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Pagdiriwang ng #Kalayaan2017, Rock ‘n Roll sa World’s Largest Cruise Ship


Ang Harmony of the Seas ay tinaguriang world’s largest sailing cruise ship. Kayang-kaya ng barkong ito magsakay ng mga pasahero hanggang 6,780 na katao at mag-employ ng halos 2,300 na mga crew. Sinimulan itong gawin noong May 9, 2014 at US$1.35 billion (2015) ang naiulat na halagang ginastos para magawa ang naturang klase ng barko.

Naging katangi-tangi ang pagdiriwang ng Philippine Independence Day ngayong taon sa Harmony of the Seas.

Sa mga larawan na ibinahagi ni Kabayan Leo Antipala sa Facebook ay damang-dama ang tamis ng pagiging Pilipino ng mga nakisaya sa event.

Rakrakan ang banda,


hiyawan at sayawan ang mga tao sa musika,


At higit sa lahat, piyestang-piyesta ang pagkaing handa!


Awww. Mother Philippines must have been weeping tears of joy now.

Salamat mga kabayan!

Proud po nating isigaw sa buong mundo na it’s truly more fun to be Filipino!


Trivia: Sa darating na Abril 2018, ayon sa Royal Carribean International, ay ang Symphony of the Seas na ang pinakamalaking cruise ship sa buong mundo. Kasalukuyan itong ginagawa at may capacity naman na makapag-accommodate ng maximum 6,870 na mga pasahero.


Kung pangarap mong makasakay sa isang cruise ship na katulad ng Harmony of the Seas, read this ultimate guide I wrote. It can give you helpful ideas how to secure a cruise job in the future.

Photos courtesy of Leo Antipala, a proud Working Pinoy: Cruise Ship member

Nasiyahan ka ba sa kwentong ito? Share us your thoughts by writing a comment below!

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Next NBA Superstar Stephen Curry hails from the sea




If you’re a die-hard fan of Cavaliers, I think you’ll have second thoughts to read this blog post. Hey, I myself is a fan of LeBron James! (Sorry the title wasn’t the one you expect it to be. I just like the rhyme of words ‘Curry’ and ‘sea’.)

But if you’re a Golden State Warrior warrior or GSWw (pun intended), Common’ you hang-around with me here for whether you root for James or Curry, I would like you to know that one day their predecessors might come from the sea!

So, playball, basketball!…shall we?


©Mark Palestra

Mark Palestra, a Second Officer of Stolt Tankers, shared to me some photos of their basketball tournament held onboard. In addition, he cited some benefits seafarers get when playing basketball. “This kind of activity onboard helps us to fight boredom at sea. It also fosters camaraderie among actively participating crew,” the 26 year-old navigator said.

On how challenging it is to live and work in an ocean-going ship, he attested, “Life onboard is not easy. In order to have a bigger salary, we should be away from our families. We need to leave the comfort of our homes, change our lifestyle, and maybe worst of all, you seldom see and guide your growing children,”

To ease the difficulties seafarers like him endure at sea, the crews’ welfare is being fostered. On his ship for example, the management upholds a kind of lifestyle comfortable to the group. “In order for us not to get bored easily, the officers, especially the SMT bring the comfort of our homes onboard. It may not be exactly like what we used to have on land but it’s better than having nothing at all.”



Columnist Joaquin M. Henson of Philstar says that to Filipinos, basketball is a way of life.

READ: Pinoy seafarers bring more fun at work through basketball

And did you know that Filipinos ranked next to the Americans and Chinese as the largest market of giant sports apparel Nike? Yes, we are!


©Mark Palestra

The interest of seafarers to play basketball is quite remarkable. Hence, let’s not be surprised that one day, some sailors dribble their career to NBA and are taking big shots, perhaps bigger than what our idols LeBron James and Stephen Curry have had ever achieved!


I would like to hear from you! Share your thoughts about Filipino people’s love for basketball by writing a comment below!?

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Ten stunning ‘Wonder Woman’ seafarers who can teach us how to fight tooth and nail

Before my eyes, these girls are all Diana Prince.


According to Madame Eleanor Roosevelt however, they’re tea bags!?
Here’s why, “A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water!” the icon quoted. “Mom, bring me the water cooker, please?” Joke only. 🙂

Kidding aside, smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors. A stormy sea is literally boiling and well, a clay-hearted person would be likely imperilled, unless otherwise he becomes his own man of steel. If such kind of metamorphosis happens, hear Wonder Woman (when she ate ice cream for the first time, and loving the taste of it in the blockbuster movie) chiming in, “It’s wonderful, You should be very proud!”

She’s right, it’s really something to be proud of! But have you figured out how to become the better version of yourself yet? If you’re still looking for an inspiration, don’t stop reading.

On this point, let me present notable women who have ‘wonder’ attitude to survive the high seas, fight boredom, homesickness, isolation and even sexism at sea. Lucky enough, no storm has stopped them to go great lengths. Their hard-earned experiences both at sea and ashore are worth sharing hence, take time to read their compelling stories.

1. Jasmin Labarda
– A seafarer’s daughter who followed his father’s footsteps at sea and later became the first ever Filipina Ship Captain. An alumna of MAAP, Capt. Labarda reached the pinnacle of her career when she was just 27 years old. Read more.

2. Maria Kristina Javellana
– Filipina Master Mariner Maria Kristina Javellana is ‘Beauty and Best’ Captain. She said she aspired to be a Captain not just because it will be her status but rather, she wants to handle people and give them what is just and right. Read more.

3. Nina Sue da Silva
– Engr. Nina Sue da Silva is the pioneering licensed Filipina Marine Chief Engineer. On one Inquirer article, Engr. da Silva showed us how to boldly fight sexists at sea. Read more.

4. Rachelle Marie Alvariño
– Rachelle Marie Alvariño is now a third officer sailing with Teekay. While studying in college, she actively volunteered to do community services, peer facilitating and peer mentoring.

5. Jovelyn Sosa
– Third Officer Jovelyn Sosa is a classmate of Rachelle Alvariño. They both work in the same company. Jovelyn is an artist and enjoys serving the community too!

6. Lourdes Arce
– Third officer Lourdes Arce sailed with TSM before. A graduate of University of Cebu – LM campus, she happily married a fellow seafarer and now a proud mother to their son.

7. Maike Fritz Ligan
– Maike Fritz Ligan is one unrestrained beautiful soul. A Planned Maintenance System (PMS) engineer of Teekay, she boldly showed us jaw-dropping ways on how the sea can literally set someone free. Check her awesome adventures here.

8. Arlene Geli Chua
– Geli Chua is a versatile seawoman who serves the maritime industry both at sea and ashore. A graduate of University of Cebu-LM, she’s a 3rd Assistant Engineer working in Teekay today.

9. Fairy Lyn Guillem
– PMS Engineer Guillem graduated from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Molo Campus and now connected with Teekay. In one of our interviews, Engr. Guillem said she act ‘boyish’ to shoo male crewmates who likely have flowery words and sweet promises to win her heart.

10. Prey Ponceja
– When Prey Ponceja’s images surfaced online, she wowed netizens of her face that could launch thousands of ships. A daughter of a seafarer, we dig deeper why she became an instant internet sensation. Eventually, we found out that she’s ‘Miss Universe’ material. Here’s my blog about her unique personality.

Becoming a better person is not an overnight success. Learn to believe in yourself, face your fears and never stop trying, no matter what kind of ‘war’ tears your spirit into shattered pieces now.


I’m sure my ‘Wonder Woman’ Filipina seafarers list is not complete. If you know someone else who can be a source of pride and inspiration to many people, share her story and your healthy thoughts by writing a comment below.
Let’s be wonderful men, women and children of the world, shall we?

She’s Fairer as a Seafarer (#SFAS) is a worldwide campaign of i-Pinoy Circle which started in 2013 and fosters the welfare of women serving the maritime industry, particularly in a male-dominated profession called seafaring.

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How to be a Global ‘Bagong Bayani’?



Do you want to be hailed as a ‘Bagong Bayani’ (modern hero) of the Philippines?

I dream of becoming one in the future too! 

But the hero I mean here doesn’t need to clad a fantastic costume, or he can blow-away a devastating storm. While those wonder woman or superman-like super powers sound awesome, the Bagong Bayani Awards Foundation Incorporated (BBFI) is merely looking for true-blooded Overseas Filipinos who have the heart to lead, serve and build Filipino communities around the world.

If you’re one or if you know someone who would likely pass the benchmark of BBFI, submit a nomination today!



For years, the Bagong Bayani Award plaque is being handed-over to the awardees by no other than His Excellency, the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

In December 2016, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte graced the awarding ceremony. Here’s an online article about the said event.


What can you say about Bagong Bayani Awards? Share your thoughts by writing a comment below!

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FREE Simulator Trainer and Assessor Course (IMO MC 6.10) for Filipino Seafarers


In reference to STCW Advisory No. 2017-04, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) in full coordination with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) joined force to train more experts in simulator related maritime training and development.


Read: The Modern Filipino Seafarer

A Filipino seafarer who has completed IMO Model Courses 6.09 (Instructor’s Course) is qualified to avail the said training for FREE.

Yes, you read it right..the training fee is absolutely free! 🙂

The participant just pay, however, a minimal fee of Php 1,800.00 for secured lodging and meals served inside the premises of MAAP during the conduct of the said training.


For the record, IMO MC 6.10 costs more or less Php15,000.00 if shouldered by the participant alone!


Grab the chance now to attend a class scheduled on the following dates:

March 14-17, 2017

April 4-7, 2017

May 9-12, 2017

June 6-9, 2017


For more information/class schedules after June, you may want to personally visit Mr. Herbert H. Nalupa of MARINA’s Public Information Division Office, located at 5th floor, Parkview Plaza, 948 Taft Avenue corner T.M. Kalaw, 1000 Ermita Manila, Philippines.



Do you find this blog post helpful? Let us know your thoughts by writing a comment below!

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Hosting SAR Helicopters at sea



On April 11-12, two Belgian helicopters namely RN 05 and RN 02 approached our tanker vessel while she’s anchored at Westhinder, Netherlands. Specially designed for civilian Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, the sophisticated helicopters carried-out a drill which includes, among others, establishment of good communication through VHF and sending off two of their highly trained personnel from air by hoist lines and eventually, retrieving them after making a single turn around the vessel.

Just like what adventure packed movies The Guardian and The Finest Hours depict, the conduct of coordinated maritime and aeronautical SAR exercise is undoubtedly beneficial to all parties involved. For our side, we become more confident that whenever a need for search and rescue of someone who is on distress or imminent danger arises, we have had the best helicopter hosting experience to apply.

We, the Filipino crew on board, are proud of our vessel’s rescue helicopter friendly environment and would always be safely sensible to work hand-in-hand with our delegated guardians at sea.

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Spread HIV_AIDS Awareness online







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The Importance of Marine Environment


Our planet is mainly covered with 139 million square miles or 360 million square kilometers of water. Interestingly, 80% of life on Earth is found on our seas, rivers, lakes and oceans and below are some more fun facts about vast oceans.

  1. Most of the earth’s oxygen is a product of photosynthesis in ocean organisms.
  2. The fresh water on the earth’s surface comes from the oceans.
  3. The ocean moderates the earth’s climate and affects the weather.

With the various benefits we get from the marine environment, I’m still puzzled why many of us are continuously degrading it.

A seafarer mainly depends on the seas and oceans to earn a living thus, he/she has a critical role to play for its preservation and conservation.

How can you set yourself as a good example for others and for the rest of the world to emulate sailor? Let us know by writing a comment below.

Source: The importance of protecting the marine environment: A seafarers Guide pamphlet.


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3 Common Habits Dangerous to Seafarers


While reading the International Medical Guide for Ships, a publication of World Health Organization which provides medical aid and promotes seafarer’s health and wellness, I found out that seafarers are more likely to be engaged on the following unhealthy lifestyle than people ashore.

1.) Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Attention smoking-hot people! According to studies,

– At 25 years of age, a healthy smoker is likely to have a remaining life expectancy 25% less than that of a non-smoker.

– stopping smoking before 50 years of age reduces by half the risk of dying over the next 15 years compared with continuing to smoke.

– one year without smoking halves the excess risk a smoker runs of dying from coronary heart disease, the commonest cause of death from smokers and;

– the risk of lung cancer starts to decline as soon as the smoker stops. After 10 years the risk is one third to one half that of a smoker who continues to smoke.

And who says, it’s just you who are in danger by the way?

– Second-hand cigarette smoke (passive smoking) has been proven to cause lung cancer and increases one’s risk to have a coronary heart disease.

The best cure? Live a smoke-free life.

Many smokers had tried hard to quit smoking but failed to do so for various reasons. Smoking is an addictive habit which is easy to learn and hard to unlearn. Regular smokers are nicotine addicts and usually, they get their fingers burnt for giving-up smoking causes them:

– a craving for more nicotine

– irritability

-poor concentration

– & hunger.

It may be a long and challenging drive but still, to quit smoking is one of the best alternatives of a seafarer who wants to live a healthier life. On the other hand, the following simple and doable ways can help him/her to withdraw.

  1. Replace nicotine. Patches or chewing gum relieves the withdrawal symptoms and double’s a smoker’s chance of successfully quitting.
  2. Never say never. The average smoker stops smoking and starts again four times before finally quitting. Thus, attempts to give up the habit should not be abandoned because of one failure.
  3. Relax at home and beat the habit. About three-quarters of smokers who had chosen to stop smoking would probably smoke again due to stress or in some cases attending a social occasion, especially those that involve alcohol.
  4. Follow the policy. Banning smoking in work areas and recreation rooms can help a smoker who is trying to quit and relapse.

On the other hand, an alcohol-dependent seafarer usually suffers from depression, a bad reputation and may loss his/her career at sea. I had a low encounter with one seafarer once who was blacklisted due to alcoholism. He was forced to go home untimely after punching a crewmate’s face. “He joked me that I’m uglier whenever I get drunk one night. The next morning, he looked uglier than me.  Many said I boxed him like Pacqauio hitting forcefully a punching bag. How I wish I consumed holy water instead of spirits then.” He regretted.

2.) An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise

– Together these factors can lead to excessive body weight, which is still a more common problem among seafarers than among onshore workers. A seafarer’s medical certificate is his/her ticket to earn a living at sea. Basically, good health amasses good wealth so it’s always time for a seafarer to be conscious of his/her waistline.

On how to keep a good picture of health, I wrote another article entitled Eat to be fit not eat to be fat.

3.) Unsafe sex

– Sounds familiar? I think we should not be surprised to know that everyone likes the idea and taste of heaven. Temptations to engage on unprotected sex, much more during port stays, are just around the corner of a seafarer. If you happen to be knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door, read my article entitled Are you ready for heaven? It might save you from the savages of hell in the future.

I’m sure you have something to say about living a healthier lifestyle at sea or ashore. Share us your thoughts by writing a comment below.


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OFW Singer/Songwriter Mr. Ronilo Victoriano put the hearts of those who are apart from their beloved ones up with his hit song “KAHIT MALAYO KA”. It had gained (as of July 27, 2015) 7,729 views already from people especially OFWs around the world since  i-Pinoy Circle uploaded it on its Facebook page.

When I first heard the song, I couldn’t help myself not to fall in love with it. When you’re far away from your loved ones, being an OFW for example, you could easily relate well to the lyrics. You might even pack your things and decide to go home untimely because you missed her a lot, you missed your family a lot.

There are only few men I know who dreams and toils like Mr. Ronilo Victoriano. Amidst long working hours, homesickness, adverse effect of weather and occupational hazards, he still managed to compose soulful songs. I think such challenge became an essential part of his winning formula. Like a secret ingredient which makes the food mouth-watering. Wala rin pinagkaiba sa pandesal na nilalamon mo diyan sa kanto, kung bakit daw masarap, eh dahil may mga patak ng pawis..ahh este, pinagpawisan! Joke only.

Thank you to all our Kababayans who helped us promote our own OFW talents. They truly deserve our support and I hope more and more Filipinos would hear and appreciate ‘Kahit Malayo Ka’.

Congratulations to Ronilo for turning his homesickness before into a beautiful song which is full of hope, love and patience. Dadami na ang mga long distance lovers na maniniwalang may #forever nito! 🙂

Haven’t heard of the popular song yet?

Check and please share the following video..


Click to watch video on YouTube


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