Hail, Women Migrant Workers!


Today, March 8, we celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Hats off to all strong women, particularly Overseas Filipinos, who used to be our fantastic mothers, sisters, and friends! You girls rock and run the world!


Committed to promote ‘Pink Power’, did you know that our Sailing Republic Blog has been instrumental to feature these inspiring ladies?

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Let’s read their remarkable stories.
1. JASMIN LABARDA – She’s the pioneering Filipina Ship Captain.
Read More


© Globe

2. PREY PONCEJA – A pretty seawoman who once trended as ‘Darling of Internet’.
Read More


© Prey Ponceja

3. NINA DA SILVA – Pioneering Filipina Marine Chief Engineer. Read More


© Humans At Sea

4. REBECCA BUSTAMANTE – Former Domestic Helper in Hong Kong who became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a multinational company. Read More


© Rebecca Bustamante

5. MARIA LUNINGNING BEBIT – A ‘rockstar’ OFW in Saudi Arabia who made us all proud. Her motherly love elicited during her term as nanny was so heartwarming. Read More



I’m sure my list is not complete. If you have someone in mind who was bold to make a change, please feel free to share her story on the comment section below!

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