Future seafarer is ‘Pambansang Gentleman’, storms the universe to win Mr. Universal Ambassador nat’l crown

Mirror, mirror on the wall, have you met the most gentleman of ’em all?


Paul Guarnes, a native of Ilo-ilo City, won the coveted titles Mr. Gentleman of the Philippines, and Mr. Universal Ambassador last night, Sept. 9, in Quezon City, Manila.

The charming young man aspired to be a seafarer so he took Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo (JBLFMU-A) Campus. While studying in the country’s first maritime university, he actively joined the Search for Mr. JBLFMU. Should we be surprised to know that he eventually won the crown in 2013? Naahh anymore.

Brain, body and beauty – he’s like SM, he got it all for yah, girl. Just Kidding! 😉

But more than his very pleasing cover, we recently discovered that Paul is a man of substance – a true gentleman, to say the least.

Let’s get to know him more on this gallery. (Hold your seat, we prepared a feast for the eyes! Lol)

1. Sensational #KingP.


The newly crowned ‘Pambansang Gentleman’, as our Republic likes to call him now, has an army of followers. His Facebook has more than 12,000 while his Instagram has more than 2,000 followers, and counting!
2. A faithful servant.


Paul can effortlessly please the crowd, but more than this, he pleases God Almighty by being a faithful servant. Paul is a proud member of Youth For Christ (YFC), the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC).

3. Goal-Driven.


“Don’t let what people tell against you enter your mind, Don’t let people pull you down. Love yourself and prove them wrong. Even if the world is against you, stand on you truth. Focus on your goals. Reach your dreams. Inspire.” posts Paul Guarnes in Facebook last September 4.

Such message was perhaps his reminder to all people who want to achieve something in life. For his case, did you know that before joining pageants, he merely weighs 45 kilos? Nowadays however, this hunk is weighing more or less 70 kilos!
4. Confident to speak his mind.

Paul can teach us how to be a gentleman. The brainy Pambansang Gentleman has captioned below photos sauciest.

(Click on each photo to view larger size.)


5. Captain of his own dreams.


Andrea Biondo, has just passed the crown to Paul Guarnes, the new Mr. Universal Ambassador Philippines title-holder.

Paul then heads somewhere abroad as our official representative in what had been considered as the most attended Male Competition in the world in 2016. Biondo finished 4th runner-up last year.

Mister Universal Ambassador is a provisional male competition seeking for the ultimate role model who is captivating in the entertainment world while maintaining integrity and social prowess, says Mister Universal Ambassador official website of the pagent.

With Paul Guarnes’ wit, charm and authority, we are confident that he could weather any storm that comes his way. He will reach his ultimate destination proud and happy. He was trained to be a world class navigator, after all?




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To travel the world, Paul has yet to sail the seven seas. In our opinion though, now that he struck gold, he should just instead focus on his modeling career and breakthrough Hollywood? Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, if he starts sailing the seas soon, the mermaids would be restlessly swooning as they watched him toiling.

Our Sailing Republic is proud of you. Congratulations on your new feat #KingP! Kudos to your next journey.

What can you say about Paul Guarness being the new Mr. Gentleman, and Mr. Universal Ambassador of the Philippines?

Do you find this blog informative?

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*All photos of Paul Guarnes were screen-grabbed from his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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You can effortlessly sex up Subordinates’ Performance and Happiness at Work. HERE’S HOW!


Seafarers who had found their ‘inner purpose’ were reportedly happier and performing better at sea so managers, learn how to spot subordinates’ IP!

The inner purpose I mean here is the personal motivation of a seafarer in what he does. An effective leader exerts effort to know and value what matters to his subordinate’s life and career. In return, he get his support and remain loyal to him.

Would you like to be that kind of officer? Well, here’s a hack. According to Kristi Hedges, author of The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day and head of The Hedges Company in US, you can help people fathom their inner purpose by simply asking questions.

What then are the kind of questions to ask?

Ask questions which can help a subordinate identify the following:

  1. His unique strengths and potentials
  2. People, things and or happenings he love at work
  3. Importance of his job, and other related tasks
  4. How can his current job help him achieve his future goals in life
  5. Meaningful relationships built at work, and how to take good care of them.

As what Ophra Winfrey suggests, ask the right questions and the answers will always reveal themselves. Not to mention that people under your command will most likely appreciate your effort.

I, for one, feel invigorated at sea every time my Master asks me if I’m ready to be promoted to the next rank. Of course, before saying ‘Yes’, I have to prove my worth first. So I work hard to comply with or if possible, exceed his expectations. dditionally, knowing that my boss cares about my life and career ambitions, I keep working with a heart, and I’m spending meaningful times at sea.



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Ex-construction worker is Genting Dream’s star carver

We all have dreams, the legendary American runner Jesse Owens said.

But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

This talented fruit and ice carver, in particular, has believed Owens’ words, so it’s not surprising to see him turning up trumps!



Ritz Pedroso Madhay is a proud chef and artist onboard luxury ship Genting Dream.

He pursued all his big dreams in life to come true. How he reached for the moon, is however neither an overnight success nor smooth sailing.

Here are the reasons why.

First, Ritz was born in a poor family. More heartbreaking, his father died when he was just eight years old but determined to finish his studies while at the same time support his siblings’ finances, the young boy worked his fingers to the bone to earn a living while he’s schooling.

Second, after he graduated high school, he worked as a salesman until he found greener pastures in Manila. In the big city, he wasn’t picky to work in one construction site where he initially earned the trust of his employer by turning pieces of granite into one beautiful table.

Third, he applied for a job in a SM Mall upon quitting the construction job. While working in SM and was on the breadline most of the time, he continued his studies. He took Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in college, and eventually earned such degree.

Fourth, the costly licensure examination for civil engineers pushed him to work as a hotel security guard. Regularly stationed in the hotel’s lobby, the armed personnel however, became more curious of baristas working nearby his post. So when he’s not busy, he gradually learned their work and coffee recipe.

Fifth, after some years of switching jobs while meeting both ends meet, Ritz finally found his passion. He turned over his assigned gun and bullets, and in the same hotel had applied anew for a barista waiter job. He was accepted and he started to carve his niche. From setting stage decors, embellishing buffet tables to fruit and ice carvings, Ritz (of all trade) was artistic and unstoppable to master new skills.



By the way, he had learned to carve like a pro by merely watching related YouTube videos! ( Can you believe it?)

Lastly, Ritz gained a solid work experience in Manila Peninsula, a 5-star hotel in Makati. When he applied for a cruise ship job, he was quickly accepted. He has meaningfully sailed the globe for around four years now.

This July, he was specially awarded Dream Maker of the Month – a prestigious recognition he well deserves – an attention he likely won’t get if he was afraid to run away from his life’s black hole.



Like Ritz, work hard and be fruitful. Today is the best time to start carving-out your design of a promising future!

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Photos credit: Ritz Madhay

What are your big dreams in life? How do you want to achieve them?
Share your thoughts by writing a comment below. 🙂

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‘Captain Phillips’ cruel pirate is seafarers’ new found Hollywood friend

Piracy is a very serious threat to seafarers.

To give you an idea how deadly it is when pirates attack a ship, here’s a case of piracy, Abduwali Muse & his cohorts did to the US containership Maersk Alabama.


In April 2009, Muse led his men to invade MV Maersk Alabama. Though he failed on his first attempt, he never stopped over 18 hours ‘till his group boarded the vessel sailing 235 miles off coast of Somalia.

I think it would be more interesting if we discuss Muse’s rudeness as shown in big screens. By far, the thriller/drama movie ‘Captain Phillips’ is real entertaining.

Select scenes from the epic movie show pirates act barbaric, the kind of people one should not play fire with.


First, while chasing the Maersk Alabama, Muse and his men open fired to its Captain and one crew whose peeping on the ship’s bridge wing at their boat. His group was trying to approach the ship closer that time.


Second, though Maersk Alabama took evasive maneuvers and had installed fire hoses around the ship to deter the boarding, the pirates unfortunately were able to trespass her. Muse, holding his high powered gun on this photo, was the first pirate to get onboard.



Third, his group eventually reached the bridge where Captain Phillips and two more crewmembers were stationed during the attack. On their first meeting, Muse calmly assured the captain that nobody gets hurt if given the ship’s money.

“Captain, relax, nobody gets hurt. We want the money, when we get paid, everything will be okay.” He reasoned-out.

But after some minutes, he grabbed the public address from the talking captain and announced that other hiding crewmembers should come-out and surrender or else, they kill at gunpoint their three hostage-crews.


Fourth, ten million not thirty thousand US dollars ransom money, people. Capt. Phillips asked fellow hostage-crew Kenny of the thirty (30) thousand dollars ship’s money kept on the safe. The latter affirmed. He then quickly offered it all to Muse.

“We got uh..we got 30 thousand dollars on the safe.. Yeah, yeah as what I said we got thirty thousand dollars…It’s all yours.” He said in a shaky voice.

“30 thousand dollars? What do am I? Do I look like a beggar?” Muse, clad in a grungy fisherman’s dress, retorted with a trying hard American accent.


Lastly, Muse gave Captain Phillips a pseudonym of Irish, and he showed him appalling authority.

“Hey, look at me! I’m the captain now!” he shouted Captain Phillips when the latter resisted to obey

More pirates’ brutality were shown in the film, and it’s really disturbing to note that they prey on seafarers, the men who transport valuable goods and commodities from coasts to coasts and keep the world’s economy afloat in general. I stayed almost half a year in West Africa, and intelligence reports we received from time to time show that pirates’ fangs are for real.

Muse, the sole survivor of four pirate hijackers, has the desire to live a better life in America [reason why thirty thousand US dollars wasn’t enough?). On the film, his admiration for Starbucks, Uber, Coca-cola, Trump and other American stuff was perhaps summed by his short dialogue, “I love America!”

Fortunate enough to reach USA alive, he was charged however with five criminal counts after US SEALs and NAVY forces nabbed him aboard destroyer USS Baindbridge. Jessica Hatcher of Newsweek writes verbatim about his arrest; He languished in a US prison cell, making history as the first person charged with piracy in an American court in over a century.

Justice for perplexed Maersk Alabama crew was served, finally.

A-Muse-ing pirate

On the other hand, did you know that the convincing portrayal of Abduwali Muse in the movie Captain Phillips has catapulted Somali-American Barkhad Abdi to Hollywood?

The worldwide search for the lead antagonist role, which was reportedly participated by more than 700 people in Minneapolis, was bagged by Abdi. Since his debut in the silver screen, he snatched the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a supporting role, Black Reel Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Black Reel Award for Best Breakthrough Performance- Male, Capri Breakout Actor Award and London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Supporting Actor of the Year. Not to mention that he had been nominated for the Academy, Golden Globe and other prestigious awards, all for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture category.

Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to rub elbows with Barkhad Abdi, like as close as this?

Filipino seafarers Mark Revilla Carillo and friends had showed us recently how to befriend an award winning ‘pirate’. And guess what, Abdi was even shooting his new film, ‘The extraordinary journey of the Fakir’ aboard their ship, MV Peak Bilbao!

Mark is working as third officer and they are currently in Belgium. Late night in June 29, I asked him how he finds ‘that familiar pirate face who tortured and scared Captain Phillips to run for his life’.

“Mr. Barkhad is very opposite on his character at Captain Phillips the movie, He is very friendly, really.” Mark replied to my message with a grinning emoticon.

“I’m calling him idol. Hahaha then he smiled. Actually he always smile.” he added.

Asked if Barkhad Abdi has any thoughts of sailors, particularly Filipinos seafarers, Mark said,

“May sinabi siya kanina sir na mahirap pala maging seaman based from his last movie sa Captain Phillips. Hanga daw siya sa mga Pinoy Seaman,”

(He said earlier sir that to be a seafarer is difficult, based on what he experienced in his last movie the Captain Phillips. He admire Filipino seafarers, too.)

Mark then sent a fresh selfie, noting that Adbi was concerned of their rest periods.


“Eto ngayon sir, hahaha. Parang tropa lang si idol.

“ Nagtanong siya samin kung antok na daw kami. “

(Here we are now, sir. Hahaha. He [Abdi] seemed to be our old friend. He asked us if we’re sleepy.)

I continued interrogating Mark and yours truly later found out that when a film shooting is set on a ship, the ships’ crew are deeply involved.

“Work kami from morning to afternoon. Tapos at night sila mag-shoot. Yun lang puyatan din mga ship’s crew kasi assist sa kanila. Gwardyahan sir.”

(We work from morning to afternoon. They shoot at night time. Hence, ship’s crew has to stay awake, man their posts and assist them [Abdi’s team] when required.)



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What can you say about Barkhad Abdi’s success?

Do you have any message for our seafarers who became victims of piracy like the crewmembers of MV Maersk Alabama?

Leave a feedback below! 🙂


Photos of Barkhad Abdi & Tom Hanks, of Captain Phillips movie, courtesy: Sony Pictures/Columbia Entertainment.







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Mga Pinoy cruise ship workers, ginulantang ang Estonia!


Naipakita ng mga Pinoy cruise ship workers ang kanilang pagkakaisa at galing sa pagsayaw noong Lunes, June 26, nang mag flash mob dance ang grupo sa isang cruise terminal ng Tallinn, capital city ng bansang Estonia.

Base sa mga larawan at impormasyon na ibinahagi ni Floor Supervisor Edelin Otayde Dela Cruz, napatigil pa nga raw ng kanilang sayaw ang maulang panahon.

“Umuulan nga n’yan pero habang sumayaw kami, nakisama naman ang panahon,”

At dahil chained to the rhythm talaga sa pagperform ay inulan din naman ng mga papuri sa social media ang kanilang espesyal na presentasyon.

“Every two weeks, nagmemeet ang [mga cruise ships na] Aida Mar at Aida Cara sa Estonia. Noong 26 halos magkatapat lang yung 2 [na] barko.

“Nagkaroon ng barbecue lunch noon ang lahat ng crew ng Aida Mar at Aida Cara.

“Para maiba naman, nagflash mob kami buong HK (housekeeping) team.

“Pinaghandaan talaga namin yon, practice, practice after duty,” ang masayang pahayag ni Edelin.

Tinanong ko rin si Edelin kung sino ang lead organizer ng event at nakilala ko si Menchie Acuna, ang kauna-unahang executive housekeeper sa Aida fleet.

“Idea yan [flash mob dance] ng executive housekeeper namin.

“Siya ang kauna-unahang executive na Pilipino sa Aida fleet.

“Yung nasa unahan ko, siya yung executive namin.

“[Siya] si Mommy Menchie. Kilalang-kilala siya sa lahat ng Aida [dahil] napakagaling magmotivate ng tao.

“Lahat kami sa housekeeping napasayaw niya. Hehehe.” ang dagdag pa ni Edelin.



Kung pangarap mo din makapagtrabaho sa cruise ship, narito ang aking mga ultimate tips.

Mabuhay, Aida HK Team!!!


Photos (c) Edelin Dela Cruz


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Grieving girlfriend to missing seafarer beau: MY BROKEN HEART WILL GO ON LOVING YOU!

The characters of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukaters on the epic movie Titanic are fictional, eventually their once in a blue moon love affair as well. But if there are people who can breathe life to the power couple’s love and sorrows, let me point over the klieg light to Filipino millenial love birds, Billy Jason Abeledo and Allen Mae Garcia.


Billy is a budding seafarer. He toiled onboard the MV Stellar Daisy, a Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) ship.


Unfortunately on March 31, the ship broke in two pieces and sank quickly at deep sea, dragging Billy and 13 other crewmembers to their potential graveyards. Since the shipwreck, concerned authorities declared them missing.


RELATED READING: The MV Stellar Tragedy: Survivor’s heart-breaking confessions

While she’s not there to hold his hands, and run for their life to survive, Allen Mae, the charming girlfriend of Billy, had been likely drowned in tears and  acted restless like the stormy sea when she first heard of the tragedy.



As of this writing, Billy is nowhere to be found and has yet to go back home. Patiently waiting, perhaps it’s the prayers and hopes of kind people around, and all the golden memories of her boy which keep Allen’s heart afloat, and fighting.


Under Article 391 of the Civil Code, Billy can be declared legally dead only after a four year waiting period. In four years time since he disappeared, will Billy be Allen’s the one that got away? Or one day, he returns to her girl with a bouquet of flowers on hand, and they redo a funky carpool karaoke?


It has been almost 3 months of heartbreak. Longing for his love in cold nights of summer, Allen is likely losing ground (but still holding on by claws and not letting go of him, ever).

We don’t know His plans yet but we pray hard that the loving boyfriend will come back home soon. As the Titanic’s theme song My Heart Will Go On says,

Love can touch us one time

And last for a lifetime

And never let go ‘til we’re gone

Near, far, Billy, wherever you are.

Allen is missing you so much!

Since you were gone, she often posted on Facebook her grief, and we can’t help ourselves not to weep while reading her thoughts of you 😥 😥 😥
























































Allen is one strong, sweet and unsinkable lady. Billy in return, had recriprocated her warm love. Their reunion maybe a raindrop in the drought but their hearts, loving unconditionally, will weather the storm.

Laban lang Allen. Laban lang kasi mahal karin ni Billy. ❤

*Photos and posts screengrabbed from Allen Mae Garcia’s Facebook/allenmaegrc.


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Ronilo Victoriano: The Notable Filipino Seafarer, Singer and Songwriter



Why settle for less if you can be the best?

As what Ronilo Victoriano takes as gospel, good is no good especially when you can do better things in life. Ergo, he was able to reach greater heights and entertain thousands of people, most of them our fellow Pinoys around the globe.

I quickly became a fan upon hearing one of his soulful songs and knowing that he’s not only a world class performer but a seafarer too, I feel ecstatic to point over the klieg light on him. He’s our couleur de rose OFW Singer and Songwriter.

I conducted an online interview and I must say that Ronilo’s craft deserves our dear support and recognition.

When and how did you start singing and writing songs?

“I started singing when I was just 7 years old. Since then, I had participated into various activities that stretched and tuned-in my vocal chords. When I was 20 years old, I joined a local band and eventually became its lead vocalist. However, it was disbanded so I searched for other job until I answered the calling of the sea last 2000. When I joined my first ship, I really thought it was the end of my singing career but thanks God it didn’t happen. In 2003, I started to give life to my melodic thoughts. Ten years after, I had been in cloud nine in for I was able to launch and copyrighted my first album entitled “Iba na ngayon ang Pinoy”. My album has seven songs and it became a hit on one local radio station. Six months later, I composed another 10 songs for my second album entitled Paglalakbay. Special thanks by the way to Mr. Sammy Rubido for the musical arrangement, Mr. Tonzie Gay Escano of Cool Digital Production and Mr. Silvester “Beting” Jubilan for all their help and support. As of today, I wrote 19 songs already and this milestone makes me sing for joy and more success in life! ”

Who inspires you to go the extra mile in singing, song writing and of course, sailing?

“To write good songs, I usually base them on my own experiences in life. I had been through many difficulties and it drives me to speak by my own heart whether I sing or write a song. My loving wife and three talented kids give me strong reasons to perform best. They were even involved in my outputs. Moreover, I find inspiration on my fellow Overseas Filipino Workers who are fighting hard against all odds just to promote the welfare of our compatriots. My songs are mostly pro- OFW for I could relate more to what it’s like living away from your own family to search for greener pastures abroad or in particular, brave the seas to secure a more comfortable life for my family.”

Share us your future plans

”For now and the coming years, I always and would like to work hard for the development of both my sailing and singing careers. I will continue to compose songs, different kind of songs if possible, because to be a famous singer/composer is my dream since I was a small kid. With me is my wonderful family and we are praying that my singing and song writing career would thrive. I also started a small business back in our place and it’s helping us financially. I don’t hold the future but with hard work, courage and sweet lullabies, I’m confident I’ll be going into places. ”

As an Overseas Filipino singer and songwriter, what is your message to the public?

“Life is a best avenue for personal growth. You can win or unfortunately, lose your ground in a competition but don’t give up and have a stronger faith to your Creator. Meanwhile, if you have the “X-Factor” (talent), grab each chance to enhance it. Always dream big, grow as a mature person and take good care of such God-given talent. I hope that many people, especially those front-runners of the music industry would give us spotlight – the independent recording artists/composers. To my countrymen, I ask your humble support to patronize Original Pilipino Music (OPM) while to all my avid song listeners, thank you with all my heart. I assure you that I will be singing and writing more and more beautiful songs for you! ”

Finally, what makes you proud as an Overseas Filipino?

“I’m proud to be an OFW for we are the buhay na bayani (living heroes) of our motherland. We are global ambassadors, confident and talented enough to be “The Voice” of our fellow Filipinos both on local and international arena.”

Ronilo’s songs are being played on 94.1 spirit FM and on international web streams like Tinig Pinoy ( of Ottawa and Ontario Canada, Tambayang Pinoy Radio, Ka Chat Pinoy Radio (Singapore and US based), Music Pinoy Radio and Himig Radio.




What can you say about Ronilo’s talent?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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#Kalayaan2017 Cruise Celebrations






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Ten powerful cruisers’ shots which would remind you that it’s more fun to be Filipino

Masayang ibinahagi ng ilang Pinoy na nagtatrabaho sa mga malalaking cruise ships ang kanilang naging espesyal na karanasan sa pagdiriwang ng Araw ng Kalayaan.

Mula sa pagluluto ng mga masasarap na pagkain hanggang sa pagsabit ng mga palamuti sa barko ay juan for all, all for juan ang ating mga kabayan!

Tingnan natin sa mga sumusunod na larawan kung paano nila ipinakita ang pagiging true-blooded Filipino.

1. Pak na pak na kakayahan, kitang-kita sa pakwan.


Ang larawang ito ay ibinahagi ng isang talentadong chef artist. Katulad ni Sir Ritz Pedroso Madhay, kaya mo rin ba maipamalas through fruit carving ang iyong pagka-Pilipino?

2. Dirty ice cream, now serving.


Naidisplay naman ang gawa-gawang sorbetes cart na ito sa loob ng Harmony of the Seas, ang world’s largest cruise ship as of press date. Salamat sa pagshare ng larawan Sir Leo Antipala, paorder narin po ng scoops of ube, cheese and mango? Hehe

3. Heads up high, Pinoys!


Sa larawang ito makikitang proud Pinoy ang ating mga kabayan. Yung may hawak ng watawat ay nakasuot ng salakot sa ulo. Isa ang salakot sa mga common symbols of Filipino identity. Samantala, yung isa naman na may mas makulay na kasuotan reminds us of our beautiful race. Yung lahi na confidently byutiful with a heart? 😀

4. Kumukuti-kutitap na backdrop


Patok ang mga Pinoy performers sa cruise ships. Kung ikaw ay nagpeperform sa stage na ang palamuti ay hango sa Philippine flag, siguro ang kantang ‘Shape of you’ ni Ed Sheeran ay maikanta mo sa tono ng ‘Lupang Hinirang’? Hehe Joke only!

5. Unli Rice.


Sa larawang ito ay agad kong napansin ang kanin dahil hindi maikakailang kanin lover tayong mga Pinoy. At kumakain ka na hindi gumagamit ng kutsara at tinidor, yung nagkakamay kalang? Tsaaarap nun! Kaya kain lang mga kabayan dahil ang rice sa barko, walang limit, walang kulang?? Hehe sana nga!

6. Bande-banderang banderitas.


Sa isang designated meal place o crew mess na ito ay nakasabit ang maraming banderitas na Philippine flag ang disenyo. Tuwing piyesta ay malimit sinasabit ang mga banderitas. Naalala mo pa ba kung kelan ka huling naglagay ng mga palamuting banderitas sa barangay?

7. Barkong Kongreso


Mula pa noong panahon ng mga Kastila ay barong na ang pormal na kasuotan ng mga Pilipino. Ang barong ay isang pormal na kasuotan na magaan lamang isuot at ang mga magagandang klase ay gawa sa pinya, abaka o seda ng saging. Kung makikita mo ang mga Pilipino na nakabarong sa barko, say ‘Hi’ sa mga hindi kurakot na pulitiko?

8. Beep Beep, sakay na sa dyip


Kung may forever daw na nagmamahal, isa na rito ang pamasahe sa dyip na aba naman, nagmamahal at walang sawang nagmamahal. Sa naalala ko mura pa dati ang regular fare pero ngayong mga araw, saan na lang nga ba makakaabot ang twenty pesos mo? Hehe.
Oh dahil babyahe na, eto na ang trivia ko! Farah ang pinakasikat na pangalan ng maton at tengang-kawali na jeepney driver. Kung ayaw mong maniwala, subukan mo once (o alam ko nasubukan mo na). Yung babang-baba ka na pero di ka pinapansin ni manong driver. Sigaw Ka. Lakasan mo.
Manong, Farah! Farah! Farah sabi eh!!! Pansinin kana nun, tinawag mo pangalan eh. Haha.
At next time, agahan mo konti dahil natrapik kana, lumagpas kapa. Farah-paraan naman ‘wag ma-late bes? 😛

9. Tribo Marino.

This photo reminds me of llo-ilo City’s Dinagyang Festival. Suot ang mga makukulay na head dress ay para silang mga mga dance warriors ng isang competing tribe.
Obviously, Hala Bira! at nag-enjoy sa pagperform ang grupo.
Proud na proud kami sa effort ninyo mga kabaro!
Viva! Viva! Viva! 😀

Curius ako kung takip nga ba ng kaserola o kaldero na binalot ng aluminium foil yung kalasag ninyo?

10. They make cake, it’s not fake.


Cakes to celebrate Independence Day are real. Una kong nakita ang cake ng Passenger ship Celebrity Millenium kaya naisulat ko ang blog post na entitled ‘LOOK: Watawat ng Pilipinas, nakain sa barko.’

Positive naman po ang response ng readers, isa nadun si Miss Kiss Aqui-no na nagcomment, “Bimb told me. You eat watawat pala no?..Nakakalokaaaa!”

Lol. Isang cake palang yun ha, naloka na ang queen of all midyeah. Hehe ano nalang kaya ang reaksyon ni madam kung makita pa niya ‘to?








Ang matamis na sorbetes, matibay na jeep o kahit pati ang masayahing si Kiss Aqui-no, among other major major Pinoy pride, are compelling reasons for one to believe that it’s more fun to be Filipino!

In the name of Philippines, the 3 stars and 1 sun, wear a happy heart, and be proud of who you are wherever part of the globe you go, kabayan!


Photos courtesy of Facebook users:
1. Ritz Madhay, Genting Dream Cruise
2. Leo Antipala, Harmony of the Seas
3. Kris Lloyd Balon, Aida Cara
4. Tann Gerine
5.  Edwin Pereña, MSC Preziosa
6. Jj Ryan, Anthem of the Seas
7. Ryan Sergio Duriman, Dawn Princess
8. Jeloy Turiano, Royal Princess
9.  Brian Alexander Palma, Dawn Princess
10. Various Pinoy Cruisers


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