PASSION & STRENGTH IN SACRIFICE dignify OFWs as the world’s leading migrant workers


Travelling foreign lands just to bring home honey and bread is not an easy task.  We are not a stranger to home sick, long distance relationship, and emotional struggles and adjustments.  If we are not strong, we could have been a victim of depression.

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is nothing to be ashamed of.  We have to be proud of it for achieving extra-ordinary milestones in our lives.  Our race is known to be very close with family ties but we emerged strong enough to leave our country and take risks to improve our living conditions.

As a fellow OFW, I could never imagine leaving Philippines without bringing back more opportunities to my family and to the society.  I dream of living in a progressive country but we have to admit our Mother Country cannot provide it yet.  But here we are, the wanderers of the world to the land of opportunities, struggling our ways to make a living and make worth of our risks in exploring the land of others.

We, the OFWs, are very essential in the improvement of our country, aren’t we?  It is considered by many that Philippine’s main export is human capital because of the increasing number of Filipinos leaving the country to work abroad.  Though I do not necessarily agree with it, it just only rooted to the necessity of uplifting the conditions of our family.  We are not a subject of belittlement, we are standing proud and strong in service for our fellowmen.

We should be proud as an OFW because we promote inclusive growth of our country.  We are a major source of human capital development.  The remittance we sent home goes straight to households to appease the basic needs such as shelter, education, and food.

We are passionate, selfless, and hard working and this is the reason why foreign cultures admire our abilities and work ethics.

We should be proud because we braved off the unbearable emotional anguish when we left our family home and start anew in a foreign land.

We are culturally flexible and adaptable because we survived in dealing with the various cultures of the world which are far more different in the Filipino culture.  We dared to taste unusual food, clothed ourselves differently, and speak other languages.  This is a form of cultural mastery of the world and we OFWs are able to experience it. It is a dignifying experience!

Lastly, we love the value of human life. Wherever we are in the world, in the North, South, East, or West hemisphere, we are forever grateful that we are raised in a Filipino culture that loved the idea of respect to humanity and love for all despite of the races.  We are proud that we bring to the world the appreciation of humanity.


We are passionate. We are selfless.  We boost our strength through sacrifice.  Who else would not be proud of this?

Sail on, OFWs!


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