SeafarerHelp helps problematic seafarers for FREE

Depression, bullying, harassment and unpaid wages, among others, are common issues seafarers and their immediate family members commonly encounter.

If you’re likely having a heavy heart now and you have no one’s shoulder to cry on, don’t worry my friend for SeafarerHelp, a special program of International Seafarers Welfare and Network (ISWAN), can lift your sinking spirit.

I mean, it may not be the total solution you’re looking for but at least, you have someone trusted to talk your problem(s) with.

The support you can get from SeafarerHelp is confidential, multi-lingual, unlimited, 24/7 and most of all, everything’s FREE!



I personally availed SeafarerHelp once when I felt lonely and isolated while sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (and to test if it’s truly effective before writing this blogpost). I must say then that it’s the kind of support every aggrieved seafarer and his family members need.

I used Skype and the person on the other end of the line was well trained to counsel. He even gave me an option that time if I would like to talk to a Kabayan (a fellow Filipino who will converse in purely Tagalog) but since I understand and speak English well, I preferred to continue with my first choice. To make the long story short, my one-on-one online counselling was salutary!

When your life is being stormed by problems, summon for immediate help and save yourself from drowning.

Using your mobile phones and computer devices connected to the internet, reach out for SeafarerHelp today.





Skype: SeafarerHelp Skype

Facebook: SeafarerHelp Facebook Page

Callback: Seafarer Help Callback


Have you tried to contact SeafarerHelp recently?

Share us your thoughts about their service by writing a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “SeafarerHelp helps problematic seafarers for FREE

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