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Spearheaded by yours truly, the ‘seaambassadors’ have been actively advocating positive change that benefits both local and global Filipino communities.

I am humbled to enumerate a dozen of accomplishment:

Recipient of OBRA’s Outstanding OFW Blog Award in 2014, The Seaambassadors’ Republic (ex EXPAT-ON-THE-SPOT) Blog promotes the welfare of Filipino people.

On how this blog aims to be a significant catalyst for positive change, read this post.
On what compelled me to start blogging, here are few lines from my acceptance speech during the OBRA’s awarding ceremony held in Manila.

“I started writing a blog not just for fun but primarily for the purpose of becoming a Pinoy sea ambassador. Marami po kasi sa atin ang hindi alam kung what it’s really like to be a seafarer or kahit pa ang mga kasamahan natin sa industriya, kulang ang kaalaman with regards to the things which make us proud to be seafarers… Read more

APOY Award is a special recognition personally crafted by yours truly to recognize humans’ souls on fire. Every year, a high school student is given the distinction. Read more

SFAS is an original concept and my personal initiative to pay tribute to our Filipina seafarers. They are arguably significant for a more diverse and dynamic maritime industry. Hence, I conduct personal interview, thorough research, write blogs and proudly speak about their well-being in public. I truly look forward to write an inspirational book about their feat soon.

Dubbed as the digital ‘cure’ for boredom and isolation at sea, I conceptualized the RASToday project to foster stronger family relationships. Read more

A creative health & nutrition awareness activity, children enjoyed this event. See the photos here.

Seafarers are the group of Overseas Filipino Workers heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. Here’s how we spread awareness online to ease the devastating effects of the deadly disease.

To fight human trafficking earnestly I joined, and encourage others to be part of UNDRCC’s Blue Hearts Campaign. Read more

Managing human resource efficiently is necessary. The people are the organisation’s main engine. To set a benchmark, we conducted a study about one ideal Filipino Captain and his effective leadership style. Read more

The Philippine’s is a beautiful country. I write blogs, engage in forums and speak in public of its stunning tourist spots and cool people. Read more

JuanVoice works like a safety net of migrant workers climbing the gangway of success. A digital accident/incident/non-conformity and positive comments reporting system, JuanVoice had been effective to share lesson-learning experiences and advisories to many Filipinos. Read more

I set-up a webinar in my blog. The ‘Safety At Sea: A webinar for rookies’ contains safety related topics which are helpful for seafarers or seafarer aspirants. They can easily view, read and/or download my lecture materials posted online.

The country’s cruise ships workers community deserves help and support. While I had worked on cargo ships since I started sailing, I extend my expertise to help cruise ship workers and cruise ship job applicants.

Through writing blogs, conduct of interviews, research and training development, I am positive that these cool people are not being ignored. Here’s a blog section dedicated to advance their interest.

Thanks to all benevolent people who helped us fulfil our positive roles.

It’s always our pleasure to lead and serve the community!


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Remember A Seafarer Today


Remember a seafarer today and let him feel your love and care by sending him a special message.

Just fill-up the form below, click submit and if requested, we may customize the message and will then deliver it to your beloved seafarer.
Thinking about what you’ll write? Well, how about something good your seafarer had done and which you’re thankful of? Any recent lesson-learning experience to share? Perhaps, a message to motivate him to work hard and always keep himself safe at sea works.

Write from your heart something valuable now. He might need to know that he got the best ally in you!

*All information you provide will be kept confidential, and screened as appropriate.

Thank you for participating! Our team will contact you shortly.



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A Juan Quick Trip


This blogpost aims to help you reach your arrival point abroad safe and sound.

Are you ready? Biyahe Na Tayo (Let’s start the journey), shall we?

Ooohrayt, click this button to look for legit job opportunities abroad.


While this button will direct you to a Philippine Overseas & Employment Agency’s (POEA) online page. Type the name of the agency which offered you a job abroad, click search and voila, you’ll eventually know if it’s an illegal recruiter or not, as per POEA’s record!


On the other hand, did you know that POEA offers a FREE Pre-employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)? It’s a kind of online short study and is designed for professional and skilled, and domestic workers! Check this out.


Moreover, if you’re working abroad already, don’t forget where is the nearest Philippine embassy & consulate in your place. They are the ones who can help you in case you’ll be in troubled waters. It’s the duty of our government to protect a well-documented Overseas Filipino. But of course, you should know in the very first place where can you find them.

Let this button below show you the way.


Lastly, if you have more inquiries and concerns, do not hesitate to contact POEA.

Blas F. Ople Building
Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City (Google Maps)

Hotlines: 722.11.44 / 722.11.55
Official Site:

Mag-ingat sa illegal recruiter, kabayan!

Read: How to snipe illegal recruiters



Have a fun and enjoyable journey. Ingat! 🙂

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FREE lawyers for oppressed seafarers



Aside from medical services, did you know that AMOSUP thru its Legal Affairs Office helps Filipino seafarers dealing with occupation related grievances/cases, i.e. involving their employers?

Active bona fide members who were dismissed from AMOSUP CBA-covered vessel, for example, can avail the legal services provided, FREE of charge!

For more information about this special assistance, read this page I extracted from an online AMOSUP Publication.




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Our ‘Blue Hearts’ can win over global human trafficking menace

Human trafficking is a crime that exploits women, children and men for numerous purposes including forced labour and sex. The International Labour Organization estimates that 21 million people are victims of forced labour globally.United Nations

For this very particular reason, the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking was launched in 2010 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It aims to provide direct humanitarian, legal and financial aid to human trafficking victims.

“Human traffickers prey on the most desperate and vulnerable. To end this inhumane practice, we must do more to shield migrants and refugees — and particularly young people, women and children — from those who would exploit their yearnings for a better, safer and more dignified future.” the dear UN Secretary-General cogitated, advocating the fight against human trafficking.

For my part, I took a bolder step and join the Blue Heart campaign earlier this week. I agree with Blue Heart’s statement that human trafficking is a crime that disgraces humanity. Hence, I must deeply understand its root causes and join the crusade to fight end this savage crime.


What is Blue Heart Campaign?

The Blue Heart Campaign’s goal is to inspire people and mobilize support for action against human trafficking by international organizations, governments, civil society, the private sector and ultimately by individuals.

The Blue Heart also aims to enable citizens to show their support for the cause and to increase understanding of the issue of human trafficking in order to spur coordinated actions to fight the crime. The intention is that the Blue Heart becomes the symbol for human trafficking, similar to the red ribbon, which is the symbol for HIV/AIDS.

Download printable Blue Heart’s leaflet.

Download Blue Heart’s Fact Sheet.

The world needs your blue heart!


Perhaps, you have heard the legendary King of Pop belted-out these lines many times already.

We are the world,
We are the children,
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving…

*notable lyrics of song entitled We are the World by Michael Jackson.

Becoming blue-hearted is simple!

You can be part of the Blue Heart campaign by:

  • Joining the Blue Heart Facebook Page and “wearing” the Blue Heart on your Facebook profile.
  • Downloading the Blue Heart logo and “wearing” it on your site or awareness-raising materials.
  • “Wearing” a link to the campaign on your website and “wearing” the Blue Heart in your newsletters, websites and blogs when you inform about the campaign.
  • Making and “wearing” your own Blue Hearts to raise awareness (you can download the specifications from our site).
  • Spreading the word about the campaign through your own networks and contacts.
  • “Wearing” the Blue Heart when organizing and participating in awareness-raising activities around the world to mark key anti-trafficking-related dates, for example, in Europe to mark the EU anti-trafficking day on 18 October or one of the international days related to slavery, women or children.
  • Donating funds or making in-kind contributions to the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking.
  • Following Blue Heart online. By following you can change your Facebook profile picture to a Blue Heart, stay connected through Twitter or watch videos on human trafficking on YouTube. Get involved and support the Blue Heart Campaign virtually on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr.

For more information on the Blue Heart Campaign, please contact:

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

PO Box 500, 1400 Vienna, Austria



Literally, the world needs you to wear a blue heart today.

Join me and together we make this world free from modern day slavery!



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From Cruise Ships With Love: Pinoy Cruisers cogently crusaded for the poor

It’s Mother’s Day but a group of people may treat their moms later today, probably right after a gift-giving activity which aims to benefit more or less a hundred poor people in Manila.


© Serlean Miranda

Buhay Sa Cruise Ship (BSCS) and Working Pinoy: Cruise Ships (WPCS), a circle of cruise ship workers and enthusiasts headed to Valley 2, Paranaque to distribute various goods the group had collected since the ‘Grand meet and Greet’ activity last April 22.


© Rinell Banda

“Napakasaya as in kasi hindi sila yung taong mapagsamantala.

“Tumutulong sila sa pagbubuhat sa mga gamit namin.

“And nagprepare sila ng pa-games pero hindi namin alam na para pala samin yun.

“Pokpok palayok and nag-enjoy ako ng sobra.

“Maraming bata, maraming ngiti at saya na makikita mo sa bawat mukha ng mga tao dun.

“Sobra nakaka-overwhelmed mga tao. Hindi na namin maramdaman yung pagod.” Serlean Miranda, a proud BSCS member and event volunteer said in an online interview.

Meanwhile, Vblogger and Admin Rinell Banda who had spearheaded the BSCS/WPCS gift-giving activity expressed his sincere gratitude, particularly to those who were deeply involved on their recent community outreach program.

In a Facebook post, Rinell stated:





© Rinell Banda

Were you inspired by what Pinoy cruisers community contribute for nation building?

Join Buhay sa Cruise Ship and Working Pinoy Cruise Ships Facebook groups today!


We want to hear from you!

Share your thoughts about this blogpost by writing a comment below.

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SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS: The young, intelligent and benevolent Filipino Captain you should not miss to know

Who’s this man when he’s not his job?


Captain Santa Claus – that’s how I call Master Mariner Beltran Omallao Jr. when he’s not maneuvering his vessel at sea.

A young captain sailing with Vega Manila, he traversed murder roads, crossed rivers and climbed mountains last Dec 26 to reach Brgy. Orquia, a remote village more or less 15 km off main town of San Remegio in the province of Antique, Philippines.


“I believe to serve and to share is a calling. It goes with a spirit of volunteerism, humility and big-bigheartedness,” he said.

In 2003, Omallao Jr. graduated Cum Laude and was hailed Most Outstanding Graduate of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University –Arevalo, Inc. (then John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation -Arevalo). Since he finished college, his seafaring career sailed full speed ahead, coursed to reach the pinnacle of success.

He became a licensed Master Mariner in July 2013, snatching at the same time the third highest spot in Professional Regulation Commission’s list of top 10 passers.


Blessed– that’s what I can say when asked of his career’s success. And here’s what he thought of his triumphs.

Blessing is given to us so that we will bear fruit for God and for other people, so that we might help others and become a blessing to others. Blessing enables us to become a conduit of God’s love and grace and blessing to others. Just as he has loved us, we should also love others. Just as he has been forgiving toward us, we should be forgiving toward others. Just as he has been generous with us, we should be generous with others.

Related Reading: Ship Captains who are real life heroes

During his vacation late this year, the remarkable Captain Santa Claus spearheaded a gift-giving activity for impoverished people living on his hometown.

For the record, around 200 combined men, women & children benefited from the said event.


What’s interesting about this recent gift-giving activity is that I was able to reach out to our poor fellows. Since I was a child, I’ve already been very generous and been having a passion to serve those who are needful. What’s more interesting is seeing these kids enjoying the most. What we had endured during the trek was right away paid off seeing the smile from their faces.

Happy – that’s how I describe him when asked if the undertaking were all worth his time, money and effort spent.

When you’re a person engaged in philanthropy, I believe it brings you an inner happiness and inexplicable satisfaction by just simply serving the poor, in the sense that it might be a small effort from you, but is hugely appreciated by them, making them feel loved and remembered.


How about you? Who are you when you’re not your job?

Whoever you are – a seafarer, doctor, lawyer, office worker, etc., I hope you feel blessed and happy like Capt. Omallao Jr. to empower other people in your own special ways, too.

*Photos credit of Capt. Beltran Omallao Jr.


Do you find Captain Santa inspiring?

Share your thoughts about him and his community services by writing a comment below.

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Nutrition and Art Activity

Seaambassadors promote proper health and nutrition.

In cooperation with Aureliana Elementary School in Antique, Philippines, we’re able to conduct an annual Poster & Slogan Making Contest.

10383653_756247224418335_8159333378984080832_n (1)

Such activity was enjoyed by these cute pupils!




And those talented kids who were lucky to be on recognized were…



Thank you for the love and support Aureliana Elementary School community!

See you again in July! :))

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Respect women seafarers or else, ITF sends you to jail!



“In a male-dominated industry, it’s often – although not exclusively – women who are victims of bully, harassment or discrimination. Bullying and harassment are serious issues that can seriously affect workers’ health and undermine their ability to do their jobs.” International Teletransport Federation (ITF)

According to ITF, below are kinds of discrimination women seafarers likely encounter at sea:

  • denial of work or job opportunities on the grounds of gender, race, nationality or other
  • unequal pay for work of equal value
  • a lack of facilities or equipment that are available to members of the opposite sex

Meanwhile, it is not bias to give a woman seafarer a job she don’t like but such kind of job is usually done by workers of the opposite sex and of the same grade.

With more than 150 inspectors and contacts based in ports worldwide, ITF is willing to help women seafarers who have experienced any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination while toiling onboard ships.

Use this tool to request for ITF’s assistance.


Click photo to find an Inspector/Union near you. ©ITF

To know other programs of ITF for women transport workers, go to this link

To read  ITF’s complete anti- bullying and harassment guide, download this pdf file.

While  if you need someone trusted to talk with your problems, I reccomend SeafarerHelp 24/7




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It’s illegal to take a selfie with your shaded ballot!



Photo courtesy: Rappler Philipines

Siyam na Overseas Filipino Voters ang nahaharap ngayon sa akusasyon ng COMELEC dahil sila umano ay nagselfie kasama ang nasagutang balota at nag-post ng naturang larawan sa internet.

Related Reading: Why OFWs should vote and how to vote wisely.

Kung hindi ako nagkakamali they had casted their votes on countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Laos and Spain.

Ayon kay Commissioner Arthur Lim ng Commission on Elections (COMELEC), bawal daw po talaga ang ganitong gawain.

“ Bakit bawal? Dahil makikita ka kung kanino ka bomoto…Eh bakit mo ipapakita kung kanino ka bomoto? ,ay usapan kaba diyan sa labas na dapat mong iboto si Juan, si Pedro o si Mario? “ Ang pahayag ng kalihim sa isang interbyu.

Kabayan, sana po ay huwag tayo pasaway. Bigyang halaga po natin at sundin ang mga patakaran ng COMELEC sa araw ng ating pagboto. Hindi lang magiging smooth ang ating pagboto. Maiiwasan pa natin ang aberya dahil nahaharap tayo sa mga reklamong legal dahil may nilabag tayong mga regulasyon. Tandaan, nandon po tayo to vote wisely at siguraduhin na tama ang ating binoto through counterchecking receipt issued by PCOS voting machine. Iyon lang po ang dapat nating gawin at pasensya na talaga to someone who want to have a souvenir pic of his ballot.

Kung gusto mo talaga, wala naman pong problema..gayahin nalang po natin ang diskarte ni Kuya!


Joke only!. :)))

Saang panig ng mundo kaman boboto, laging tandaan na sumunod sa mga patakaran ng COMELEC.

At ito ay ang mga sumusunod.






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