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The luxury ship Genting Dream will puff your heart! Here’s why

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Photos © Dream Cruises


From the hanging decors to mouth-watering foods, a cruise on board the Asia’s first ever cruise line is magical.

Last Aug 30, a Luxury ship named Genting Dream reached Boracay Island, a leading tourist spot in the Philippines.

Reportedly, on board the massive floating paradise are around 4,000 guests and 2,000 working crew. The sailing was historic since it’s Genting Dream’s maiden visit to Boracay.

The people of Aklan warmly welcomed the visitors by hanging tarpaulins, and of course, posting on social media about her rare visit.

But did you know that some people were so lucky to get on board, and personally witness what kind of magic the Genting Dream offers her dear guests and crew?


© MB Bernabe

Marsh Baron Bernabe and colleagues set foot on Genting Dream the same day she dropped anchor in Malay, Aklan. They toured the ship, and for Marsh, the ship’s Dream Palace was feast for the eyes.


“It was a new ship and of course all inside are the latest technology. I’m surprised of their boutique hotel inside the cruise. Only rich people can be there… (It’s) separated from the rest of the (other) passengers’ (accommodation). That is in their Dream Palace. With all amenities only for the guest from that boutique hotel can use it,”

How about the ship’s cozy pool and restaurants?


“The slides leading to the pool is also cool. Restaurants are also nice. Good food, too.”

Finally, Marsh has this to say if getting on board either for work or travel is not yet your wildest dream.


© MB Bernabe

“All inside will leave you in amazement. You won’t even know you are in a cruise (ship)!”

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Further, be inspired by this Genting Dream’s award-winning chef artist.

Ex construction worker is Genting Dream’s star carver.

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What can you say about Genting Dream’s amenities? Whatever your thoughts are, write a comment below, guys!

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Ex-construction worker is Genting Dream’s star carver

We all have dreams, the legendary American runner Jesse Owens said.

But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

This talented fruit and ice carver, in particular, has believed Owens’ words, so it’s not surprising to see him turning up trumps!



Ritz Pedroso Madhay is a proud chef and artist onboard luxury ship Genting Dream.

He pursued all his big dreams in life to come true. How he reached for the moon, is however neither an overnight success nor smooth sailing.

Here are the reasons why.

First, Ritz was born in a poor family. More heartbreaking, his father died when he was just eight years old but determined to finish his studies while at the same time support his siblings’ finances, the young boy worked his fingers to the bone to earn a living while he’s schooling.

Second, after he graduated high school, he worked as a salesman until he found greener pastures in Manila. In the big city, he wasn’t picky to work in one construction site where he initially earned the trust of his employer by turning pieces of granite into one beautiful table.

Third, he applied for a job in a SM Mall upon quitting the construction job. While working in SM and was on the breadline most of the time, he continued his studies. He took Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in college, and eventually earned such degree.

Fourth, the costly licensure examination for civil engineers pushed him to work as a hotel security guard. Regularly stationed in the hotel’s lobby, the armed personnel however, became more curious of baristas working nearby his post. So when he’s not busy, he gradually learned their work and coffee recipe.

Fifth, after some years of switching jobs while meeting both ends meet, Ritz finally found his passion. He turned over his assigned gun and bullets, and in the same hotel had applied anew for a barista waiter job. He was accepted and he started to carve his niche. From setting stage decors, embellishing buffet tables to fruit and ice carvings, Ritz (of all trade) was artistic and unstoppable to master new skills.



By the way, he had learned to carve like a pro by merely watching related YouTube videos! ( Can you believe it?)

Lastly, Ritz gained a solid work experience in Manila Peninsula, a 5-star hotel in Makati. When he applied for a cruise ship job, he was quickly accepted. He has meaningfully sailed the globe for around four years now.

This July, he was specially awarded Dream Maker of the Month – a prestigious recognition he well deserves – an attention he likely won’t get if he was afraid to run away from his life’s black hole.



Like Ritz, work hard and be fruitful. Today is the best time to start carving-out your design of a promising future!

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Photos credit: Ritz Madhay

What are your big dreams in life? How do you want to achieve them?
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