The MV Stellar Tragedy: Survivors’ heart-breaking confessions



On board Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) ship Stellar Daisy 16 Filipinos toil to provide their loved ones a more comfortable life and a brighter future.1

On March 31, 2017 late Friday (South Korean time) however, the ill-fated ship broke in two and buried itself quickly in deep water. MV Stellar Daisy eventually became the potential graveyard of her some missing crew.

On the positive side, two Pinoy seafarers had been very lucky to be found adrift and rescued a day after the ship sunk. Jose Marie Cadrahan & Renato Daymiel were Able bodied Seaman (AB) and Oiler on board Stellar Daisy respectively. A merchant ship named ‘EL NIDA’ saw them fraught by danger aboard a liferaft. 2


“Thankfully these occurrences are rare; but when they do happen, they serve to remind everyone that the seafarers, on whom we all depend, do a difficult and sometimes dangerous job; and that those of us responsible for making the industry safer can never stop striving for improvements.” – IMO Secretary Kitack Lim, Maritime Executive report.

Seaman’s Loved Ones, a page dedicated to seafarers and their loved ones, first posted the survivors’ written testimonies on Facebook.

Here’s what Jose Marie Cadrahan and Renato Daymiel had revealed:




Based on above statements written in vernacular, here’s what we can infer from the recent ship disaster.

  1. Cadrahan & Daymiel survived the tragedy by a hair’s breadth.
  2. Before the last part of Stellar Daisy was lost in sight, survivors jump into the water and hang on for dear life.
  3. Lastly, the ‘explosions’ heard imply that Stellar Daisy has sailed close to the wind.

Highly hoping

We thank God Almighty for saving Jose Marie and Renato’s lives and we pray that these crewmembers who were reported missing up to date will be in safe hands, and that their loved ones will stay strong to surpass such life’s big storm.

  • John Rey Baring
  • Joselito Cesa
  • Marino Alcantara
  • Wendell Muzares
  • Jefferson Casais
  • Joker Ynno Cabarron
  • Joshua Estenzo
  • Wilfredo Tolentino
  • Rodel Oblipias
  • Ardiezer Torno
  • Gabriel Refugio Jr.
  • Billy Jason Abeledo
  • Edmundo Agregado Jr.
  • Neil Winston Espineli

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