Crew breaks foot while working with washing machines



Some crew were in engaged in moving a washing machine from a
barge to the tug. The washing machine was positioned on the port side
stern of the barge and the tug stores crane was being used to move the
washing machine to the deck of the tug. One crew member was on the
controls of the crane while the other two were on the barge securing
the washing machine to the crane lifting hook. Once the washing
machine was rigged, one crew member headed back down to the tug to
help land the load on the deck of the vessel.

He fist descended the pigeon holes in the barge to a platform with
a ladder approximately 1.5 metres of the deck of the tug. He later
stated that there was no rush to get down and that he was taking his
time. While stepping down from the platform his right foot slipped on
approximately the third step of the platform. He then fell feet fist to the
deck, and was later diagnosed with broken bones in his right foot.


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