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Passport Application Guide: First time

Passport Application Guide: Lost, retrieved or mutilated

Passport Application Guide: Renewal

Seaman’s Book Application: Online

Seaman’s Book Application: Walk-in

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What is SRN and how to get one for FREE


BT: A fun and memorable training

3 necessary maritime trainings to jumpstart your cruise career


Ultimate Guide to secure your dream cruise ship job

Apply as security personnel in cruise ships

Magsaysay job application: Guide and Tips

Biyaheng Abroad Express


Report Medical Abuse to DOH

Basic OFW Pre-employment Medical Examination Price

Basic OFW Pre-employment Medical Examination Requirements


How to snipe illegal recruiters

Only sign the right employment contract

Expat-Pinoy Travel & Work Abroad Guide (country specific)

Don’t be an ‘alien’ OFW

10 Do’s & Don’ts OFWs should not ignore

Top reminders a seaman’s book holder should not ignore


Benefit of joining Pinoy cruisers online community

Pinoy Cruisers Grand Fusion set on April 22

 A golden piece of advice for our young women seafarers

English only, please?

SeafarerHelp 24/7



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