Stop suffocating your life. QUIT SMOKING NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE


Did you know?

– At 25 years of age, a healthy smoker is likely to have a remaining life expectancy 25% less than that of a non-smoker individual.

– Stopping smoking before you turn 50 years old reduces by half the risk of your death over the next 15 years.

– One year without smoking halves the excess risk a smoker runs of dying from coronary heart disease, the commonest cause of death from smokers; and

– The risk of lung cancer starts to decline as soon as a smoker stops smoking.

And who says it’s just the smokers who are affected, by the way?

– Second-hand cigarette smoke (passive smoking) has been proved to cause lung cancer and increases risk of coronary heart disease.


The best medicine to cure smoking is only by serious commitment of the smoker himself to quit. Learn effective ways by reading this post –  Be healthy, live smoke-free.

Do you have something to say about smoking? Share your ideas by writing a comment below.


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