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Look: Sailors’ Summer Pool Paradise

Aside from physically demanding jobs due to frequent conduct of ship-to-ship operations, the hot weather here in offshore Lome is one of the major difficulties to endure.

Average min and max temperatures in Lomé, Togo

In March and April, the average maximum temperatures were 32 and 31 degrees Celsius. Good thing, it toppled more to 30 degrees Celsius this May.

Outwardly, it’s summer season and to beat the heat, we should go swimming!

However, neither beach nor open-sea swimming is permitted. Hence, we put-up this mini swimming pool on port bridge wing of the ship and played like kids on it!






What can you say about how we enjoy our kind of summer at sea?

Share us your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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Buhay Sa Cruise Ship




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Top Videos of ‘Pambansang Cruiser’ which can help you turn your dream to work at sea into reality


Being a part of Working Pinoy: Cruise Ships and Buhay sa Cruise Ships Facebook Pages management team, my (and other admins/moderators’) inbox receives tons of inquiries every day.

How we wish then we have had overflowing time to reply on each inquiry sent.

If you’re one of the inquirers, I understand your thirst for knowledge and ideas. To be a seafarer is your ultimate dream so it’s just to ask whatever is tangible on that aspiration.

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Personally, we are happy to help but sometimes, due to some personal reasons, we have limited time to cater your requests. Hence, I provide useful video references on this blog post.

Thanks to Pinoy global Vblogger and Pambasang Cruiser Rinell Banda for his creativity and passion in filming these videos that had catapulted a lot of dreamers to work on cruise ships already.


Follow Rinell Banda’s Buhay Sa Cruise Ship YouTube Channel on this link >>

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Work in a cruise ship


The Work in a Cruise Ship Youtube video which was shared on Facebook with Rinell’s personal ‘guide and tips’ caption had gained below comments, among others, from grateful viewers.

Ranel Quinto: Yung akala mong wala ng pag-asa tapos nakita at nabasa mo ito.. salamat sir!

Melchor Gafate: Thank you Sir Rinell for this guide.

Jaymar Gatan: Sir Renel ayaw q ng office, challenge to sakin. Gusto ko talaga makasampa and to pursue my goal. Very inspiring po lahat ng ginagawa mo and sa pagtulong mo sa kapwa. Godbless and I pray for you.

FYI, Rinell had been a fast-food waiter and a Japan entertainer before he worked in cruise ships. He’s now a Bellboy Captain sailing for years with a big cruise company and his cool travels had been featured once in the award-winning TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho of GMA-7.

Know the benefits one can get if he/she opted to work in a cruise ship, view this video post now..

Click, Watch and Learn


Furthermore, Rinell had uploaded other YouTube videos to answer below common questions I observe cruise ship job applicants were asking:

What is BT / SOLAS Training?

Top 20 Questions for Housekeeping Department – Initial or Final Interview.

I have tattoes. Can I still apply to work in a cruise ship?

What agencies are legit recruiters in Manila?

How about age limit?

Oh, I don’t how to swim!


What can you say about Pambansang Cruiser’s videos?


Share us your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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Hosting SAR Helicopters at sea



On April 11-12, two Belgian helicopters namely RN 05 and RN 02 approached our tanker vessel while she’s anchored at Westhinder, Netherlands. Specially designed for civilian Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, the sophisticated helicopters carried-out a drill which includes, among others, establishment of good communication through VHF and sending off two of their highly trained personnel from air by hoist lines and eventually, retrieving them after making a single turn around the vessel.

Just like what adventure packed movies The Guardian and The Finest Hours depict, the conduct of coordinated maritime and aeronautical SAR exercise is undoubtedly beneficial to all parties involved. For our side, we become more confident that whenever a need for search and rescue of someone who is on distress or imminent danger arises, we have had the best helicopter hosting experience to apply.

We, the Filipino crew on board, are proud of our vessel’s rescue helicopter friendly environment and would always be safely sensible to work hand-in-hand with our delegated guardians at sea.

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A quick hack to make your family ‘miss you like crazy’ when you work at sea

Meet Filipino Chief Cook Roy ‘Noy’ Yap.

He looks peculiar, does he?


Noy is a ship’s chief cook for more than ten years already. While he look like a funny villain on above photo, he is a Philippine modern hero.

When his ship celebrated Easter and Halloween at sea a year ago, he prepared mouth-watering foods for the crew.

Moreover, his artsy team also showcased their talents thru these cute fruit carvings and…having a jolly freaky costume party on board!?



I worked with Noy when I was still a deck rating. Personally, I know him as a responsible and loving father of his family. For him, his family is life’s greatest blessing; it is where life begins and where love never ends.

I learned from him that an affluent family has happy and contented family members.

Mag-ipon and mag-start ng negosyo kahit maliit muna, but that’s a very common answer and every OFW knew it, pero bakit out of 100% only 10% lang ang nakakagawa [mag-negosyo, so given the question, I will answer on my own perspective of how I understand the word ‘maunlad’ na pamilya… Some may quickly think pag sinabing maunlad is mayaman or mapera, but for me, ang pagiging maunlad is simply being happy and contented.  

He’s questions even pushed me to ponder deeply on finding greener pastures abroad.

Lahat ng OFW umalis para guminhawa ang buhay ng mga anak at pamilya natin, but try to ask your children, happy ba sila na wala ka??? How about your wife?  So kahit anong luho ang kaya nating ibigay, hindi prin sapat para maging masaya ang isang pamilya.”

Considering that he’s like an older brother to me, I asked him what tips he can share for someone like me who’s working abroad would eventually enter marriage life soon.

Champing at the bit, he shared these valuable points:

1.Stay online – Keep on communicating, hindi lang sa wife but dapat pati sa mga anak, go down to their level para maka-relate ka sa mga ginagawa nila, attend their needs, and make them feel na parang kasama mo prin sila lagi, that way, mababawasan ang absence mo, and mas maiiwasang hindi mag rebelde ang mga bata.

2.Avoid arguments – [Halimbawa] lalo na sa net kasi pag biglang nawala ang net, [kung] di ka pa makakapag-expain [ng nangyayari], patay na!…WW3 agad so if you are in need of deep conversation with your family, find the most convenient way or time na hindi mapuputol ang usapan ninyo, that way, mas maayos ng maayos ang problema.

3.Prioritize homePag uwi galing abroad, diretso agad sa pamilya, exempted yung mga kailangan pa mag report muna sa Manila bago umuwi  sa probinsya. Make them feel sila ang top priority mo hindi ang barkada. Pagdating, bonding agad kayo buong pamilya.

4.Make lasting memories – Kids love mamasyal na buo ang family, they will treasure and keep it in their memory, so make a lot of it. Remember, pag down ang isang tao, just think [of] happy thoughts. It helps! Hindi kailangan maging magastos. Picnic o family da [at], jogging lang every weekends solve na. Make a lot of activities like these with your family.

5.Don’t be king – Help your wife at home -be a cook, driver, plumber, carpenter. Yes! If you go home and act like e a boss, then your family will be more happy to see you away, than boss them around.  Remember that your kids always see you as a role model, and when they grew up and find a partner, he/she will look for someone awesome like you.



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Support Paper Recycling!

Did you know that according to one American study, one ton of recycled paper saves a total of 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 280 gallons of oil, and 3.3 Cubic yards of landfill space and 4,000 kilowatts of energy? And as accounted on, it’s enough to power an average US home for six months and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one metric ton of carbon equivalent (MTCE).

So let me show you then one of our simple ways to help conserve and protect nature at sea.

As the delegated safety officer onboard our ship, I’m tasked to provide each crew member an updated version of our ship’s station bill (a document where type of emergencies and crew’s specific duties are written). Since we are a total of 21 crew and a set of station bill contains 14 pages, I need more or less 250 leaves of paper.  However, since I love our nature, I opted to re-use papers waiting to be discharge on waste bins. The said bond papers were used before as documents, diagrams, etc.



After patiently checking for which available side of the paper to print on, I now put them on the printer machine and my goal to provide good copies of station bills out of recycled papers at sea is attained.

With the various benefits we can get from paper recycling, I am more than happy to do it.

Ask Chinese inventor Ts’ai Lun how he created the first real paper and you’ll be surprised to know that he actually made it from mixing recycled rags, fishing nets, hemp and grass!



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The #RASToday Project; A digital cure to boredom and isolation at sea




Do you know how it feels when a seafarer, after many days of losing sight of the shore, combating storms or enduring sleepless nights due to some overriding operations, reads a message online telling him to take good care and enjoy his life at sea amidst myriad difficulties?

We’re sure, he/she is proud as punch!


Thus, i-Pinoy Circle started the Remember A Seafarer Today (#RASToday) Project. It’s a worldwide endeavor which aims to foster the welfare of our seafarers through sending warm messages of hope, love and inspiration. The contents of the #RASToday message comes from you – his  family member, relative, friend or anyone who remember him anytime, anywhere.

Sending your #RASToday message is easy. You can use any of the following ways:

1.) Send your #RASToday message to i-Pinoy Circle’s Facebook Page

2.) Post a status on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #RASToday for our group to retrieve your #RAStoday message easily or…

3.) E-mail your message to

Upon receipt of your sent #RASToday message, i-Pinoy Circle will confirm its validity before finally sending to your seafarer recipient.

Please be reminded that any message which includes “NEGATIVE” content will be automatically dropped.

We urge everyone from all walks of life and race to join our cause. Don’t forget to Remember a Seafarer Today because in one way or another, your seafarer deserves your attention. You can always be a good morale booster to him/her!




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Where’s the Anchor?



The starboard anchor was weighed and the vessel proceeded to
berth. The starboard anchor was again used during berthing along
with the mooring lines as per the port procedures, and six shackles
were deployed in 25 metres of water. The next day, after discharging a
parcel of cargo, the vessel was departing the port; the anchor was to be
weighed after letting go the lines.
As the starboard anchor broke the surface of the water the officer on
duty informed the wheelhouse that the flukes and crown of the anchor
were missing.

Root cause

This could be due to a latent defect, as such an occurrence is unusual
under normal usage. Even under excessive load conditions, the D
Shackle on the chain, which is the weaker link, should break fist. This
indicates a probable casting defect which has surfaced after three years
of use.


Text & Image source:



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Pinoy Seafarers, 3-in-1!


Modern heroes at sea

Seafaring is highly regarded as a risky and physically demanding career not just because of never-ending maintenance job onboard but also, of harsh weather and sea conditions. Filipino seafarers however, have the unique & innate ability to cope easily with difficult situations at sea. This characteristic usually wins the minds of foreign ship owners to hire Filipino workforce to man their fleet. We are the preferred choice for in one way or the other, we know how to go the extra mile and make a difference.

Race with sealegs

Whether the weather is good or whether the weather is bad, Filipino seafarers are men of steel. The hard work, courage and determination we possess serve as our ticket to fly high and be recognized globally as catalysts of positive change.

Moreover, we toil not only to support our own families but also for nation-building being the primary source of the country’s income through remittances we send home.

Global keyplayers

The last EMSA Audit showed that Philippines should exert more effort to standardize its seafarers particularly when it comes to our training and education. No one wants to be blacklisted, not even the least concerned individual of our great nation. However, a light of hope stroked through the overcast sky when European shipping magnates plead not to cease hiring Filipino seafarers. This only show that even we’re slightly disabled, we still worth a weight of gold! Though we are being valued, we should effectively recognize and continuously rectify our own lapses. We are the world’s agents of change and it’s just right to keep up the good work and embark on innovative measures to improve our weaknesses, as is necessary and practicable.


Share us your thoughts about Filipino seafarers by writing a comment below!

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