Picture2-2-1-1-1Almost three years ago I was presented to the public as one of the TEN OUTSTANDING EXPAT PINOY CHILDREN OF THE PHILIPPINES. The awarding ceremony was held at Makati Shangrila Hotel with internationally acclaimed singer Ms. Leah Salonga as our special guest and inspirational speaker. Not just Ms. Leah whom made the event reach a fever pitch actually for I was also able to rub elbows with the dynamic and charming Bank of the Philippine Islands executives, Overseas Workers Welfare Agency (OWWA) and Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) administrators, institution leaders and fellow awardees who reigned from different prestigious universities of the country like the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and Central Philippine University among others. Not to mention that members of the press were eager beavers to fulfill their respective roles.

Yes, those moments were  remarkable and even until today, to think that your efforts as an OFW child to promote the welfare of your family and of other OFWs were recognized, I feel big on cloud nine!

For 2014, I cordially invite all aspiring OFW Children of the Philippines to join the BPI’s Search. It’s your golden moment to claim after pouring tons of hardwork, courage and determination to excel in your studies, arts,sports,business or even community service. You are certified BPInoy, child of a modern hero and are very much welcome to be part of our growing family.

But before I give you the criteria, let me share you the following:

1“The Search for Outstanding OFW Children is a remarkable undertaking. Not only it promotes the welfare of our Overseas Filipino Workers and their children but fosters nation building as well. To search a greener pasture abroad is a global trend nowadays. It has never been easy to detach yourself from your beloved ones just to provide them a better and comfortable life. But why still a lot of Filipinos would like to work abroad? For my side, I feel no fear for Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), through its Anak Expat campaign, gave me the confidence to show to the world how valuable and world class we Filipinos are.”

2“I became more active and creative in fulfilling my role as an OFW Child and an OFW myself at the same time. On the former I’m a family builder, supporting my 3 younger siblings nowadays on their college education while on the latter I’m a worker, community builder and an advocate of my fellow OFW’s rights & welfare. Service to others became my passion recently and it all started when I accepted the challenge posted before me by BPI some years ago.”

3“The absence of your OF parent should not hinder you to grow as a well-rounded & happy individual. When my father left, I learned how to be independent and more responsible not only for good of myself but also for our whole family. Don’t just quit and always remember that the more challenges you overcome, the better Anak Expat you become!”

4“To tatay, I always wish you’re able to watch me and my younger siblings grow but anyway you’re retiring, I congratulate you in advance and hope we could make up the times we were never been together. You should be happy because your time and sacrifices weren’t wasted. If you’re in doubt about it, I’m the living proof! To my fellow Anak OFW, love your overseas worker family member/s. Acknowledge their efforts, communicate with them regularly, and make them more proud and happier than ever! Don’t give myriad troubles because the distance that separates you two troubles them already. I know how it feels when an OFW can’t sleep well at night because his beloved ones were into the darkest times of their lives so as much as practicable your utmost kind cooperation is necessary.”

5“It’s my father’s strict but fatherly guidance. Though I already had a stable job and becoming more successful in life, I always long for his criticisms for they remind me that there’s always a room for improvement. I miss and would like to hear him firing questions or even criticisms like why I came home very late at night, don’t finish eating my breakfast or even why I spend my salary without saving some part of it, which were all followed with cracking golden advises, or yells (if I’m not lucky enough for that day) after I stressed out my petty reasons.”

6“For the moment, I look up to our Captain for he’s lion-hearted, determined and hardworking. His subordinates in return support his leadership. However, I’m not totally fond of staring and duplicating the success stories of those who had proven their worth. I want to make a new path and leave a trail because for me, such kind of journey is more challenging and meaningful. In the future, these bold words are what I like to hear from other people as their reason why they look at me should I become a victor.”

I hope my words had inspired you to buckle down for the label “Ibang Klase” and “Outstanding OFW Children of the Philippines Award” today.


And it will not happen, unless you start to make headway right now! Read the Anak Expat terms and conditions and send your application on this link >>


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