NSA Scholarship Grant: Cadet Program Primer and Application Guide







Aspiring cadets who want to take  Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (Deck Officer) or Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering  (Engine Officer) must be:

  • 17-23 years old on or before 30 April.
  • Graduates of Senior High School (K-12)
  • Existing college graduates and tertiary level graduates
  • Physically and Mentally fit
  • Natural Born Filipino Citizen
  • Single, and
  • No derogatory records or was convicted/accused of any crime of moral turpitude.

Note: No height requirement. However, there are companies who have specific height requests.


One becomes a NSA Cadet after his/her successful bid on all of the following processes:

  1. Testing – Comprehensive Written Test ( A whole day exam that covers Math, Science,English and Inductive Reasoning), IQ Test ( A half-day computer-based exam).
  2. Profiling – Ability Profiling, Personality Profiling.
  3. Medical Exam – Comprehensive Medical Exam.
  4. Interview – Company Selection ( For list of participating shipping companies, see NSA Sponsors)
  5. Enrollment to the Program – School endorsement


To be chosen as ‘one of the lucky few’, the successful applicant enjoys  free tuition, dormitory and food during his/her 1st and 2nd year of stay in academe. Additionally, upgrading Training/Courses, a 10 Days Structured Ship Familiarization and of course, paid apprenticeship (OJT) onboard international vessels on his/her 3rd year of study are usually *guaranteed.



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The scholarship grant application has nationwide scope. From Batanes to Sulu, aspirants can start to fill-up an application form online or download it and mail to:

NTC-Manila, 6th Floor Five E-com Center Building Pacific Drive Extension/Entrance Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, 1300 Philippines.


After application form was completed/sent, wait for NTC-Manila’s text/call of your schedule of exam.

Please be reminded that first to apply, first to exam basis is being observed and there’s no exam fee to be collected.

Deadline of Application: TBC

*Subject to applicable terms & conditions.


Source: NTC-Manila

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3 thoughts on “NSA Scholarship Grant: Cadet Program Primer and Application Guide

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  2. analiza veluz

    My son is incoming grade 12 this june..hes already 18yrs old…i would like to ask if he can take the exam…when can he take the exam…can i apply now?


  3. Marve Jude Balio

    Good Day! I am now a grade 12 student and how may I apply the scholarship? And when can I take the exam? Thank you!


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