Time to be a Modern Seafarer: Sailor at sea, lecturer and/or assessor ashore


The trend of seafaring profession has perhaps changed. Young generation of seafarers are becoming ‘multi-career’ oriented. Luckily, I’m able to teach when not sailing and sail when not teaching. If we’re on thesame boat, I think we can call ourselves ‘Modern Seafarers’.

“As human element at sea is critical in ensuring safe, secure, clean and efficient operations, it is only feasible to secure, and to preserve, properly qualified human resources for the maritime industries through effective education and training – based on scientific and academic rigor; the development of a clear linkage between practical skills and management techniques, and an unerring focus on quality.”

-Ethimios E Mitropolous, former IMO Secretary General, in his keynote address during the General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) in October 15, 2011.

Indeed, the Maritime Education and Training (MET) is an indispensable tool to meet global changing demands and comply with the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) regulation ’78, as amended.

Without quality MET, Filipino seafarers won’t be likely key players. Giant foreign shipowners might prefer other race to man their ships. Filipino seafarers would just be an option, not a priority (who would like that to happen anyway?).

Thanks to hardworking and efficient mentors both in academe and training centers who go great lengths. They pushed seafarers and seafarer aspirants to learn and be competent, as required by the STCW. Their jobs and brighter futures are eventually secured!

Now, let me encourage you to join our force. Anytime is the rightmost time to be a Modern Seafarer. Aside from earning, you’ll be engaged in a continuous professional development too!

When you’re teaching classrooms or practical sites are like cable TVs. Your students and other colleagues are the TV’s different channels. Once you throw a viral issue inside the classroom for example, many would ‘flash report’(Just kidding)!. But hey, never underestimate such kind of interaction for active listening puts your hands on your pulse.

Lastly, at the end of the day, who would not be grinning from ear to ear to read your students’ positive feedback and appreciation of your hard work?


I believe in your personality and dreams. With the right motivation and knowledge you can be a great teacher too!

Read my other blogpost entitled ‘How to start your Maritime Instructor/Assessor career in the Philippines‘ to start transforming yourself into a Modern Seafarer today!


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2 thoughts on “Time to be a Modern Seafarer: Sailor at sea, lecturer and/or assessor ashore

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