It’s Showtime! Pinoy Cruisers show force in TV, united as one family



Last Wednesday, May 24, some seafarers working in cruise ships and cruise ship job aspirants jovially appeared on ‘It’s Showtime’, a noontime TV show of ABS-CBN. Led by Pambansang Cruiser and Vblogger Rinell Banda, the group had proven that the Filipino cruise community is just getting bigger and louder to fulfill a special positive role in our society.

I truly commend Rinell Banda’s leadership. Under his watch two other activities, a grand fusion and a gift-giving activity, happened last April 22 and May 14, respectively. The former event had mainly benefited seafarer aspirants as legit recruiters accepted their CVs, as well as inspiring cruisers shared them their cool experiences working at sea and personal guides and tips on how to secure their dream cruise ship job. Meanwhile, the latter made around 100 poor people smile the sweetest that day. They received gift packs of goods from various benevolent sponsors whom Rinell tapped to donate for the needy.



But of course, my friend isn’t Superman. Hence, he called for physical assistance and I’m glad to note that many had responded positively to volunteer from setting the venue of the said two events to recently showing the spirit of true blooded Pinoy cruisers ‘live’ on TV!

On the other hand, the father of Buhay Sa Cruise Ship (BSCS) told me the goal of the said activity, “For group exposure and yung sobrang pera ibibigay sa community.” (“For group exposure and excess money collected will be donated to the community.”)

Since the public is a bit impassive of our profession, I believe appearing on TV could indeed bolster our PH’s modern hero image. More importantly, seafarers become prominent catalysts of nation building.



Kudos to our Pinoy cruisers happy and strong family!

Ya’ all look great on TV! 🙂

Inspired by what Pinoy cruisers community contribute for our country?

Join Buhay sa Cruise Ship and Working Pinoy Cruise Ships Facebook groups today!


What can you say about Pinoy cruisers live on It’s Showtime?

Let us hear your thoughts by writing a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Showtime! Pinoy Cruisers show force in TV, united as one family

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