OFW Singer/Songwriter Mr. Ronilo Victoriano put the hearts of those who are apart from their beloved ones up with his hit song “KAHIT MALAYO KA”. It had gained (as of July 27, 2015) 7,729 views already from people especially OFWs around the world since  i-Pinoy Circle uploaded it on its Facebook page.

When I first heard the song, I couldn’t help myself not to fall in love with it. When you’re far away from your loved ones, being an OFW for example, you could easily relate well to the lyrics. You might even pack your things and decide to go home untimely because you missed her a lot, you missed your family a lot.

There are only few men I know who dreams and toils like Mr. Ronilo Victoriano. Amidst long working hours, homesickness, adverse effect of weather and occupational hazards, he still managed to compose soulful songs. I think such challenge became an essential part of his winning formula. Like a secret ingredient which makes the food mouth-watering. Wala rin pinagkaiba sa pandesal na nilalamon mo diyan sa kanto, kung bakit daw masarap, eh dahil may mga patak ng pawis..ahh este, pinagpawisan! Joke only.

Thank you to all our Kababayans who helped us promote our own OFW talents. They truly deserve our support and I hope more and more Filipinos would hear and appreciate ‘Kahit Malayo Ka’.

Congratulations to Ronilo for turning his homesickness before into a beautiful song which is full of hope, love and patience. Dadami na ang mga long distance lovers na maniniwalang may #forever nito! 🙂

Haven’t heard of the popular song yet?

Check and please share the following video..


Click to watch video on YouTube


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