Pinay Nanny is Saudi Journalist’s Rockstar



Mahal Kita (I love you) were the first words of Saudi national Rawa Radwan as she tightly hugged her personally considered “rockstar” ex- Pinay nanny. After 22 long years, they were finally reunited in person in Candelaria, Province of Quezon. As witnessed by those people around, it was the most heartfelt reunion they have seen for years.

Maria Luningning Bebit or Dada Mary for short, then a widow and childless, had departed Philippines to work abroad. Interestingly, she was able to raise a total of 7 children from different parts of the globe. While working as a nanny in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dada Mary selflessly served the Radwan’s family. She raised Rawa and her siblings with overflowing love and pride on her heart. They treated them wholeheartedly as if they were her kids.


“You don’t need to bear kids to learn how to be a second mother to your alaga – when you have the heart of selfless service and you’re able to raise other’s children in a way that makes you proud as a woman; you are as much a mother to them as the woman who brought them into the world.” – Dada Mary, as interviewed by GMA Television Network for its award-winning Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) Show.

Since she weights her worth in gold, Rawa launched a search to find Dada Mary, her long lost nanny for more than two decades via social media. A Philippine television network then had heard her cry and eventually helped her to find the person she eagerly wants to see. After some weeks of thorough search, Rawa was finally reunited with Dada Mary on August 5, 2014 but through Skype only. Nevertheless, their online reunion was surreal. It was like a scene on your favorite late night teleserye where a rich and successful daughter went back to her hometown to finally meet her poor but loving mother whom she left a long time ago. And when they run out of tears of joy upon seeing each other, the child starts singing their favorite song – as for Rawa and Dada Mary, believe me or not, it’s Pen Pen de sa rapen, a very typical Filipino chant.

How old was Rawa during their reunion? 30 years old.

How old she was when Dada Mary taught her happy the song? Only 8!

( Pen..pen de sarapen, kutsilyo de bato ten WOW WOW de kalabaw!)

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Moreover, the Skype reunion got a more touching sequel. This time, Rawa reintroduced her to the whole Radwan family. Dada Mary knew that Lully and Faris, Rawa’s sister and brother are now successful on their chosen fields of profession. Lully is an artist and Faris became a medical doctor. On the other hand, Dada Mary had also met her old ‘madam’ again, Rawas mother. She recounted how kind the woman was to treat her even like a sister.


The story of Dada Mary reminds us again na may forever ( there’s forever) in us. Her altruistic love and service to the Radwan family during her term as their yaya (nanny) made the impossible possible. Who would ever imagine that after almost two decades, Rawa would launch a search to find someone who taught her the Pen Pen de sara pen song? With more or less 76 million people in the Philippines to look upon, Rawa’s faith to find her long lost gem is truly impeccable.

Well, true love indeed never says; “I’m tired, I have longed enough.”





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