SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS: The young, intelligent and benevolent Filipino Captain you should not miss to know

Who’s this man when he’s not his job?


Captain Santa Claus – that’s how I call Master Mariner Beltran Omallao Jr. when he’s not maneuvering his vessel at sea.

A young captain sailing with Vega Manila, he traversed murder roads, crossed rivers and climbed mountains last Dec 26 to reach Brgy. Orquia, a remote village more or less 15 km off main town of San Remegio in the province of Antique, Philippines.


“I believe to serve and to share is a calling. It goes with a spirit of volunteerism, humility and big-bigheartedness,” he said.

In 2003, Omallao Jr. graduated Cum Laude and was hailed Most Outstanding Graduate of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University –Arevalo, Inc. (then John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation -Arevalo). Since he finished college, his seafaring career sailed full speed ahead, coursed to reach the pinnacle of success.

He became a licensed Master Mariner in July 2013, snatching at the same time the third highest spot in Professional Regulation Commission’s list of top 10 passers.


Blessed– that’s what I can say when asked of his career’s success. And here’s what he thought of his triumphs.

Blessing is given to us so that we will bear fruit for God and for other people, so that we might help others and become a blessing to others. Blessing enables us to become a conduit of God’s love and grace and blessing to others. Just as he has loved us, we should also love others. Just as he has been forgiving toward us, we should be forgiving toward others. Just as he has been generous with us, we should be generous with others.

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During his vacation late this year, the remarkable Captain Santa Claus spearheaded a gift-giving activity for impoverished people living on his hometown.

For the record, around 200 combined men, women & children benefited from the said event.


What’s interesting about this recent gift-giving activity is that I was able to reach out to our poor fellows. Since I was a child, I’ve already been very generous and been having a passion to serve those who are needful. What’s more interesting is seeing these kids enjoying the most. What we had endured during the trek was right away paid off seeing the smile from their faces.

Happy – that’s how I describe him when asked if the undertaking were all worth his time, money and effort spent.

When you’re a person engaged in philanthropy, I believe it brings you an inner happiness and inexplicable satisfaction by just simply serving the poor, in the sense that it might be a small effort from you, but is hugely appreciated by them, making them feel loved and remembered.


How about you? Who are you when you’re not your job?

Whoever you are – a seafarer, doctor, lawyer, office worker, etc., I hope you feel blessed and happy like Capt. Omallao Jr. to empower other people in your own special ways, too.

*Photos credit of Capt. Beltran Omallao Jr.


Do you find Captain Santa inspiring?

Share your thoughts about him and his community services by writing a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS: The young, intelligent and benevolent Filipino Captain you should not miss to know

  1. I am very inspired with the kind gesture of Capt. Omallao Jr. May the Lord continually bless him, in all aspects of his life 🙂 All out salute to you sir and to Sir Mac 🙂

    – Jen Castañeda

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