Avoid food borne disease in 5 simple steps


For migrant workers who keep on moving in search for greener pastures locally or abroad, Bon appetite! But before you finally devour that mouth-watering food in you’re holding now, ask yourself first; “Is it safe to eat?”

If you have doubts as to whether your food might give you a food borne disease or not while you’re traveling or just simply dwelling at home, set your cravings aside for the meantime and think that food safety should always be your first priority.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), millions of people around the world become ill and thousands die each day because of food borne disease. Among those highly susceptible are infants, pregnant women, elderly, immunocompromised individuals, HIV/AIDS infected people and the like.

To specifically address the health concern associated with travel, WHO Five Keys to Safer Food Handling should be properly observed.


It’s a cliche that prevention is better than cure but don’t take it for granted. A food borne disease may ruin your stomach, worse turn your body into ashes.

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