Without Filipino Nurses, Saudi Hospitals May Sink

A week ago I highly encouraged a friend to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). She has been working as a nurse in a provincial hospital for about 3 years already, and just like those who want to find greener pastures abroad, she eventually applied for a job overseas. In one way or another, her dreams to go out of the country and earn a better salary would be likely fulfilled.
I feel worried for my close friend lately though upon reading a Saudi Gazette article post for Khaled Almaeena, editor-at-large, wrote what he personally observed.




To dig the issue deeper, he even visited some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and was able to talk with them. Upon learning the real score, he then reminded his countrymen to be true leaders of society and embody the holy principles of Islam.


Khaled had divulged how patients and hospital managers rudely dealt with some of our Filipino health workers, urging them at the same time to change their respective attitude.


It bleeds my heart to know that some forms of discrimination, both in public and private sectors, are prevalent in Saudi, and our dear Filipino nurses feel humiliated about it.


Eventually, those who work in remote areas would be likely usual victims of prejudice.


Indeed, the issue calls for respect of worker’s rights or of human rights in general.



If an Arab was aware and alarmed, we should genuinely feel more concerned, as true Filipinos, for our kababayan nurses working in KSA.

We’re on the same boat Khaled, the reason why I wrote this blog post is to raise the general public’s awareness about our Filipino nurses’ plight, too! Thanks for your compliments and concern.


For years, many OFWs have had considered KSA as their second home, next to Philippines. In fact, my father is one of them. He works in Riyadh up to date and I can’t help but to be thankful of the job opportunity the rich Arab nation has offered him. And of course, with regards to providing health manpower, we don’t want Saudi hospitals to be greatly affected like what Khaled has perceived.


To end, Khaled encourage the public and private sectors of Saudi to foster Filipino nurses’ rights and welfare. We should join his cause, without reservations.


What can you say about our nurses being discriminated in Saudi?

How will you advise a nurse friend who’s eager to work in there?

Whatever your thoughts are, feel free to leave a comment below.




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