Hiligaynon Community in Kuwait (HCK) which organized fund raising campaign and charitable activities for the benefit of distressed OFWs and calamity stricken areas in the Philippines.

Ms. Collis is a living modern hero who truly deserves the Community and Social Service Award and the distinguished Blas F. Ople Para sa Natatanging Bagong Bayani Award and worthy of being dubbed as “Florence Nightingale of the Philippines.”


An exemplary IT professional, a philantropist, a well regarded Filipino community leader, a true National Pride perfectly describe Fidel Manzo Escurel.

He ardently served the Filipino community in various capacities such as the Founder and Vice-Chairperson of Foundation of Filipino Workers Worldwide (FFWW) offering socio civic service and lending credibility to Filipinos in Qatar, USA, and other countries; President of Romblomanon Diri sa Qatar (RDQ) which spearheaded a donation campaign for typhoon victims in the Philippines. He was also Overall Chairperson for the 2012 Philippine Independence Day Organizing Committee (PINOC); Overall Leader/Coordinator for the preparation of Philippine festivals, parade, trade fairs, publication of “Isang Sulyap Souvenir Program and various Philippine Embassy outreach programs and charitable projects.

Mr. Escurel organized a series of financial literacy trainings/seminars for our kababayans and actively engaged in the promotion of human rights, gender equality, health care access and opportunity for low income earners.

He has consistently gone beyond the call of duty to be of service to his countrymen. He always extends volunteer service to the Philippine Embassy in Doha. His noble acts to help the Filipino community made him a recipient of several citations.

His leadership in socio-civic activities has benefitted not only the overseas Filipino workers but his kababayans as well. He was active in various programs such as Rebuild: Convergence for Sustainable Livelihood Project Assistance under the “Bangon Western Visayas” through CFO-LINKAPIL.

Fidel Manzo Escurel is worthy of emulation of Filipinos overseas and deserving of the Bagong Bayani Award for Community and Social Service.


Lito Rayman Navarro joined Cornwall Enterprise Company Ltd. in 2004 as Machine Operator. Although that was his main job assignment, he willingly volunteered to do other tasks whenever a co-worker is unavailable or a department needs additional manpower. He did not only volunteer for the sake of earning extra income, but completed each task promptly and diligently. Having gained full knowledge of the different aspects of the company’s operations, he was designated as a Quality Controller.

He is a friend to his co-workers, always ready to assist and share technical knowledge. He was able to adapt well to people in all levels of the organization and is a dependable and trustworthy employee.

With these traits, he was the only foreign worker who was granted an all access authority in the company’s premises. He was also given the responsibility to lead the workers in the start and end of daily job routine. His efforts were considered as a vital contribution to the company’s growth and success. He was conferred the prestigious “Outstanding Foreign Worker Award in Taiwan” by the Council of Labor Affairs in April 2014 for his exemplary work ethics.

Despite working overseas, Mr. Navarro did not forget to give back to his countrymen. He spearheaded several advocacy work such as the establishment of scholarship funds, medical outreach, cultural, sports and environmental programs through a local non-government organization “INARO – KABABALI/IYO.

Mr. Navarro has not only proven to be an exemplary Overseas Filipino Worker who brought honor to the Philippines but an outstanding Filipino willing to extend selfless contribution to his motherland and uplift the lives of his fellow countrymen. He proved that distance is not a hindrance to a willing spirit making him completely worthy to be recognized as recipient of Bagong Bayani Award for Community and Social Service!

*Photos and text credits of Bagong Bayani Awards


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WOW ANILAO : Underwater Treasures

Dubbed as one of the best diving sites in the world, Anilao  in Batangas, Philippines is a must visit place for water adventure and sports enthusiasts.

The surrounding waters of the area has rich marine biodiversity. A plethora of corals, fishes and the likes, of awesome types, colors and shapes, are thriving underwater.

Joined by my Malaysian friend and at the same time scuba dive instructor West, we were able to discover a paradise hidden underwater in Anilao.


So, here we go… scuba diving!


After some boat and night dives, we feasted our eyes on these cool creatures!

Photos credit: J. Tabangay of Anilao Backpackers

As a Filipino, I couldn’t help myself not to be proud of Anilao. Let me then encourage you, my dears readers around the globe, to #exPHerience (experience Philippines) and enjoy what Anilao underwaters has to offer today!



What can you say about scuba diving to see Anilao’s underwater treasures?

Do you plan to visit the place in the near future to experience personally its natural wonders, too?

Share us your thoughts about this blog post by writing a comment below.


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Is Southern Philippine waters becoming the world’s Next Somalia?

Will you agree with IHS Markit’s report that the seas around the Philippines were the most pirated, followed by Nigeria and India?

Let’s deliberate on  piracy, a dreadful security issue affecting our Filipino seafarers today.


Image: ReCAAP

The ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC) revealed that most pirate attacks in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and eastern Sabah region are claimed by the terrorist group of the Philippines Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Since March 2016, there have been 11 incidents with nine actual incidents and two attempted incidents of abduction of crew from ships while underway in the said region.

The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is the most violent of the Islamic separatist groups operating in the southern Philippines and claims to promote an independent Islamic state in western Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. Split from the Moro National Liberation Front in the early 1990s, the group currently engages in kidnappings for ransom, bombings, assassinations, and extortion, and has had ties to Jemaah Islamiyah (JI).Nat’l Counter Terrorism Center

Earlier this week, pirates botched 8 helpless fishing crewmen 42 kilometers east of Zamboanga City Island.

The police said the fishing boat was on its way back to Sangali from Sibatuk Island when five gunmen aboard two motorboats locally knows as ‘jungkung’ accosted them, taking their cash and valuables, including mobile phones, and then opening fire. – Reuters

The Southern Philippine waterways are pirate infested. There’s legacy of lawlessness by militant groups like the Abu Sayyaf particularly in Sulu Sea.

Help needed

During the 10th ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting held in Laos last Nov. 2016, Malaysia warned other participating countries that Sulu Sea should not become the ‘new Somalia’. Consequently, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Manila agreed to conduct joint maritime and air patrols to combat pirates.


Image: Wikimedia

However, none of the three nations are strong at maritime policing or naval capability. The Philippines is by far the weakest link and the security situation in Mindanao is deteriorating, not improving, a verbatim report says, in reference to National War College Prof. Zachary Abuza’s statement.

Sail Safely


Image: Pixabay

The ReCAAP ISC advises all ships to re-route from the area. If not possible however, ship masters and crew are strongly urged to exercise extra vigilance while transiting the area and report immediately to the following Centres:

  1. Operation Centre in the Philippine Coast Guard District Southwestern Mindanao for monitoring and immediate responses in any eventualities. (Sat phones: +63 929686 4129/+63 916626 0689, VHF: Channel 16 with callsign “ENVY”, Email:
  2. Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) when transiting nearer to eastern Sabah. (Tel: +60 89863181/016, Fax: +60 89863182,VHF: Channel 16 with call-sign “ESSCOM”, Email:

Furthermore, shipping industry is advised to adopt relevant preventive measures taking reference from the “Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia”.


What are your thoughts about the rise of ‘New Somalia’ in Southern Philippines? Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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Prey Ponceja: The seawoman who took social media by storm

Mukhang nakahanap na ng katapat si Pastilyas at mga Pabebe girls!?

Tumabi muna kayo mga ineng dahil viral ngayon si Ms. Prey Ponceja, ang one and only charming seawoman ng bayan.



Puring-puri ang mga netizens sa angking ganda at pagsisikap ni Prey o Precious Ponceja sa totoong buhay. Umabot sa libo-libong likes ang nakamit ng isangFacebook post na unang nagpasikat sa kanya. Para sa kaalaman ng lahat, nakapagtapos ng kursong Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation 9BSMT) si Prey sa Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College at ngayon ay naglalayag lulan ng barko ng Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd.

Hindi biro ang pagbabarko. Para sa mga babaeng katulad ni Prey halimbawa, ang mga mabibigat na trabaho at pagkalayo sa mga mahal sa buhay ay isang malaking hamon na dapat pagtagumpayan.

Apparently, kayang-kaya ni Prey na makipagsabayan sa mga kalalakihan at napatunayan niyang beauty is nothing without discipline and persistence. Kaya hindi na rin nakapagtataka kung bakit ang isang Ms. Prey Ponceja ay sinasaludo at hinahangaan ngayon ng libo-libo nating mga kababayan saan mang sulok ng mundo.

Narito ang sampo pang mga rason kung bakit si Prey ay isang precious Pinay sailor.

1.Pagbabarko din ang propesyon ng ama ni Prey


2.She loves to work-out


3.Narating na niya ang mga bansang Belgium, Croatia at Rome




4. A Fit and Fab Lady




5. May pagka-boyish din pumorma minsan




6. Kahit Devil look na, cute parin?


7.Achiever simula noong bata pa


8.Certified Campus Crush (CCC)



9.Empowered to dominate as a woman




10. Lastly, she’s hardworking






Mabuhay ka Ms. Prey! Hindi kalang maganda, ika’y modelo pa ng madla!



Oh pano ba ‘yan, magbabarko narin daw si Sir Jes? hehe Hala, larga! :))

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The Numbers which make us proud to be Overseas Filipinos

We, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), are considered modern heroes of our motherland.

We serve as the backbone of our country’s rising economy.

The billion-dollar remittances (Yes, it’s billions with a B!) we send home fuel nation-building.

We are figuratively remarkable, ever! Take a look at this infographic:


The figures have spoken.

We will always be proud to be OFWs!


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THE IDEAL MANAGER: 4 great tips to boost subordinates’ performance



Employees are considered one of the primary assets of a company. However, they became a problem once they suffer from low morale.

Why & How they affect the whole organization?

Let me re-post Kyra Sheehan’s reasons written on eHow.



  • An article in Supervision magazine makes an argument that low morale and employee productivity have a clear connection. When employees don’t feel valued by their supervisors, don’t like where they work, wish they worked somewhere else and generally don’t care about their projects and assignments anymore, their productivity may plummet. Low morale causes employees to lose interest in going the extra mile.

Organizational Culture

  • According to an article in Roberts Wesleyan College’s online journal The Leading Edge, morale makes up the spirit of a person or group. Signs of positive morale include cheerfulness, smiles and laughter. The opposite, however, is true for low morale. In the workplace, low morale makes an office seem gloomy and has a negative impact on the organizational culture. When a group of employees has low morale, their behaviors, perspectives and attitudes can influence and alter the organizational culture.


  • The Leading Edge article also says low employee morale can have a high price tag. When employees feel dissatisfied at work or discontent with their bosses, the level of absenteeism increases. According to an article in Business Horizons, employees who have low morale exhibit a higher frequency of being absent from the workplace because they do not feel as committed to or as invested in their jobs. Dissatisfied workers crave an escape from their offices, even if those escapes are only temporary. In turn, businesses pay a high price for low morale. With more absenteeism comes less productivity. Less productivity means wasted time.


An awesome manager is an ideal leader. He does not ignore subordinates suffering from low morale problems. He surely knows that if not addressed accordingly, all parties involved would be greatly affected for low morale is contagious and clearly hampers fulfilment of organizational goals.

If you want your warriors to perform best on the battlefield, be sensitive on what makes them smile or cry. Be a true leader today. Be a morale booster!

Form Relationships Built on Trust

Strong, effective relationships are built on trust.  If you don’t have strong, trust-based relationships with your people, everything you do to recognize them will be seen as manipulation.  When employees feel that you are using recognition to “get more out of them” rather than to show that you value them personally, they begin to emotionally disengage and morale suffers.  It’s not hard to develop trusting relationships with your people, but it does take time, consistency, and integrity.

Show Them Respect

The book The One Minute Manager introduces a theory of personal responsibility that allows managers to get maximum results with a minimum of time invested with each staff member.  The secret is in showing them respect, defining their expectations, and avoiding micromanaging.  Most employees respond well to being given enough rope to hang themselves, as long as their job is well defined and they are allowed to fail periodically without fear of unrealistic retribution.  Respected employees are more alert, creative, and productive.  When they do make a mistake, they’ll fix it, move on confidently and won’t make that mistake again.
Nurture Creativity

Once you’ve built trusting relationships and developed a foundation of respect, employees will automatically respond with more creativity.  The best way to nurture and benefit from their new-found creativity is to go by the philosophy that there are no bad ideas, only undeveloped ones.  Trusted and respected employees with managers who reinforce the fact that they have some flexibility to try new things will surprise you with the creative ingenuity that they bring to their work.  The best part is that you get this for the same price you’re paying unhappy employees who are doing just enough to get by.

 Build Effective Teams

Team building is a more complex challenge than fostering high morale in individual employees.  Here are five problems that many teams develop that keep them from being as effective as they want to be in accomplishing company goals:

  • Absence of Trust—due to invulnerability
  • Fear of Conflict—artificial harmony
  • Lack of Commitment—ambiguity
  • Avoidance of Accountability—low standards
  • Inattention to Results—caused by individual status and ego issues

In the absence of trust, morale is at its lowest and self-protectionism becomes the rule.  It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to realize that this will limit productivity and make work a lot less rewarding for both employees and their managers.  This “every man for themselves” attitude destroys teams and makes it impossible to optimize goal setting and achieve corporate objectives in a timely manner, if at all.

By learning to communicate more effectively based on honesty, consistency, vulnerability, and respect, your teams will be able to focus unselfishly on common results.  This in turn keeps individual egos and agendas in check.

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Gusto ni Juan softdrink, ayaw magbuko!



Photo Courtesy: Dennis Bautista

Tag-init ngayong Mayo kaya hirap na hirap si Juan. Tuyong-tuyo ang kanyang balat at lalamunan. Ang kanyang musmos na katawan nalang yata ang hindi pa nakapagdeklara ng state of calamity dahil sa EL Niño. Naawa ako nang makita ko siyang palaboy sa kalsada kaya nilapitan ko at inalok ng maiinom.

“Juan, para sayo ang mga inuming ito. Pasesnsya na pero isa lang dito ang makukuha mo. Nasa kanang kamay ko ang buko at sa kaliwa naman ay branded soft drink na may ice at straw. Alin dito ang pipiliin mo at bakit?” Ang marahan at ngumingiti kong tanong.

“Gusto ko softdrink! Ayaw ko ng buko kasi hindi yan makakapawi ng sobrang uhaw ko ngayon. Ang softdrink palagi kong nakikita sa TV at may pakanta-kanta pa iyan sa radyo. Gusto ko yung instant inumin, yung sisipsipin ko nalang at itatapon ang sisidlan kahit saan. Aba, bakit naman pahihirapan ko pa ang aking sarili kung meron namang mabibili na sofdrink katulad niyan? At alam mo ba, ito ang leading brand sa buong mundo. Ineendorso ito ng mga idolo kong artista. Sabi ng nanay ko delikado daw ito sa kalusugan pero hindi ako naniniwala. Uhaw ako ngayon kaya patay na kung patay! Ayaw ko ng buko. Sinusuka yan ng katawan ko!”; ang buhay na buhay niyang sagot.

Tiningnan ko siya sa mata, ngumiti saglit at kahit may pag-alinlangan ay inabot ko sa kanyang mga kamay ang hininging softdrink.

Kinabukasan, nakasalubong ko ang nanay ni Juan sa daan. Umiiyak siya at halatang problemado.

“Nay, mukhang mabigat ang pakiramdam ninyo. May problema ba?” ; ang pakli ko.

” Si Juan kasi.. Huhu..itinakbo namin sa hospital kagabi dahil sumama ang pakiramdam. Sumuka ng sumuka. Sabi ng doktor, napakataas ng acid sa katawan niya. Hindi ko ngayon alam kung saan kukuha ng pambili ng gamot at pambayad sa hospital.” ; ang sagot ni Aling Pinang.

Naawa ako sa matanda kaya niyakap ko ng mahigpit. Habang  pinapatahan sa pag-iyak ay naglalaro si Juan sa aking makabayang isipan.

UHAW si Juan sa pagbabago at INSTANT na solusyon ang palaging gusto. MADALI siyang MAUTO ng mga higanteng tao at nabubuhay siya sa lipunang ‘Bahala na si Batman’ ang motto at kapag masama naman ang resulta ng ginawang desisyon, ‘Pu**ng I*a’ kaaagad ang mabilis na tugon.

Ako ang eleksyon, si Aling Pinang ang Pilipinas at ang dalawang uri ng inumin ay ang mga pulitikong ihahalal mo sa gobyerno.



Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Sana naman magBUKO kana, Juan!





Sa Pag-boto, Konting Utak Naman Juan!

Why OFWs should vote and how to vote wisely



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Why OFWs should vote and how to vote wisely


According to Rachelle Bascara, a PhD candidate and Associate Tutor at the Philosophy and Politics Departments in Birkbeck College, University of London, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) comprised 10% of the total Filipino population. There are more or less 15 million OFWs worldwide who serve as our modern heroes.

Through the Overseas Voting Program, OFWs have been given the opportunity to have a voice in the electoral politics of our motherland. Millions are eligible voters that can vote in the forthcoming May 2016 elections!

We are a community of OFWs that also look to the welfare of our country. We can create a significant swing in the Halalan 2016 if we only unite to vote the best candidate. More to that, we are sending remittance to our country and we also generate a significant impact in economic development which is the reason that we should also receive a reciprocal genuine service from the Philippine government.

Then how and why should we vote?


As a citizen of a democratic country we are privileged to choose our government officials.

According to Article V Section 1 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution,

“Suffrage may be exercised by all citizens of the Philippines not otherwise disqualified by law, who are at least eighteen years of age, and who shall have resided in the Philippines for at least one year, and in the place wherein they propose to vote, for at least six months immediately preceding the election. No literacy, property, or other substantive requirement shall be imposed on the exercise of suffrage.”

Suffrage or the right to vote must be practiced by eligible Filipino Citizens. Each of us has the right to vote whoever we wish to elect. Let’s practice our right and choose the best leaders to man the helm.


OFWs have a very good political machinery. We comprise a significant number of votes. Our political muscle also shapes the political platform of our leaders. We should be keen enough in discerning that appropriate and beneficial political platforms of the candidate that will can aid in lifting the welfare of the OFWs. If we think a candidate shows no interest in augmenting support for the OFWs, then a candidate is a poor choice among us. We should be vigilant enough if the platforms are also addressing our problems here outside the Philippines. Maybe we should ask ourselves if we have been included in the grand narration of a candidate’s platform. We, the OFWs, also belong to a vulnerable sector and we should at least need a representation in the government to serve as a voice of the OFW community and strengthen the ppresence of OFWs political muscle.


Even though OFWs are not always physically present in the country, our family, our main drive for motivation and inspiration, are always there and we can not afford to see them suffering from a leadership that will compromise their well-being. As a sign of extending salutation to the republi, we should wisely set our hands to choose the best candidate. It is never easy to see our family suffering from a poor leadership. One of the reasons why we work outside our country is to secure a better future for the family. So why not help our family choose the best leader that can provide them sustainable and fair government services?

Let our voice be heard! Our vote is our voice. The OFW community will never be heard if we will just play mute in the domestic affairs of our beloved. Be wise enough to choose who can perform best in governing our developing country. Our vote is our right. If we really wish to see the change we want to see the world, start by choosing right.

Be a part of a responsible Halalan 2016!


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Sa pagboto, konting utak naman Juan!


Liban sa hindi ako magaling sa Ingles, nararapat lamang na isulat ko ang sanaysay na ito gamit ang wika ng aking Inang Bayan.

Ilang araw nalang ay Mayo 9 na ngunit marami paring mga Pilipino ang hindi pa nakapagpili kung sino nga ba talaga ang nararapat na iluklok sa pwesto. Okay lang yan kabayan dahil ang iyong pag-alinlangan ay isang senyales na ikaw ay may pagkalinga sa tinubuang lupa.

Nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob para gamitin ang aking boses at impluwensya sa social media dahil katulad mo, sawang-sawa narin ako sa ingay ng mga pulitiko. Oo, lalo na yung tinatawag nating mga TraPo o Traditional Politicians. Siyempre, panahon ng eleksyon ngayon, magtataka pa ba tayo kung nagsisilabasan ang lahat ng mga gusto daw maglingkod ng tapat sa bayan? Pero lingid sa alam ng nakararami, hindi po sila ang dapat gagawa ng eksena kundi ikaw at ako…tayo.. tayong mga Pilipinong naghahangad ng magandang kinabukasan para sa bansang Pilipinas.

Ang pagpili ng isang kandidato ay katulad ng pagpili ng kung sino ang gusto mong makasama sa loob ng isang bahay? Mahalaga na sigurado ka sa pipiliin mo dahil sa loob ng ilang taon, makakasama mo siya sa hirap at ginhawa.

Buti nalang walang forever

Ang mga sakim lamang sa kapangyarihan ang ayaw bumaba sa pwesto. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun nalang ang pangarap ng isang angkan maging forever “public servant” o baka sadyang may mga personal interes lang o wala na silang ibang source of income?

Mabuti nalang walang forever sa pulitika kaya kung sakaling nagsasawa kana sa mga TraPo, legal mo siyang mapapalitan ngayong Mayo. Huwag lang sayangin ang opportunidad. Palitan ang dapat palitan. Ihalal ang nararapat. Bomoto ng tama!

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Isa kang malaking tanong

Magulo pero masaya ang Mayo. Maraming “piyesta” kasi tuwing Mayo. Magtataka paba tayo na tuwing Mayo maraming Pilipino ang naloloko?

Kung bibigyan ako ng kapangyarihan, babaguhin ko ang modo ng eleksyon tuwing Mayo. Imbes na “piyesta” gagawin ko itong Mahal na Araw. Bakit? Dahil mahalaga na makapagnilay-nilay ang mga tao. Mahalaga na hindi sila nadadala sa kung ano lang ang kanilang naririnig o nakikita. Mahalaga na mapagtanto nila kung sino ang Hudas, kung sino ang TraPo na ipapako sa krus, kung sino ang karapat-dapat na iboto.

Natanong mo man lang ba sa sarili mo kahit minsan kung saan ang pulitiko kumukuha ng panggastos niya sa isang engrandeng rally o mamahaling mga patalastas? Bakit kailangan niyang gumastos ng milyon-milyon kung ang sabi at gusto lamang niya ikaw ay mapaglingkuran? Bakit ganoon nalang ang paghahangad niya na manalo? Bakit patuloy parin siyang nananalo matapos pumutok ang mga immoral, pagpapabaya, pagpatay o korapsyon na eskandalo?.Bakit?Bakit?

 Nasaan ang hustisya

Tinanong kita kanina kung sino ang gusto mong makasama sa loob ng isang bahay. Kapuso, kapamilya o kapatid man yan, gusto mo makasama yung taong maganda ang ugali. Totoo ba o hindi?

Sana ay ikonsidera mo ang eleksyon bilang isang napakagandang pagkakataon para pumili ng mga pulitikong gusto mong makasama sa loob ng isang bahay. Iyon bang sa pagtatapos ng kanilang termino, iiyak ka dahil walang forever. Pipigilan mo silang bumaba sa pwesto dahil hindi ka nagsasawa sa kanilang serbisyo. Masaya ka dahil alam mong hindi ka nagkamali sa iyong pagpili. Bomoto ka ng tama.

Of course, mangyayari lamang yan kung hindi ka miyembro ng Juan Tamad Mag-isip (JTM) squad!

Automatic ang membership registration sa JTM Squad kapag ganito ka mag-isip.

“Hindi ko siya iboboto dahil hindi rin naman siya mananalo.” (Obvious?)

“ Iboboto ko siya dahil anak yan ni ….. o pinsan yan ni… o kaibigan yan ni…”. ( Oh ano ngayon, anak ka naman ng Diyos?)

“ Tingnan mo ang …. nakikita ko sa TV at narinig sa radyo …maunlad at mapayapa..” ( Totoo ba ang chismis?)

“ Si Ano? Iboboto ko yan, die-hard fan niya ako eh. Gusto ko yung maginoo pero medyo bastos. Hihi”.  ( Aheem, KTV bar na ang kapitolyo?)

“ Okay lang minumura ako, kailangan ko ‘yon para magbago.” (Yung iba po bakit di na kailangan murahin, nagbabago naman?)

“Gusto ko ng pagbabago. We badly need it. Now na!” ( Ok,dine-in po ba o take out?.Thank you for impatiently waiting?)

Kill the JTM in you

Problema ang mga TraPo pero mas malaking problema ang isang Juan Tamad Mag-isip ( JTM). Hindi po ba walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko?

Nararapat lamang na kilalanin natin ang ating mga sarili at huwag hayaan na maging isang ganap na JTM lalong-lalo pa ngayong eleksyon. Ang isang bansang naghahangad umunlad ay nangangailangan ng mga mamayang nakakapag-isip ng mabuti. Ang Pilipinas sa ngayon, kaya mabagal ang pag-unlad, ay dahil marami ang mga JTMs at nakakatakot na dumadami pa ang bilang nila. Masaya ang mga TraPo dahil tiyak marami silang maloloko.

Isa po akong JTM pero noon ‘yon at iba na ako ngayon dahil walang forever sakin ang mga Trapo. Isang malaking tanong kaagad sa aking isipan ang intensyon ng sinumang pulitiko na gustong pumuwesto sa gobyerno. Choosy na kung choosy pero gusto kong masigurado na tama ang aking iboboto.

Lahat sila may nagawa. Lahat sila may magagawa pero nasisigurado kong iba- iba ang kanilang mga ugali. At para hindi malito ang aking isipan, UGALI ang tangi kong pagbabasehan. Ang gobyerno ay katulad ng isang bahay at sila ang tagapamahala na gusto kong makasama.

Ganyan ako mag-isip. Ganyan dapat tayong hindi Juan Tamad Mag-isip (JTM)!




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