Rebecca Bustamante: Pinay DH turned CEO

Yes, you just read the title right. A Filipina nanny has hitched her wagon to a star and eventually became a successful head of a multinational company.

How did she beat the odds and transform herself into somebody else?

Let me tell you Rebecca Bustamante’s feat.


If you want to be successful, it’s important to continue learning, continue developing your skills. That’s the reason why I never stopped studying.”

When she was only 18, her mother passed away leaving her tonnes of responsibilities. Her father got no decent job and her siblings were still studying in school. Being the family’s breadwinner then, Rebecca has to toil in order to support them all.

A bleak future awaits the Bustamante family as their poverty apparently spelled trouble. Very much concerned of the welfare of her beloved ones, Rebecca thought that looking for green pastures abroad could make a difference. Hence, she applied for a Domestic Helper (DH) job, one of the most sought works of many Filipinas in rich countries like the Singapore. When asked why she had to leave home, she typically answered; “I will work overseas to render financial aid to my family”.

Maid in Singapore

Rebecca considered herself ‘lucky & blessed’ for she finally reached Singapore. She can now render better financial assistance to her family. She just needs to wake up very early in the morning and sleep late at night though, to serve her employer well. Physically demanding jobs may cause body aches but in the name of ‘love for family’, she endured every slapping challenge and difficulty.

Working student

Rebecca, living her simple dream in a top destination of yaya hopefuls – Singapore, has done something special which changed her life forever and even caught the public’s interest and admiration.

While working as a domestic helper, Rebecca gradually transformed herself into an accountant by studying in one of Singapore’s prestigious business schools and take note, she was able to finish the undergraduate program without her employers knowing it!

On her television interview by a leading media network, Rebecca revealed that she studied Accounting in Open University of Singapore Institute of Management.

What became her routine that time?

She starts to work at 0500H and study during evenings, preferably from 2300H-0100H, when everyone else in the house had fell asleep. She allots her day-offs not for relaxation but for school as she meets her professors and claims her bunch of homework.

According to her, the road to success was bumpy but she’s determined to reach their dreams in life. For three years, Rebecca had supported her family back in the Philippines while molding a bright future in Singapore at the same time.

Unstoppable learner

Rebecca left Singapore and went to Canada when she was given an opportunity to earn a bigger income. Again, she worked there as a domestic helper. But unlike the others, she really loves to learn and to finish her graduate studies became her next goal. Thus, she enrolled in Accounting and Marketing at Ryerson University in Ontario, Canada.

Would you like to be successful too? If yes, always remember her wise words.

“Learning is very important to me. If you want to be successful, it’s important to continue learning, continue developing your skills;” She stated. “That’s the reason why I never stopped studying.”

Rebecca’s love for learning and passion to excel is indeed impeccable.

Exec of a global company

Rebecca Bustamante became the founder and president of Chalré Associates, a multinational recruitment firm for senior management executive positions and has operations in Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Canada.

“As a kid, I sold pandesal, ice buko, ice candy. I also helped my mother sell fish in the market…I enjoyed doing it. I think I loved sales even as a kid.”, Rebecca stated in one of her interviews citing ideal interest in business particularly in marketing.

Moreover, the 48 year old top dog who hailed from Dasol, Pangasinan was married to Canadian Richard Mills. They have two sons and her own family is now currently residing in the Philippines.

Madame Rebecca Bustamante’s story is very inspiring. She was able to prove that “poverty is not a hindrance to success” and “education is the key to success”. Her road to glory was full of life’s ups and downs but she never gave up. She persisted and now she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor.



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