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Next NBA Superstar Stephen Curry hails from the sea




If you’re a die-hard fan of Cavaliers, I think you’ll have second thoughts to read this blog post. Hey, I myself is a fan of LeBron James! (Sorry the title wasn’t the one you expect it to be. I just like the rhyme of words ‘Curry’ and ‘sea’.)

But if you’re a Golden State Warrior warrior or GSWw (pun intended), Common’ you hang-around with me here for whether you root for James or Curry, I would like you to know that one day their predecessors might come from the sea!

So, playball, basketball!…shall we?


©Mark Palestra

Mark Palestra, a Second Officer of Stolt Tankers, shared to me some photos of their basketball tournament held onboard. In addition, he cited some benefits seafarers get when playing basketball. “This kind of activity onboard helps us to fight boredom at sea. It also fosters camaraderie among actively participating crew,” the 26 year-old navigator said.

On how challenging it is to live and work in an ocean-going ship, he attested, “Life onboard is not easy. In order to have a bigger salary, we should be away from our families. We need to leave the comfort of our homes, change our lifestyle, and maybe worst of all, you seldom see and guide your growing children,”

To ease the difficulties seafarers like him endure at sea, the crews’ welfare is being fostered. On his ship for example, the management upholds a kind of lifestyle comfortable to the group. “In order for us not to get bored easily, the officers, especially the SMT bring the comfort of our homes onboard. It may not be exactly like what we used to have on land but it’s better than having nothing at all.”



Columnist Joaquin M. Henson of Philstar says that to Filipinos, basketball is a way of life.

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And did you know that Filipinos ranked next to the Americans and Chinese as the largest market of giant sports apparel Nike? Yes, we are!


©Mark Palestra

The interest of seafarers to play basketball is quite remarkable. Hence, let’s not be surprised that one day, some sailors dribble their career to NBA and are taking big shots, perhaps bigger than what our idols LeBron James and Stephen Curry have had ever achieved!


I would like to hear from you! Share your thoughts about Filipino people’s love for basketball by writing a comment below!?

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Top Videos of ‘Pambansang Cruiser’ which can help you turn your dream to work at sea into reality


© Pixabay

Being a part of Buhay sa Cruise Ship and Working Pinoy Cruise Ships Facebook Pages management team, my (and other admins/moderators) inboxes receive tons of inquiries every day. How we wish then we have overflowing time so we can completely reply on each and every inquiry sent.

If you’re one of the inquirers, I understand your thirst for knowledge and ideas. To work in a cruise ship is your ultimate dream so it’s just to ask whatever is tangible with your aspiration.

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Personally, we are happy to help but sometimes we have limited time to cater your requests. Hence, I provide useful video references on this blog post which may answer your thrown questions.


© Rinell Banda

Thanks to Pinoy global Vblogger and Pambansang Cruiser Rinell Banda for his creativity and passion to film videos that help cruise job hopefuls fulfill their ultimate dreams in life.

Follow Rinell’s Buhay Sa Cruise Ship YouTube Channel on this link.

Work in a cruise ship


© Rinell Banda

The Work in a Cruise Ship Youtube video which was shared on Facebook captioned with Rinell’s personal ‘guide and tips’ gained below comments, among others, from grateful viewers.

Ranel Quinto: Yung akala mong wala ng pag-asa tapos nakita at nabasa mo ito.. salamat sir!

Melchor Gafate: Thank you Sir Rinell for this guide.

Jaymar Gatan: Sir Rinnel ayaw q ng office, challenge to sakin. Gusto ko talaga makasampa and to pursue my goal. Very inspiring po lahat ng ginagawa mo and sa pagtulong mo sa kapwa. Godbless and I pray for you.

FYI, Rinell had been a fast-food waiter and a Japan entertainer before he worked in cruise ships. He’s now a Bellboy Captain sailing for years with a big cruise company and his cool travels had been featured once in the award-winning TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho of GMA-7.

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Click, Watch and Learn



Moreover, Rinell uploaded other videos on YouTube. His videos answer below questions I observe cruise ship job applicants were commonly asking;

What is BT / SOLAS Training?

Top 20 Questions for Housekeeping Department – Initial or Final Interview.

I have tattoes. Can I still apply to work in a cruise ship?

What agencies are legit recruiters in Manila?

How about age limit?

Oh, I don’t how to swim. Can I still work at sea?


What can you say about the Pambansang Cruiser’s videos?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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#WPCSDay2017: ‘Very much qualified’ candidates found and will start working in cruise ships soon

We believe that a thousand miles journey starts with a single step. In particular, cruise job hopefuls attended this year’s biggest gathering of cruise enthusiasts, a special event held in Manila last Saturday, April 22.

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Since head organizer Rinell Banda invited major cruise-hiring agencies’ representatives like Magsaysay and UPL, among others, job seekers were able to submit their CVs and may snatch their dream job at sea soon.

( Join Buhay sa Cruise Ship and Working Pinoy Cruise Ships Facebook groups today! )

Ms. Jha Quinanahan, a proud event volunteer, showed as that moment when she posted this in Facebook:


©J. Quinanahan

Meanwhile, Ms. Jen Castaneda, one of the admins of Working Pinoy:Cruise Ship (WPCS) Facebook page and a recruitment specialist of Magsaysay, expressed her gratitude to all the participants.

“I am very much overwhelmed sa mga members natin who cooperate and participate,” she said.

“It is very helpful sa part ng members pati saming mga nasa manning.

“Like ngayon, ang dami naming openings na di na kaya ng pool, we found candidates na VERY MUCH QUALIFIED.”

Since the event was well supported by many WPCS members, Ms. Jen assured that such support will be reciprocated.

“Hindi kami magsasawa na tumulong sa WPCS members natin.”

Set in PATTS College of Aeronautics Taguig, the 2017 WPCS Grand Meet and Greet was reportedly graced by more than 300 participants.

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Kudos to all the organizers and highly hope for the best, cruise aspirants!


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How to get quickly hired as a security personnel in cruise ships


Do you dream to work onboard a cruise ship as a security personnel?

If yes, read on!

Royal Caribbean, a major US cruise company, may recruit someone like you to be part of their security department in the future.

If hired, you’ll be responsible for maintaining excellent level of security – whether the ship is sailing at sea or docked in port.

“Our onboard security department provides our guests and crew a safe and secure environment, in which they can enjoy their work or their cruise vacation. Our security service’s mission is to prevent security incidents and deliver a highly trained staff which will provide an immediate response to all security related issues. This team is also responsible for the access control to the ship, the screening operation at the gangways, video security monitoring, investigations, security patrols, and more,”Royal Caribbean

Interested applicants, as per Royal Caribbean’s further statement written on its website, are then cordially invited to explore the opportunities given.

You may qualify to work given that –

“Potential candidates must meet the minimum requirements, including compliance with law enforcement credentials and other regulations such as ISPS Code.” Royal Caribbean stated on its website.

If you have gained outstanding experience as security personnel and has pleasing personality (optional), bootstrap your application by getting these seafarer related training: BT, SDSD & CROWD AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT

You may heed straight to the agency without getting the aforementioned training but let me remind you that the competition is stiff and that a hiring agency most usually prefers applicants who have been trained already (unless otherwise they badly needed you to join the ship ASAP.)

For more guide & tips on how to secure a cruise ship job, read my other blog post – Dreaming to work in cruise ships? Here’s your ultimate guide to get quickly hired!


Share your thoughts about applying for a ship security personnel job. Leave a comment below! 

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BT, SDSD & CROWD: 3 trainings required to jump-start your cruise career



A high school graduate can work in a cruise ship – thanks God, it’s the usual minimum academic requirement set by hiring legit agencies in Manila.

But not completing the Basic Safety (BT), SSAT-SDSD and Crowd Crisis and Management training would for sure junk a cruise aspirant’s ultimate dream to work at sea for these trainings are required not by the agency and/or MARINA but by an international regulation called Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Code for Seafarers (STCW) 1978, as amended.

Let’s talk how much time you need to allot and what will you learn from the aforementioned trainings.

1.Basic Safety Training (BT)

-All seafarers start their career taking BT. Aside from it’s a competence booster, the BT is prerequisite for you to get your first seaman’s book (SIRB), too.

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-This 8-days training tackles 4 modules namely, Elementary First Aid (EFA), Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF), Personal Survival Techniques (PST) and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR).

  • EFA – An International Marine Organization (IMO) Model Course 1.13 and accords with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. Upon completion of the 2-day course, you will be competent to render proper first aid on board.
  • FPFF – An International Marine Organization (IMO) Model Course 1.20 and accords with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. Upon completion of the 2-day course, you will be competent to observe fire precautionary measures and use various applicable fire-extinguishing mediums & equipment on board.
  • PST – An International Marine Organization (IMO) Model Course 1.19 and accords with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. Upon completion of the 2-day course, you will be competent to apply personal survival techniques at sea in any event of grave emergencies at sea such as abandonship.
  • PSSR – An International Marine Organization (IMO) Model Course 1.21 and accords with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code. Upon completion of the 2-day course, you will learn how to comply with emergency procedures, prevent pollution of the marine environment, observe safe working practices, and contribute to effective human relationship on board.

2.Ship Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (SSAT-SDSD)

-In accordance to STCW Code Section A-VI/6, Paragraphs 4,6,7&8 and Table A-VI/6-1 & A-VI/6-2, SSAT-SDSD is a 1-day course that will give you insights about the current security threats and patterns, recognition and detection of weapons, dangerous substances and devices, inspection, control and monitoring techniques, methods of physical searches of persons, personal effects, baggage, cargo and ship stores, testing, calibration and at-sea maintenance of security equipment and systems, etc.

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3.Crowd Management, Passenger Safety and Safety Training for personnel providing direct services and passenger spaces.

-An IMO Model Course 1.28 and in accordance with Regulation V/2, pa. 7 and 8, of the STCW Convention, and specified in Section A-V/2 pa. 4 and 5 (Ro-Ro Passenger ships) and V/3, pa. 7 and 8, of the STCW Convention, and specified in Section A-V/3 pa. 4 and 5 (Passenger ships other than Ro-Ro)

-A 2-days course that will provide you knowledge on how to organize shipboard emergency procedures, optimize resources, control response to emergencies, control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations, establish and maintain effective communications, etc.

Hint for job hunters: Completion of BT, SDSD & Crowd training strengthens your application, should you wish to secure a cruise ship job in the future.


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Pinoy Cruisers ‘Grand Fusion’ to happen in Manila on April 22


©Rinell Banda

Proud members of the Working Pinoy: Cruise Ship (WPCS) Facebook group, cruise job applicants, and general seafarers, with or without experience sailing, are all invited to attend the WPCS Grand Meet and Greet 2017, a special event organized by no other than Pinoy Cruise Vblogger & WPCS Admin Rinell Banda on April 22, 2017 in Paranaque City, Manila.


©Rinell Banda

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On a Facebook post, Rinell stated in vernacular the purpose of the said event –

Para makilala ang mga miyembro [ng WPCS] in person at maging magkakaibigan.

Para magkaroon ng kaalaman tungkol sa pagbabarko lalo na sa mga first timers.

Para naman sa mga nagbabarko, makapagbigay po kayo ng impormasyon, agabay, payo,inspirasyon at motibasyon para sa mga baguhang aplikante at..

Para mamahagi ng blessings sa [pamamagitan ng] pagbigay o pagdonate ng konting tulong para sa mga street children, nasunugan, etc.)

Therefore, participants are encouraged to bring with them the following:

– Sets of Resumes or CVs. (Some major recruitment agency’s personnel will be present on the event and will eventually collect your CVs.)

– Donation in cash or kind (i.e., used clothing, books, groceries and the likes)

Moreover, the PATTS College of Aeronautics at Lombos St, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines was selected as the event’s venue.


©Rinell Banda


Please be reminded of the following schedules:

Registration: 1230H-1330H

Main event: 1300H-1600H

Gate closes at exactly 1330H

For more information, follow this event created on Facebook.

Share us your thoughts about the WPCS Grand Meet and Greet. Leave a comment below!


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