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Ronilo Victoriano: The Notable Filipino Seafarer, Singer and Songwriter



Why settle for less if you can be the best?

As what Ronilo Victoriano takes as gospel, good is no good especially when you can do better things in life. Ergo, he was able to reach greater heights and entertain thousands of people, most of them our fellow Pinoys around the globe.

I quickly became a fan upon hearing one of his soulful songs and knowing that he’s not only a world class performer but a seafarer too, I feel ecstatic to point over the klieg light on him. He’s our couleur de rose OFW Singer and Songwriter.

I conducted an online interview and I must say that Ronilo’s craft deserves our dear support and recognition.

When and how did you start singing and writing songs?

“I started singing when I was just 7 years old. Since then, I had participated into various activities that stretched and tuned-in my vocal chords. When I was 20 years old, I joined a local band and eventually became its lead vocalist. However, it was disbanded so I searched for other job until I answered the calling of the sea last 2000. When I joined my first ship, I really thought it was the end of my singing career but thanks God it didn’t happen. In 2003, I started to give life to my melodic thoughts. Ten years after, I had been in cloud nine in for I was able to launch and copyrighted my first album entitled “Iba na ngayon ang Pinoy”. My album has seven songs and it became a hit on one local radio station. Six months later, I composed another 10 songs for my second album entitled Paglalakbay. Special thanks by the way to Mr. Sammy Rubido for the musical arrangement, Mr. Tonzie Gay Escano of Cool Digital Production and Mr. Silvester “Beting” Jubilan for all their help and support. As of today, I wrote 19 songs already and this milestone makes me sing for joy and more success in life! ”

Who inspires you to go the extra mile in singing, song writing and of course, sailing?

“To write good songs, I usually base them on my own experiences in life. I had been through many difficulties and it drives me to speak by my own heart whether I sing or write a song. My loving wife and three talented kids give me strong reasons to perform best. They were even involved in my outputs. Moreover, I find inspiration on my fellow Overseas Filipino Workers who are fighting hard against all odds just to promote the welfare of our compatriots. My songs are mostly pro- OFW for I could relate more to what it’s like living away from your own family to search for greener pastures abroad or in particular, brave the seas to secure a more comfortable life for my family.”

Share us your future plans

”For now and the coming years, I always and would like to work hard for the development of both my sailing and singing careers. I will continue to compose songs, different kind of songs if possible, because to be a famous singer/composer is my dream since I was a small kid. With me is my wonderful family and we are praying that my singing and song writing career would thrive. I also started a small business back in our place and it’s helping us financially. I don’t hold the future but with hard work, courage and sweet lullabies, I’m confident I’ll be going into places. ”

As an Overseas Filipino singer and songwriter, what is your message to the public?

“Life is a best avenue for personal growth. You can win or unfortunately, lose your ground in a competition but don’t give up and have a stronger faith to your Creator. Meanwhile, if you have the “X-Factor” (talent), grab each chance to enhance it. Always dream big, grow as a mature person and take good care of such God-given talent. I hope that many people, especially those front-runners of the music industry would give us spotlight – the independent recording artists/composers. To my countrymen, I ask your humble support to patronize Original Pilipino Music (OPM) while to all my avid song listeners, thank you with all my heart. I assure you that I will be singing and writing more and more beautiful songs for you! ”

Finally, what makes you proud as an Overseas Filipino?

“I’m proud to be an OFW for we are the buhay na bayani (living heroes) of our motherland. We are global ambassadors, confident and talented enough to be “The Voice” of our fellow Filipinos both on local and international arena.”

Ronilo’s songs are being played on 94.1 spirit FM and on international web streams like Tinig Pinoy ( of Ottawa and Ontario Canada, Tambayang Pinoy Radio, Ka Chat Pinoy Radio (Singapore and US based), Music Pinoy Radio and Himig Radio.




What can you say about Ronilo’s talent?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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Remember A Seafarer Today


Remember a seafarer today and let him feel your love and care by sending him a special message.

Just fill-up the form below, click submit and if requested, we may customize the message and will then deliver it to your beloved seafarer.
Thinking about what you’ll write? Well, how about something good your seafarer had done and which you’re thankful of? Any recent lesson-learning experience to share? Perhaps, a message to motivate him to work hard and always keep himself safe at sea works.

Write from your heart something valuable now. He might need to know that he got the best ally in you!

*All information you provide will be kept confidential, and screened as appropriate.

Thank you for participating! Our team will contact you shortly.



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A Juan Quick Trip


This blogpost aims to help you reach your arrival point abroad safe and sound.

Are you ready? Biyahe Na Tayo (Let’s start the journey), shall we?

Ooohrayt, click this button to look for legit job opportunities abroad.


While this button will direct you to a Philippine Overseas & Employment Agency’s (POEA) online page. Type the name of the agency which offered you a job abroad, click search and voila, you’ll eventually know if it’s an illegal recruiter or not, as per POEA’s record!


On the other hand, did you know that POEA offers a FREE Pre-employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)? It’s a kind of online short study and is designed for professional and skilled, and domestic workers! Check this out.


Moreover, if you’re working abroad already, don’t forget where is the nearest Philippine embassy & consulate in your place. They are the ones who can help you in case you’ll be in troubled waters. It’s the duty of our government to protect a well-documented Overseas Filipino. But of course, you should know in the very first place where can you find them.

Let this button below show you the way.


Lastly, if you have more inquiries and concerns, do not hesitate to contact POEA.

Blas F. Ople Building
Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City (Google Maps)

Hotlines: 722.11.44 / 722.11.55
Official Site:

Mag-ingat sa illegal recruiter, kabayan!

Read: How to snipe illegal recruiters



Have a fun and enjoyable journey. Ingat! 🙂

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Internet-based PONZI Investment Schemes

ponzi inteenet



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