Be a Maritime Expert, Study Abroad for Free


Cardiff University, a center of teaching and research in UK

Are you a sailor, an educationalist, researcher, law enforcer, crewing officer or anyone who aspires to pursue post graduate studies and become BIG on the maritime industry? If yes, you are now some steps closer to realize your audacious dream in life.

Recently, a colleague and an avid reader of this blog asked me if I know something about maritime scholarships and fellowships. I quickly replied to him saying, there’s actually a lot of shipping companies and maritime institutions in the country which offer scholarships for deserving individuals.

“No, I mean the one which would fly me to study abroad, like in WMU or Cardiff University.” He clarified.


The World Maritime University, Sweden

Honestly, I heard of WMU or the World Maritime University and of Cardiff as a maritime institution? Not that much. Hence, the correct answer remains to be seen. Suddenly, I remember our mentor in IMO Model Course 6.09 (Instructor’s Course) who used to joke us with the statement, “i-google mo pre!” in times we couldn’t answer his cumbersome question. Eventually, there’s light bulb moment when I used Google, the world’s top search engine.

And since you’re still reading this article ‘til this part I guess you’re eager to know what answer I gave him. Don’t worry!

Your effort won’t be wasted for below are the various scholarships and fellowships you may like to enjoy in the future.

(Click on the photo to enlarge/download)










I’m sure you want to know more, i.e. how to apply, what are the requirements, etc. about this matter. If visiting the website and contacting the institution don’t work, write a comment below and together, “i-gogoogle natin ang sagot pre!”

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