How not to be an ‘alien’ OFW


Undocumented migrant workers are prone to abuse and all other types of discrimination.

After losing their temporary jobs, some Pinoys abroad with merely tourist visas on hand, likey entered darker trades. For example, they sell their own blood to support thier own expenses overseas and their families’ back in Philippines

For whatever personal reason they may have, their unfortunate status should serve as a good reminder for Filipino people, particularly those who aspire to search for greener pastures abroad, to be properly documented.

A properly documented Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a true-blooded Filipino.

He showcases to the whole world that to be a migrant worker, they are no short-cuts on getting a work permit. He does exist legally, fit for his purpose on foreign lands.

If one is well-documented, the government is oblidged to offer a helping hand in case there’s crisis on the foreign land where one Filipino lives.

If he flew out the country by night however, the risks are unimaginable. so let’s always remember that the legal way is the rightest way.

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Here’s a good checklist I found on the web to help you secure the required documents and avoid becoming one ‘alien’ Overseas Filipino.

Are You a Documented OFW



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