Top Videos of ‘Pambansang Cruiser’ which can help you turn your dream to work at sea into reality


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Being a part of Buhay sa Cruise Ship and Working Pinoy Cruise Ships Facebook Pages management team, my (and other admins/moderators) inboxes receive tons of inquiries every day. How we wish then we have overflowing time so we can completely reply on each and every inquiry sent.

If you’re one of the inquirers, I understand your thirst for knowledge and ideas. To work in a cruise ship is your ultimate dream so it’s just to ask whatever is tangible with your aspiration.

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Personally, we are happy to help but sometimes we have limited time to cater your requests. Hence, I provide useful video references on this blog post which may answer your thrown questions.


© Rinell Banda

Thanks to Pinoy global Vblogger and Pambansang Cruiser Rinell Banda for his creativity and passion to film videos that help cruise job hopefuls fulfill their ultimate dreams in life.

Follow Rinell’s Buhay Sa Cruise Ship YouTube Channel on this link.

Work in a cruise ship


© Rinell Banda

The Work in a Cruise Ship Youtube video which was shared on Facebook captioned with Rinell’s personal ‘guide and tips’ gained below comments, among others, from grateful viewers.

Ranel Quinto: Yung akala mong wala ng pag-asa tapos nakita at nabasa mo ito.. salamat sir!

Melchor Gafate: Thank you Sir Rinell for this guide.

Jaymar Gatan: Sir Rinnel ayaw q ng office, challenge to sakin. Gusto ko talaga makasampa and to pursue my goal. Very inspiring po lahat ng ginagawa mo and sa pagtulong mo sa kapwa. Godbless and I pray for you.

FYI, Rinell had been a fast-food waiter and a Japan entertainer before he worked in cruise ships. He’s now a Bellboy Captain sailing for years with a big cruise company and his cool travels had been featured once in the award-winning TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho of GMA-7.

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Click, Watch and Learn



Moreover, Rinell uploaded other videos on YouTube. His videos answer below questions I observe cruise ship job applicants were commonly asking;

What is BT / SOLAS Training?

Top 20 Questions for Housekeeping Department – Initial or Final Interview.

I have tattoes. Can I still apply to work in a cruise ship?

What agencies are legit recruiters in Manila?

How about age limit?

Oh, I don’t how to swim. Can I still work at sea?


What can you say about the Pambansang Cruiser’s videos?

Share your thoughts by writing a comment below.

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