Look: Sailors’ Summer Pool Paradise

Aside from physically demanding jobs due to frequent conduct of ship-to-ship operations, the hot weather here in offshore Lome is one of the major difficulties to endure.

Average min and max temperatures in Lomé, Togo

In March and April, the average maximum temperatures were 32 and 31 degrees Celsius. Good thing, it toppled more to 30 degrees Celsius this May.

Outwardly, it’s summer season and to beat the heat, we should go swimming!

However, neither beach nor open-sea swimming is permitted. Hence, we put-up this mini swimming pool on port bridge wing of the ship and played like kids on it!






What can you say about how we enjoy our kind of summer at sea?

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FREE Simulator Trainer and Assessor Course (IMO MC 6.10) for Filipino Seafarers


Seaambassador File Photo

In reference to STCW Advisory No. 2017-04, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) in full coordination with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) joined force to train more experts in simulator related maritime training and development.


Seaambassador FILE PHOTO

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A Filipino seafarer who has completed IMO Model Courses 6.09 (Instructor’s Course) is qualified to avail the said training for FREE.

Yes, you read it right..the training fee is absolutely free! 🙂

The participant just pay, however, a minimal fee of Php 1,800.00 for secured lodging and meals served inside the premises of MAAP during the conduct of the said training.


Seaambassador FILE PHOTO

For the record, IMO MC 6.10 costs more or less Php15,000.00 if shouldered by the participant alone!


Credit: Pixabay

Grab the chance now to attend a class scheduled on the following dates:

March 14-17, 2017

April 4-7, 2017

May 9-12, 2017

June 6-9, 2017


For more information/class schedules after June, you may want to personally visit Mr. Herbert H. Nalupa of MARINA’s Public Information Division Office, located at 5th floor, Parkview Plaza, 948 Taft Avenue corner T.M. Kalaw, 1000 Ermita Manila, Philippines.


Seaambassador FILE PHOTO


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Good news, seafarers! No need to wait and fall in-line, seaman’s book application is now available online.


Image screen captured from MARINA website

In one of my blog posts, I wrote 5 important reminders a first-timer WALK-IN applicant of Seaman’s book should not ignore. Walk-in application is conventional but a bit tedious since you need to endure all forces which might hamper your instant application particularly getting the first queue numbers.

But no need to worry for internet can help. You can initially process your seaman’s book application online nowadays.  Yes, like what you had read on the title above, you don’t need to wait and fall in-line anymore, just spend some of your time browsing the web and you’ll get an appointment.

1.Go to Marina appointment website to start application.

2.Select SIRB in the type of document to be applied for and choose an appointment DATE and TIME.

3.Fill out online application form completely.

4.Download and print the application form with the appointment control number, scheduled date and time.

Ensure that your scheduled appointment is CONFIRMED. Only confirmed appointment will be entertained/ accommodated by MARINA. You can also check your confirmed appointment and print application form from your email. You should bring the printed application form to the MARINA on your scheduled date and time of appointment.

5. Since MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance, you must appear physically in MARINA SCDD Office located at 5th Level SM City Manila, Concepcion St. corner Arroceros St., Manila on the specified date and time (check your appointment form) for image capturing.

You must be at the office thirty (30) minutes before your scheduled time. Early/Late comers will not be entertained.

Make sure that you have the complete set of below documents with photocopies before proceeding to the Evaluation Counter. Applications with incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed.

  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Valid Basic Safety Training (BST) or Basic Training (BT) Certificate; and
  • Official Receipt of Basic Safety Training (BST) or Basic Training (BT) Course
  • On the other hand, if you are a cadet and you would like to wear your shoulder board, you must submit Transcript of Records (TOR) or if not available, a certification from the school duly signed by the school Registrar, as proof of your enrollment in a maritime course.

6.On the day of your appointment, present your printed application form to the appointment counter for verification, otherwise, you will not be admitted.

7.Get your queue number.

8.At the evaluation counter, please wait for your queue number to appear on the monitor that indicate the window you will go to.

9.After evaluation, proceed to the Cash Section and pay Php 800.00 or Php 1,500.00 for regular and expedite application respectively. The former option releases your seaman’s book one day after while the latter after 4 hours only.

10.After payment, proceed to the windows/counters for Image Capturing.

11.After your photo is taken, you have the option of:

a) claiming your Seaman’s Book at the MARINA where it was applied: or

b) have it delivered by courier to your home.  If availing of the delivery service, proceed to the Delivery Counter to pay for the delivery fee.

In case of unforeseen power failures, technical breakdowns and natural calamities, applicants are advised that this may delay the release of the application.



This article first appeared in MARINA website. Minor edits had been made.

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5 reminders new WALK-IN APPLICANTS of Seaman’s book should not ignore

Before you can work on any foreign-flagged ship or a Philippine-registered ship which is 35 Gross Tonnage (GT) and above, you need a Seafarers Identification and Record Book (SIRB) or what is commonly known as seaman’s book.


Since it’s your first time to apply, The Sailing Republic would like to remind you of the following:

  1. Requirements – For new applicants, bring the ORIGINAL COPY and ONE (1) PHOTOCOPY of below documents:
    Birth Certificate on Security Paper (SECPA) or Passport
    1. Valid NBI Clearance
    2. Valid Basic Safety Training (BST) or Basic Training (BT) Certificate; and
    3. Official Receipt of Basic Safety Training (BST) or Basic Training (BT) Course
    Meanwhile, if you are a cadet and you would like to wear your shoulder board, you must submit Transcript of Records (TOR) or if not available, a certification from the school duly signed by the school Registrar, as proof of your enrollment in a maritime course.
  2. Payment – A regular processing costs Php 800.00 but if you needed it ASAP, prepare to shed off Php 1,500.00 from your pocket.
  3. Entitlement – If your regular application is successful, you can claim your first seaman’s book the next working day but within 4 hours only if you have had chosen an expedite application.
  4. Office hours – Your nearest MARINA Office is open daily, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM without noon break (Monday to Friday only).
  5. Exemptions – If you plan to work onboard warships/naval vessels/naval auxiliaries or fishing vessels regardless of tonnage engaged in domestic fishing operation, you are not required to possess a SIRB.

All set to apply? Visit the MARINA Main office at 984 Parkview Plaza, Taft Avenue corner Kalaw Street Manila, Philippines or a regional office nearest to your location now!

Oops..wait! I think an online application is more convenient.



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What, Why and How We Celebrate the Seafarers Day

Day of the seafarer

What is the Day of the Seafarer?

• An official United Nations international observance day

• Every year on 25th day of June

• Organized by the International Maritime Organization

• Reaches millions of people worldwide

Aims of Day of the Seafarer 2015: #CareerAtSea

• Engage seafarers themselves to tell us about (and share photos of) their life at sea and be ambassadors for their own industry

• Promoting the materials gathered from seafarers with the aim of reaching the general global population and inspiring them to consider a career at sea

• Raising awareness of seafarers and their importance to the global economy to the general public

Message of the IMO head, Promotion of #CareerAtSea and Dancing Filipino Seafarers Videos

(Click to see the video in YouTube)




Source: International Maritime Organization , Dancing seafarers

To all seafarers out there, thank you for all your undying service to the world. Continue to be true sea ambassadors and keep safe always both at sea and ashore. CHEERS!


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