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Ronilo Victoriano: The Notable Filipino Seafarer, Singer and Songwriter



Why settle for less if you can be the best?

As what Ronilo Victoriano takes as gospel, good is no good especially when you can do better things in life. Ergo, he was able to reach greater heights and entertain thousands of people, most of them our fellow Pinoys around the globe.

I quickly became a fan upon hearing one of his soulful songs and knowing that he’s not only a world class performer but a seafarer too, I feel ecstatic to point over the klieg light on him. He’s our couleur de rose OFW Singer and Songwriter.

I conducted an online interview and I must say that Ronilo’s craft deserves our dear support and recognition.

When and how did you start singing and writing songs?

“I started singing when I was just 7 years old. Since then, I had participated into various activities that stretched and tuned-in my vocal chords. When I was 20 years old, I joined a local band and eventually became its lead vocalist. However, it was disbanded so I searched for other job until I answered the calling of the sea last 2000. When I joined my first ship, I really thought it was the end of my singing career but thanks God it didn’t happen. In 2003, I started to give life to my melodic thoughts. Ten years after, I had been in cloud nine in for I was able to launch and copyrighted my first album entitled “Iba na ngayon ang Pinoy”. My album has seven songs and it became a hit on one local radio station. Six months later, I composed another 10 songs for my second album entitled Paglalakbay. Special thanks by the way to Mr. Sammy Rubido for the musical arrangement, Mr. Tonzie Gay Escano of Cool Digital Production and Mr. Silvester “Beting” Jubilan for all their help and support. As of today, I wrote 19 songs already and this milestone makes me sing for joy and more success in life! ”

Who inspires you to go the extra mile in singing, song writing and of course, sailing?

“To write good songs, I usually base them on my own experiences in life. I had been through many difficulties and it drives me to speak by my own heart whether I sing or write a song. My loving wife and three talented kids give me strong reasons to perform best. They were even involved in my outputs. Moreover, I find inspiration on my fellow Overseas Filipino Workers who are fighting hard against all odds just to promote the welfare of our compatriots. My songs are mostly pro- OFW for I could relate more to what it’s like living away from your own family to search for greener pastures abroad or in particular, brave the seas to secure a more comfortable life for my family.”

Share us your future plans

”For now and the coming years, I always and would like to work hard for the development of both my sailing and singing careers. I will continue to compose songs, different kind of songs if possible, because to be a famous singer/composer is my dream since I was a small kid. With me is my wonderful family and we are praying that my singing and song writing career would thrive. I also started a small business back in our place and it’s helping us financially. I don’t hold the future but with hard work, courage and sweet lullabies, I’m confident I’ll be going into places. ”

As an Overseas Filipino singer and songwriter, what is your message to the public?

“Life is a best avenue for personal growth. You can win or unfortunately, lose your ground in a competition but don’t give up and have a stronger faith to your Creator. Meanwhile, if you have the “X-Factor” (talent), grab each chance to enhance it. Always dream big, grow as a mature person and take good care of such God-given talent. I hope that many people, especially those front-runners of the music industry would give us spotlight – the independent recording artists/composers. To my countrymen, I ask your humble support to patronize Original Pilipino Music (OPM) while to all my avid song listeners, thank you with all my heart. I assure you that I will be singing and writing more and more beautiful songs for you! ”

Finally, what makes you proud as an Overseas Filipino?

“I’m proud to be an OFW for we are the buhay na bayani (living heroes) of our motherland. We are global ambassadors, confident and talented enough to be “The Voice” of our fellow Filipinos both on local and international arena.”

Ronilo’s songs are being played on 94.1 spirit FM and on international web streams like Tinig Pinoy ( of Ottawa and Ontario Canada, Tambayang Pinoy Radio, Ka Chat Pinoy Radio (Singapore and US based), Music Pinoy Radio and Himig Radio.




What can you say about Ronilo’s talent?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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Better Safe Than Sorry: 10 Do’s and Don’ts Overseas Filipinos should bear in mind



If you’re leaving the country soon or you’re already working abroad, don’t compromise your health, safety and security.

Below are significant tips I got from OWWA’s PDOS and which I’m fervently encouraging you to read and learn by heart:

1.  DO learn and understand the host country’s language.

2.  DO respect the culture, traditions and practices of your host country.

3.  DO follow your work contract.

4.  DO abide by laws, rules and regulations of your host country.

5.  DON’T carry, use or sell drugs, substances, compounds and chemicals classified as illegal in the host country.

6.  DON’T accept any hand-carried package from anyone unless you first see what is inside.  Many people have been arrested and jailed for carrying firearms and drugs without their knowledge.

7.  DON’T engage in activities which are considered illegal in your host country (gambling/lotto, liquor/alcohol use, cybersex, possession and/or sale of pirated video materials and/or obscene materials/articles).

8.  DON’T lend your laptops to friends and acquaintances who may use them for illegal purposes.

9.  DON’T live beyond your means.  Avoid falling into a debt trap.

10.  DON’T believe in get-rich-quick scams.  Examples are text messages that you have won in an electronic lottery, e-mail offering to transfer huge amount of money to your bank account.

This post originally appeared in OWWA’s website. Minor edits applied.


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NO BODY NO BODY BUT MINE IN PEME: Which of my body parts are normally being scrutinized?



For first timers, the usual question would be likely, “What part of my body will be touched inside the medical screening clinic? I need to know ‘coz only Belo touches my skin?”LOL

Kidding aside, one must have a sound knowledge of DOH’s PEME basic package. To be medically fit for work is consequential. Time and again, preparation is key to pass a rigid health screening so here’s what I want to share:

In reference to A.O. No. 2013 – 0006 of the Department of Health’s Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) basic pre-employment medical examination (PEME) covers, but shall not limited to, the following mandatory health examinations:
1. Complete and Thorough Medical History and Physical Examination (P.E.)
2. Dental Examination
3. Visual Acuity
4. Color Perception
5. Audiometry
6. Chest X-ray
7. ECG
8. Blood Typing
9. CBC
10. Test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)/Syphilis Test
11. Pregnancy Tests (for females)
12. Urinalysis
13. Stool Examination
14. Psychological Assessment
15. Basic Blood Chemistries
16. Blood borne diseases
17. Other clinical laboratory and diagnostic procedures

On how medical practitioners shall handle the tests, here’s a handy PDF guide you may want to download for free.

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Ikaw-6 na Utos: Mag-ipon para Yumaman



Maraming mga Pilipino ang nag-aabroad dahil gustong makaahon sa kahirapan. Marami ding mga Pilipino na matagal na kumakayod sa ibang bansa pero hanggang ngayon, tanging mga resibo parin ng mga nabiling mga kagamitan ang tanging tinatago-tagong kayamanan. Alin man sa dalawang nabanggit nabibilang ang sitwasyon mo sa ngayon, sigurado akong may kakulangan ka at dapat natin itong itama.

Paano? Simple lang kabayan. Naalala mo pa ba ang mga usaping pera, pamilya at trabaho nung nag Pre-Daparture Orientation Seminar (PDOS) ka? Kung di mo na masyado naalala, sige irebyu natin.

Para magtagumpay ka sa ibang bansa dapat mo daw isaalang-alang ang mga ito:

1. Alamin kung ano ang iyong pikatanging dahilan bakit ka nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Siguro naman ay pangarap mong maiahon sa kahirapan ang iyong pamilya o gusto mo halimbawa, makapag-ipon ka ng kapital para sa sarili mong negosyo na itatayo mo pagbalik ng Pilipinas. Ang pagkakaroon ng konkretong kaalaman kung ano ng aba talaga ang gusto mong marating sa buhay ay tanging susi ng iyong tagumpay.

2. Handa ka ba makipagbakbakan? Maaring mas mahirap sa inaakala mo ang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa kaya mas mabuting handa ang iyong buong pagkatao. Wala nang ibang tao ang mas nakakakilala pa sa iyong sarili kaya alam mo kung paano pa patatagin ang katawan at kalooban.

3. Alamin ang iyong responsibilidad at karapatan bilang isang migrant worker. Gabay mo ang kaalaman na ito para magampanan ng maayos ang iyong mga tungkulin. Umangkop ka din sa batas at kultura ng bansang pupuntahan o kinaroroonan mo ngayon. Tandaan, ang bansang ‘yan ay pansamantala mong tirahan kaya kung may mga gusto ka pang malaman ay magsaliklik, magbasa at ‘wag mahiyang magtanong!

4. Bawal magkasakit? Hindi naman bawal pero iwasan talagang magkasakit. Pangalagaan ang kalusugan dahil ang malusog na pangangatawan ay kailangan sa trabahong gagampanan. Kung di ka nakapasok sa trabaho dahil may sakit ka, wala ka ring kita (kaya ano ang sabi ni John Loyd Cruz?) Ingat!

5. Panatiling buo ang pamilya kahit malayo ka at ‘wag yung one solid team sa Pinas, one solid team din sa Middle East ha? Pamilya po yan hindi liga ng basketball. ‘Wag mo sanang paglaruan dahil sila man din ay nagnanais na kung pwede lang sana ay hindi kana napapalayo sa kanilang mga tabi at araw-araw kayong magkasama.

6. Lastly, matutong mag-invest. Disiplinahin ang sarili para epektibong makapag-ipon at ang perang naipon ay dapat ilalagak lamang sa mga siguradong investment.

Sa blog ko na ito ay maraming mga pamamaraan kung saan ka pwedeng mag-invest. Hindi lang naman pera ang pwedeng pagyamanin kundi pwede rin ang sariling kapasidad. Hinihikayat kitang bisitahin mo ang link na ito para malaman mo kung ano nga ba ang tinutukoy ko.

Masasabi kong hindi sapat na magtrabaho ka lang ng maigi dahil kung kumayod ka nga pero sobra sobra naman ang gastusin mo sa iyong kinikita ay wala paring pagbabago na mangyayari. Kaya kung gusto mo talagang yumaman, inuulit ko, disiplinahing mabuti ang sarili.

And take note, mayaman na masaya dapat. Hindi man madali dahil ginipit mo ang iyong sarili para makapag-ipon ay hindi mo naman ito pagsisihan sa huli dahil kumbaga sa usapang pag-ibig, lokohin ka man daw ng taong minahal mo at ipagpalit sa iba, walang dapat ipag-alala. Marami kang pera, sponsor mo pa libing nilang dalawa? JOKE only. Hehe


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PASSION & STRENGTH IN SACRIFICE dignify OFWs as the world’s leading migrant workers


Travelling foreign lands just to bring home honey and bread is not an easy task.  We are not a stranger to home sick, long distance relationship, and emotional struggles and adjustments.  If we are not strong, we could have been a victim of depression.

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is nothing to be ashamed of.  We have to be proud of it for achieving extra-ordinary milestones in our lives.  Our race is known to be very close with family ties but we emerged strong enough to leave our country and take risks to improve our living conditions.

As a fellow OFW, I could never imagine leaving Philippines without bringing back more opportunities to my family and to the society.  I dream of living in a progressive country but we have to admit our Mother Country cannot provide it yet.  But here we are, the wanderers of the world to the land of opportunities, struggling our ways to make a living and make worth of our risks in exploring the land of others.

We, the OFWs, are very essential in the improvement of our country, aren’t we?  It is considered by many that Philippine’s main export is human capital because of the increasing number of Filipinos leaving the country to work abroad.  Though I do not necessarily agree with it, it just only rooted to the necessity of uplifting the conditions of our family.  We are not a subject of belittlement, we are standing proud and strong in service for our fellowmen.

We should be proud as an OFW because we promote inclusive growth of our country.  We are a major source of human capital development.  The remittance we sent home goes straight to households to appease the basic needs such as shelter, education, and food.

We are passionate, selfless, and hard working and this is the reason why foreign cultures admire our abilities and work ethics.

We should be proud because we braved off the unbearable emotional anguish when we left our family home and start anew in a foreign land.

We are culturally flexible and adaptable because we survived in dealing with the various cultures of the world which are far more different in the Filipino culture.  We dared to taste unusual food, clothed ourselves differently, and speak other languages.  This is a form of cultural mastery of the world and we OFWs are able to experience it. It is a dignifying experience!

Lastly, we love the value of human life. Wherever we are in the world, in the North, South, East, or West hemisphere, we are forever grateful that we are raised in a Filipino culture that loved the idea of respect to humanity and love for all despite of the races.  We are proud that we bring to the world the appreciation of humanity.


We are passionate. We are selfless.  We boost our strength through sacrifice.  Who else would not be proud of this?

Sail on, OFWs!


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Nutrition and Art Activity

Seaambassadors promote proper health and nutrition.

In cooperation with Aureliana Elementary School in Antique, Philippines, we’re able to conduct an annual Poster & Slogan Making Contest.

10383653_756247224418335_8159333378984080832_n (1)

Such activity was enjoyed by these cute pupils!




And those talented kids who were lucky to be on recognized were…



Thank you for the love and support Aureliana Elementary School community!

See you again in July! :))

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#SquadGoals: What our young women seafarers can learn from Sushmita, Swift and Sisa



When Sushmita Sen of India verbalized this statement she eventually won Miss Universe in 1994.

Just being a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.

Ironically, when Sisa, the young sailor, sung a famous Beyoncé song in the shower, she almost lost her mind.

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
how it feels to love a girl
I swear I’d be a better man.
I’d listen to her
‘Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
‘Cause he’s taken you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed..

Sisa has been working at sea for almost 3 months now. Few more months, she’ll be home and would be on the arms of her beloved ones again, most especially with the love of her ultimate bae.

Basilyo or bae for short is Sisa’s boyfriend. He used to be hot, sweet and caring – the perfect match for a girl to keep forever. For him to finally marry Sisa however, he wants her to be Miss Universe, lest a Binibining Pilipinas qualifier. But Sisa’s vital statistics is 39-30-49. Every time she looks herself in the mirror, her reflection screams – “Call 9-1-1!”.

To be fair at least with her, bae has to say she is looking good and more importantly, she’s healthy. It made him a good lover before he finally walked away out of her life.

Unfortunately, it was not only Bae murdering Sisa’s already torn heart. There were crewmates named Calye West and Christopher Brown too.

Calye is her immediate superior. He is fun and very supportive. She even considered him as the wind beneath her wings for every time she commits mistakes, he steals the mic from her and starts to rap (or in simple words, he quickly forgives her shortcomings).

If there’s one reason why she hates him however, it’s the guy’s offensive remark. One night, she heard a fellow crew asking Calye what was his role on Sisa’s career growth. The guy ruthlessly answered, “I make that b**tch famous!”

Meanwhile, Christopher is the secret sexist lover. Before his eyes, Sisa always shines bright like diamonds. But the seawoman is not attracted to him. He might found love in a hopeless place but he’s not giving-up. In one way or the other, he believes Sisa would be sleeping beside him in one bed so he kept pawning on her like she’s the only girl in the world.

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Bum bum be bum bum bum be bum bum..with various challenges and difficult personalities lurking around, Sisa is apparently suffering alike Riri’s disturbia!

Should Sisa give-up or continue chasing pavements?

She’s on the big crossroads of her life.

She can’t keep running on empty dreams. 😦

To all seawomen feeling like Sisa out there, cheer-up! The best has yet to come. You just need to declutter your life, be yourself and never underestimate your potentials.

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Remember, Taylor Swift’s words and I quote,

…I want to say to the young woman out there, there are going to be people along the way who try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you will look around and you will know it was you and the people who love you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world.

All right.. I hope you see sparks fly now?

Aside from Sen and Swift, I would like to include here what Ms. Ethel R. Capellan, a faculty member of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, has recommended on her research study entitled ‘ Problems Encountered by Women Seafarers On Board Ships as Perceived by MAAP Midshipwomen: Its Implications to MET Innovations.’

Here’s what the academic author wants you to know, ladies!

– Plan what to do, do what you plan.

 “Set priorities that reflect balanced life goals to be successful in both personal and professional lives.”

– If you can’t beat them, be one of them.

 “Accept the fact that for better or worse, women are going to be operating in a male culture where men make the rules and therefore they need to learn and play the game by the man’s rules.”

– Expectation vs reality. Choose wisely

“Decide whether you really want to become a part of it all. If you do not like the business game, you have two choices. Either you find something else to devote your energies or you play the game until you have enough power to change some of the goals or rules. It is important to deal with realities.”

– Be confidently and competently beautiful inside-out.

“Win, discover what it takes to be a woman in a man’s world and succeed through education, knowledge, experience and basic charm.”

Know your strengths, develop your weaknesses.

 “Support yourselves by playing up your strengths – like being nurturing, empathetic, supportive, accommodating, good listeners and coaching workers – while also adding complementary behaviors.”

– Act like a woman, think like a man

“Develop some typically “male strengths or assets “to be recognized or be promoted, but retain the valuable female characteristics. Use both assets appropriately and wisely. Bearing in mind that some strengths, which are typically very feminine, could be asset amidst man’s world in the maritime if these are utilized appropriately.”

 – And finally, #DoitLikeSushmita at the rightmost time and place

“(Women) can give birth which men biologically cannot and therefore, can do or accomplish anything that a man can do if only a woman is interested, committed and determined.”


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Keep Believing in Yourself!

Believe in yourself.png

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be.

That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down.

But those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself.

There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them.

Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are.

So when the days come that are filled with frustration and unexpected responsibilities, remember to believe in yourself and all you want your life to be.

Because the challenges and changes will only help you to find the goals that you know are meant to come true for you.

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ON THE SPOTLIGHT: International Journal features world-class Filipinos

The May-June 2016 issue of the Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering featured a research study about a success story and effective leadership skills of Capt. Angelex Panes, a Master Mariner who hailed from Mindanao, Philippines.


The paper, entitled ‘The success story and effective leadership techniques of Capt. Angelex A. Panes on board MV SKS Tiete’, was authored by Dr. Brian Gil Sarinas and Third Officer Mark Eden Ellaga. It was notably included in the journal along with other compositions from various parts of the globe like China, India and Norway, among others.

Not your ordinary journal

For a paper to land in Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering, it has to be polished like a gem first.

The publisher of the said magazine is David Publishing Company (DPC) and has an office address at 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4879 Valley Cottage, NY 10989 USA. As written on its website, DPC is a professional English-language academic journal and books publisher both in print and online versions, which serves the world’s research and scholarly communities. It unremittingly screens, publishes and enhances reputations of the journals submitted by scholars around the world who work on the fields of Account & Accounting, Administration, Agriculture, Aviation Science, Business, Chemistry, Civil, Computer, Earth, Education, Energy, Environment, Economics, Electrics, Electronics, Food, Future Science, Geology, Health, History, Journalism, Law, Language, Life-Sciences, Literature & Art, Management, Materials, Mechanics, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Pharmacy and Pathology, Philosophy, Shipping & Ocean, Sociology, Sports Sciences, Traffic and Transportation, Tourism and Restaurants, etc.

Thanks God, we’re able to reach this kind of milestone!

Outstanding Filipino Researchers

The research paper was authored by:

1.) Dr. Brian Gil Sarinas

  • Multi-awarded researcher, currently working as OIC of JBLFMU-Arevalo’s research office. His distinguished achievements in academics and research, among others, are the following:
  • Scholar and Outstanding Student of the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (Excellence in Teaching Program) published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (8 July 2004)
  • Outstanding Filipino Researcher 2012 given by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE), an AJA UKAS certified with ISO 9001: 2008 during the Global Conference on Education, Business, Engineering and Sciences (GCEBES) 2012, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore (24-26 Oct 2012)
  • Outstanding Filipino Research Leader 2013 given by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) during the World Research Festival 2013, Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines (1-3 May 2013)
  • Excellence in World Publication Award 2013 for publishing research in Thomson and Reuters (ISI) and Scopus Elsevier given during the World Research Festival 2013, Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (1-3 May 2013)
  • IAMURE World Publication Award (Pearl Award) 2013 for publishing research in Thomson and Reuters (ISI) and Scopus Elsevier given during the World Research Festival 2013, Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (1-3 May 2013)
  • Outstanding World Research Leader 2014 given during the 2nd Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ACMRHE), Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (26-28 Nov 2014)
  • Excellence in World Publication Award 2014 for publishing research in Thomson and Reuters (ISI) and Scopus Elsevier given during the 2nd Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ACMRHE), Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (26-28 Nov 2014)
  • IAMURE World Publication Award (Pearl Award) 2014 for publishing research in Thomson and Reuters (ISI) and Scopus Elsevier given during the 2nd Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ACMRHE), Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (26-28 Nov 2014)
  • World Citation Award 2014 given during the 2nd Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Higher Education (ACMRHE), Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, Philippines organized by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE) (26-28 Nov 2014) and
  • One of the Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2015, Published in the 32nd Edition, New Jersey, USA (June 2015)

2.) Third Officer Mark Eden Ellaga

  • A licensed marine deck officer (OIC-NW) currently sailing with Norwegian flagged vessels of tankers and cement types. His passion for community service and love for learning has gained him national awards like Bank of the Philippine Island’s “Outstanding Expat-Pinoy Child” and Ex-link Events’ “Outstanding Filipino Blogger”.

Learn from the master

The success story of Capt. Angelex Panes is an inspiring story for all seafarers and seafarer aspirants. We can learn many valuable lessons from him.

His faith, courage, hard work, determination, openness, and love for learning lead him to his success or to where he is now.

His secret?

“There is no secret. Just be yourself and do your responsibility considering always the safety of all crew, vessel, cargo and environment. Don’t rush to climb the ladder of success or get easily disappointed by your failures. The best has yet to come. I just did my part, persevered and became patient.” Capt. Panes said.



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“It’s surreal inside Harvard” – Pinoy Seafarer

A year ago… I visited a super duper awesome place!


The Alma Matter of eight US presidents, several foreign heads of state, sixty two living billionaires and some 150 Nobel laureates, Harvard University is disputably home of legendary people.

I believe we share thesame dream to enter its portals. I thought mine would just be a dream forever ’till mid of May 2015, our ship sailed to Boston, USA. Of course, I didn’t let the opportunity to visit Harvard slip through my fingers.

Harvard is Harvard; I must step on its grounds and be forever grateful of this another life-changing milestone.


Brief History

IMG_20150505_141021 IMG_20150505_140701

Established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Harvard was originally called “New College” or “the college of New Towne”. It was in 1639 when the name was changed to Harvard College after deceased clergyman John Harvard.

John, an alumnus of the University of Cambridge in United Kingdom, was able to impart GBP 779 and his library of some 400 books to the institution before he died.

IMG_20150505_140851  IMG_20150505_141118 IMG_20150505_142038

Colossal Campus

Harvard’s main campus has a total land area of 209 acre (85ha) and its other facilities are spread throughout the Boston metropolitan.

IMG_20150505_142151 IMG_20150505_142406 IMG_20150505_144040

As a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is organized into eleven separate academic units – ten faculties and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.


Impressively, the home of the first printing press in North America has the largest financial endowment of any academic institution in the world, amounting to $32.3 billion as of June 2013.


And did you know that the Harvard Library is the world’s largest academic and private library system, comprising of nearly 80 individual libraries with over 18 million volumes?

Inside the giant library are must-see rare books, manuscripts and other special collections (i.e. maps, gazetteers and atlases both old & new).

IMG_20150505_141355  IMG_20150505_141638

One and only

For someone who wants to obtain quality education, choosing a topnotch school is a must.

Harvard ranked no.1 in Academic Ranking of World Universities since 2003 and the World Reputation Rankings since 2011.

Moreover, a poll done by The Princetown Review revealed that Harvard was on the top of the list of “Dream Colleges” for students and was first nominated by parents in 2009.


I dream to take my masters in Harvard someday. Ambitious much, eh? Oh yeah, why not! The nominal cost of attendance however, costs an arm and a leg! Ouch!

The following are the break-down of expenses per semester as stated on Harvard university’s website, effective for academic school year 2015-2016.

Tuition & Fees – $45,278

Room and Board – $15,381

Estimated personal expenses (including $800-$1,200 for books) – $3,741

Estimated travel costs – $0-$5,200

Total billed and unbilled costs – $ 64,400- $69,600

* In addition, health insurance is required at a cost of $2,390 (for 2015-16) unless you are covered under your family’s health plan.

If $1 is Php44.00 prepare to spend 2,833,600 – 3,062,400 Million Pesos!  (Now you know why I’m already very happy and contented with a half day tour?)Lol


Nevertheless of the hefty fees, the school offers various scholarship grants and financial aids for those deserving students.

Law School and Memorial Hall

IMG_20150505_144456 IMG_20150505_144639

US former President Barrack Obama & his wife Michelle,Chief Justice John Roberts, Israeli Supreme Court President Aharon Barak and former Chief Justice Renato Corona of the Philippines, among others, are notable graduates of Harvard’s college of Law.


I wonder if they had walked here in front of Austin Hall when they were still studying? 🙂

On the other hand, the large, highly residential research university offers 46 undergraduate concentrations (majors), 134 graduate degrees and 32 professional degrees.


For academic year 2008-2009, Harvard already granted 1,664 baccalaureate degrees, 400 masters degrees, 512 doctoral degrees and 4, 460 professional degrees.

Another feather on my cap

My overseas employment served as my ticket to visit wonderful places such as Harvard.

As an Expat-Pinoy, I couldn’t help myself not to be thankful of my blessed status. Life at sea maybe risky, challenging and often tiresome but I’m coming up roses. Aside from actually having no choice but to surpass or at least endure the stormy seas, all my sacrifices are worth it.


I wasn’t able to admit myself yet (perhaps after winning millions in the lottery someday) but happiness is overflowing in my heart for at last, I had been to my dream university.

Yes indeed, dreams do turn into reality.



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