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OFW Lane: Fast walk-in Passport renewal at Rob Galleria



The DFA Main and DFA NCR Central offices offer exclusive lanes for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), particularly for seafarers who have to renew their passports at ease.



Last week, I went to Robinsons Galleria, a big mall just across POEA Main office in Ortigas to renew my passport. Thanks to DFA NCR-Central’s ‘OFW priority lane’, the task didn’t require me an online appointment, and wasn’t that time consuming too!

Wondering how to renew your passport fast and easy? Here’s how:



1.) Upon entrance, you’ll be advised by the guard on duty to log-in your name. He asks you then if you’re a land-based or a sea-based OFW. If you’re a seafarer, present your seaman’s book. Ready to present your current passport when asked so.

2.) Proceed to RELEASING section to get the passport application form with an attached queue number.

3.) Fill-up the form, and ready the documentary requirements (see below list).

4. If your turn comes, stand-up and fall in-line to enter PROCESSING section. Inside, present your documents to be verified, and your passport to be renewed for cancellation. If you correctly filled-up the form, and have complied with all the documentary requirements, the next counter is the cashier.

5. Pay the cashier and sit down again according to your queue number.

6. Finally, the photo capture and encoding of personal details are in the ENCODING section. Check the encoded data thoroughly since once printed, rectifying an erroneous passport is costly. Here you’ll be informed of the release date of your new passport too.




  • The photocopy service is available inside the office. Ask any guard on duty and he will help you find its location.
  • Receive your passport at home, avail the courier service ( Php 160.00 only). Pass by at the courrier service desk right beside Encoding section’s exit door.
  • When personally claiming your passport, don’t forget to bring the previously cancelled one. I’m just not so sure if they’ll release the new one if you forget to bring it so follow what I advised here to avoid trouble.
  • You may want to connect with DFA NCR – Central in Facebook and inquire about the status of your passport. Go to and send a message with your Full Name, Original Receipt (OR No.), and Release Date.


Submit original & photocopy of each document:

  • current passport
  • Valid Seaman’s Book
  • Seafarer’s Registration Certificate (SRC) ID or C2/C3
  • Latest Immigration Arrival Stamp (Application for renewal should be filed  within one year from the last arrival date in Philippines.)

* Additional document will be required if necessary.

PASSPORT RENEWAL FEES, as of this writing.

Php 1,200.00 – 10 working days

Php 950.00  – 20 working days

Source: DFA


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SAVE YOUR FUTURE: Ignore mall sales, stop impulse buying



Like you, I also love SALES. Who wouldn’t love shopping by the way if items’ prices are greatly discounted? You’ll save when you buy hastily those things you like, right?

Actually, NO.

Most seafarers are well-compensated but because of impulsive buying, many suffer from financial instability. The Pen Company can help us understand this kind of attitude. According to them, consumers with higher incomes have greater percentage of impulse purchases.

(So now we know why Victoria’s Secret Angels love seafarers.)

Meanwhile, on why impulse buying is rampant, Ian Zimmerman, Ph.D. of Psychology Today writes, Impulse buying is a common behaviour today. Our culture of consumption enables us to succumb to temptation and purchase something without considering the consequences of the buy.

Asked if impulse buying is a bad thing, the same psychologist said that yes, it can be.

Since it can compromise our good future, here are some tips I would like to share, photos courtesy of The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI).






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I think what I wrote here are not complete.

Do you have some more tips to add? Share them by leaving a reply below.

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SAVE 100 PESOS: MARINA Seafarer’s Registration Number (SRN) is FREE!


If you wish to apply for a professional ID or any other MARINA Document which requires you a Seafarer’s Registration Number (SRN), don’t worry for getting your own SRN is easy, and actually free!

I applied for a MARINA ID last October 13. One of the requirements is the SRN but I had small trouble getting one. I tried to register my new seaman’s book (SIRB) but their system says, “SIRB not found”.

Encountering this kind of error, I immediately proceeded to the Information and Communication Technology Management Division (ICTMD) to seek for assistance. I knew then from one personnel on duty that in order for my new SIRB to be recognized, it has to be registered by the agency first.


Give your SIRB here for registration.

Once your SIRB is registered, you can now create your SRN. On the other side of the room are computers you can use for free. Fall in line and wait for your turn to use a PC. On the other hand, if your phone or tablet has internet, you may use it to register for SRN so you don’t have to wait any longer.


Free use of PC & internet, courtesy of MARINA.

Here’s how to register for SRN

1.Go to

2.Click the “Seafarers” tab.

3. Input correctly your seaman’s book (SIRB) number and Birth date. Next, click “Check Data”.

*If you encountered any error like what I had, report personally to MARINA ICTMD or call the MARINA hotline at (02) 526-5259.

*Proceed to next step if your SIRB # and date of birth were accepted.

4. Open a new internet browser tab or mobile app. Log-in to your Gmail or Yahoo e-mail account. Once you have access of your inbox, return to MARINA website and complete the online application form.

5. In the form, you’ll be asked to provide an e-mail address. You may use what you have just opened. While for the password, create a unique, and an easy to remember one. Once you completely filled-up the form, click “Submit”.

6. Finally, you have just created your own SRN! Note, screenshot or take a photo of it!

7. Check your working email’s inbox. You should receive an email confirmation from SCSv2.0. Click “Activate Account” to verify and activate your account.

8. Try to log-in in your newly created MARINA SCSv2.0 online account using the email address and password you provided. But if you’re in hurry, you may skip this step and proceed to your mission.

If you can’t perform these simple steps alone, you may want to avail the special services offered by various companies stationed at the Ground Floor of MARINA Kalaw building. They can help you create your SRN but of course you have to pay them. The last time I asked the charge, it’s Php 100.00!


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Claim MARINA ID in just 60 minutes? Here’s how to do it smooth and easy!


All professional seafarers, either actively sailing or teaching in maritime institutions, are advised to possess a MARINA-issued professional ID.


Last Friday, October 13, I went to MARINA – Kalaw to get my own MARINA ID. I completed the application in just one hour. On how you can do it too, here are my personal tips.

Required documents, as per CD No. 208-02 (Blue Form)

  • Theoretical Examination and Practical Assessment (For new passer)
  • Old PRC ID or MARINA ID or PRC Board Certificate
  • Seafarers Registration Number
  • One picture – Passport size white background with appropriate shoulder board.
  • One Long Brown Envelope

How to process


  1. Start by getting an application form (Blue Form) with a queue number attached on it at Public Assistance Section, 5th Floor of MARINA-Kalaw building.
  2. Fill-up the form nearby MARINA ID section (see top photo), and wait for your number to be called. Once called, present your documents and picture on hand, as requested by the personnel on duty.
  3. Next is to pay the cashier at 6th Floor. But don’t forget to tear the application form in three parts (as marked by dash lines) and only give the AUTHORITY TO ACCEPT PAYMENT (ATAP) piece to the cashier along with the Php 250.00 payment.
  4. Return to MARINA ID section, present the CLAIM STUB and you’ll be advised when you can claim your MARINA ID at the Releasing Section. I completed all these steps at around 1100H, and was advised to claim my ID starting 1200H to 1900H that day. If not claimed, you can return to MARINA Office the following working days.

If you’re far away from MARINA-Kalaw, don’t worry since the nearest MARINA Regional Office (MRO) can issue you a professional ID, as per STCW Advisory No. 2015-26. Just comply with the documentary requirements, and pay the processing fee accordingly.


*Bring the original documents for verification, and better photocopy each document before you start the application.

* If you’re actively sailing, bring your updated company issued sea service and valid seaman’s book (SIRB). I was asked to present these documents though they were not apparently written in the Blue Form.

*Be sure you have correct Seafarers Registration Number (SRN). If you don’t have one yet, read my other blog post how to get a SRN.

* Finally, if you’re applying for an Instructor or a Domestic Professional Seafarer ID, here are the additional requirements.


  • Certificate of Employment from School/Training Center (Indicating the Subjects and Duration of Teaching)
  • PRC ID or Board Certificate
  • Interim Accrediattion as Instructor (For Training Center Instructor)
  • ID from Maritime Training/School Institution


  • DCOC or PRC ID or Board Certificate
  • Company Sea Service Certificate or SIRB

I hope you find this blog helpful should you wish to get your own professional ID soon.


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Future seafarer is ‘Pambansang Gentleman’, storms the universe to win Mr. Universal Ambassador nat’l crown

Mirror, mirror on the wall, have you met the most gentleman of ’em all?


Paul Guarnes, a native of Ilo-ilo City, won the coveted titles Mr. Gentleman of the Philippines, and Mr. Universal Ambassador last night, Sept. 9, in Quezon City, Manila.

The charming young man aspired to be a seafarer so he took Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo (JBLFMU-A) Campus. While studying in the country’s first maritime university, he actively joined the Search for Mr. JBLFMU. Should we be surprised to know that he eventually won the crown in 2013? Naahh anymore.

Brain, body and beauty – he’s like SM, he got it all for yah, girl. Just Kidding! 😉

But more than his very pleasing cover, we recently discovered that Paul is a man of substance – a true gentleman, to say the least.

Let’s get to know him more on this gallery. (Hold your seat, we prepared a feast for the eyes! Lol)

1. Sensational #KingP.


The newly crowned ‘Pambansang Gentleman’, as our Republic likes to call him now, has an army of followers. His Facebook has more than 12,000 while his Instagram has more than 2,000 followers, and counting!
2. A faithful servant.


Paul can effortlessly please the crowd, but more than this, he pleases God Almighty by being a faithful servant. Paul is a proud member of Youth For Christ (YFC), the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC).

3. Goal-Driven.


“Don’t let what people tell against you enter your mind, Don’t let people pull you down. Love yourself and prove them wrong. Even if the world is against you, stand on you truth. Focus on your goals. Reach your dreams. Inspire.” posts Paul Guarnes in Facebook last September 4.

Such message was perhaps his reminder to all people who want to achieve something in life. For his case, did you know that before joining pageants, he merely weighs 45 kilos? Nowadays however, this hunk is weighing more or less 70 kilos!
4. Confident to speak his mind.

Paul can teach us how to be a gentleman. The brainy Pambansang Gentleman has captioned below photos sauciest.

(Click on each photo to view larger size.)


5. Captain of his own dreams.


Andrea Biondo, has just passed the crown to Paul Guarnes, the new Mr. Universal Ambassador Philippines title-holder.

Paul then heads somewhere abroad as our official representative in what had been considered as the most attended Male Competition in the world in 2016. Biondo finished 4th runner-up last year.

Mister Universal Ambassador is a provisional male competition seeking for the ultimate role model who is captivating in the entertainment world while maintaining integrity and social prowess, says Mister Universal Ambassador official website of the pagent.

With Paul Guarnes’ wit, charm and authority, we are confident that he could weather any storm that comes his way. He will reach his ultimate destination proud and happy. He was trained to be a world class navigator, after all?




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To travel the world, Paul has yet to sail the seven seas. In our opinion though, now that he struck gold, he should just instead focus on his modeling career and breakthrough Hollywood? Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, if he starts sailing the seas soon, the mermaids would be restlessly swooning as they watched him toiling.

Our Sailing Republic is proud of you. Congratulations on your new feat #KingP! Kudos to your next journey.

What can you say about Paul Guarness being the new Mr. Gentleman, and Mr. Universal Ambassador of the Philippines?

Do you find this blog informative?

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*All photos of Paul Guarnes were screen-grabbed from his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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#CollegeGoals: How to be a scholar of MAAP?



The Maritime Academy of Asia and Pacific (MAAP) in Mariveles, Bataan is a leading provider of quality education and training in the Philippines. It is said that when you graduate from MAAP, you will likely succeed in your maritime career since the institution has instilled you the necessary skills, character and knowledge.

Personally, I have known and worked with many successful alumni of MAAP. In fact, some of them were featured on this blog. Have you heard of the world’s first Filipina Ship Captain and Chief Engineer? If you haven’t heard of their feat yet, I encourage you to read below blog posts:

Capt. Jasmin Labarda: The pioneering Filipina licensed Master Mariner

Capt. Che Javellana: The pioneering Filipina Master Mariner of a tanker ship

Chief Engineer Nina Sue da Silva: The pioneering Filipina licensed Marine Chief Engineer

Last March I was in MAAP to attend a particular training for maritime instructors and assessors. During my short stay inside the campus, I had observed that their state-of-the-art facilities and training equipment were indeed excellent.

Related Reading: Free IMO 6.10 (Simulator Trainer and Assessor) Course for seafarers



MAAP is wholeheartedly committed to hone future leaders of the maritime industry. Hence, if you’re aspiring to be a seafarer in the future I invite you to enter MAAP, and avail a scholarship grant!

I was able to download a FAQs document from MAAP’s official website. I think this answers most of the questions you may have in mind if you’re interested to be a scholar.

Read this FAQs thoroughly to know what are the benefits you’ll get if you pass the screening, and of course, if you meet their set of qualification requirements.



Strike the iron while it’s hot!

Here’s when and where you can take MAAP’s entrance exam.

Note: A set of three numerical digits is the code of the exam venue (ex. Tabaco National HS in Tabaco City, Albay has 015 exam venue code.)

9 September 2017

Tabaco National High School

015 Tabaco City, Albay

9 September 2017

Marcial O Raniola Memorial School(MORMS)

051 Guinobatan, Albay

9 September 2017

Manila High School

022 Intramuros, Manila

10 September 2017

Cabuyao National High School

NEW Cabuyao, Laguna

10 September 2017

Masbate National High School

017 Masbate City, Masbate

10 September 2017

Bulihan National High School

018 Dasmarinas, Cavite

16 September 2017

Cagayan National High School

019 Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

17 September 2017

Nueva Vizcaya General Comprehensive High School

021 Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

23 September 2017

Juan Sumulong Memorial Junior College

027 Taytay, Rizal

24 September 2017

Batangas State University (Nasugbu Branch)

023 Nasugbu, Batangas

30 September 2017

Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (High School Dept.)

026 Gen. Santos City

01 October 2017

Koronadal City National High School

043 Koronadal City, South Cotabato

01 October 2017

Davao City National High School

028 Davao City

07 October 2017

Rizal High School Main Campus

029 Pasig City

07 October 2017

Calbayog City National High School

030 Calbayog City, Samar

07 October 2017

Buruun Fisheries National High School

047 Iligan City

08 October 2017

Leyte National High School

031 Tacloban City, Leyte

08 October 2017

Sangley National High School

032 Cavite City

08 October 2017

Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School

048 Cagayan De Oro City

14 October 2017

Doña Monsera Lopez Memorial High School

033 Silay City, Negros Occ.

15 October 2017

Negros Occidental High School

036 Bacolod City, Negros Occ.

21 October 2017

Zamboanga City National High School (West Campus)

040 Zamboanga City

21 October 2017

Antique University

035 Sibalom, Antique

21 October 2017

Abellana National High School

039 Cebu City

22 October 2017

Holy Name University

038 Tagbilaran City, Bohol

22 October 2017

Iloilo National High School

037 Iloilo City

22 October 2017

Ramon Magsaysay High School

042 España, Manila

28 October 2017

Malay National High School

034 Malay, Aklan

28 October 2017

Maritime Academy of Asia & the Pacific

001 Mariveles, Bataan

29 October 2017

Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (Sara Campus)

041 Sara, Iloilo

29 October 2017

Tarlac State University

052 Tarlac City


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Happy Birthday, Our Lady Star of the Sea


Our Lady, Star of the Sea statue in Basilica of Our Lady (Maastricht), Netherlands. ©Wikipedia

Catholics all over the world are celebrating today the traditional birthday of none other than but Mama Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother.

Many Filipino seafarers, either working at sea or resting ashore, are devoted and thankful of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her role in humankind’s salvation is arguably substantial while at sea, the spiritual mother is particularly our guiding star.

Few weeks ago, I visited Antwerp’s Seaman’s Club – Stella Maris. I eventually got curios what ‘Stella Maris’ means so I asked Google. Finally, when the results were out, I had learned that Stella Maris is a Latin name which means Star of the Sea.

Our Lady, Star of the Sea is the Blessed Virgin Mary’s timeworn title. She’s the patron of The Apostleship of the Sea (AOS), a global group of port chaplains and other volunteers which advocate seafarers’ rights and advance our welfare.

For example, the Antwerp Seamen’s Club – Stella Maris has provided a free bus service for seafarers who want to relax and explore the diamond capital of the world. This kind of support help seafarers save as much as 160 Euros on transportation cost!


©Stella Maris UK

Moreover, AOS offered 12 Stella Maris Masses this September. If you sailed in Nottingham, visit the Cathedral of St. Barnabas at 1300 hours Local Time, and join the Eucharistic celebration led by Bishop Patrick McKinney.

Aside from attending the mass, we can pray the Holy Rosary before the image of Christ’s Mother. I remember when I was still young, we gather in school and sincerely pray.

My own mother also used to remind me that I should grow kind and a loving person. According to her, these are the must-followed virtues and characters of Mama Mary.

I’m now 25, and I think I made my mama proud? ^^ Just kidding.

Nevertheless, our never ending thanks to our dear Stella Maris for her unconditional and motherly love!


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What are your memories celebrating Mama Mary’s birthday?

Shares your thoughts. Leave a feedback below, peepz!

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Lost your PhilHealth PIN? Don’t worry, it’s just one text away!


Gudpm…pwede po ba malaman me philhealth number kc nwla po ung id ko..nakalimutan ko po…


My name is marf  and i forget my philhealth number hoping that you can help me to retrieve my philhealth number.thank you and god bless you.

Ma. Lourdes

Pls I need to know my Phil health number nakalimutan KO po kc tnx po need KO po ASAP ang number para makapagbayad po ako tnx po


Hello I forgot my Philhealth pin number. Can i know it thanks


Hi, this is Mettos. I forgot my philheath I’d number can you help me.?

Hi Irene, Marf, Ma. Lourdes, Mark, Mettos, and to other readers of my blog who posted comments and seek help on how to recover their forgotten PhilHealth Personal Identification Number (PIN).

(And if you have the same concern) I wrote this blog hoping to help you solve your current problem.

Ooohrayt. As far as my knowledge is concerned, we can try any of these three solutions.

1.Use your phone and send a text message.

To recover your PIN, send a formatted SMS message to 2960.

PHIC(space)PIN(space)Last Name,First Name(space)Birthdate (mmddyyyy)

Example: PHIC PIN Cruz,Juan 04231993

But what if you have a Jr., Sr. or III, among other extenders, in your name? Don’t worry, just type it like this way:

PHICPINLast Name,First Name,ExtensionNameBDAY(mmddyyyy)

Example: PHIC PIN Cruz,Juan,Sr. 04231993

2.Contact the PhilHealth’s main office or a nearest branch near you.

Below are the office address, contact numbers and email of PhilHealth’s Head Office.

You may want to be updated and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, too!


© PhilHealth

I think it’s better that you call and/or send an email first before heading to their office. If they reply and attend to your concern appropriately, you save some of your precious time, money and energy. Isn’t it?

3.Your previous employer may still have it on record.

Try to contact your previous employers’ Human Resource Department and ask if they still have a record of your PhilHealth PIN.

I hope that they did not delete your document records right after you resigned/terminated from that company. Nevertheless, you still have other two options.

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DOWNLOAD FREE Gyro Error Calculator


Hello fellow sea navigator, this free calculator will help you determine the ship’s gyro compass error fast and easy. Yes, no need for Tables A, B and C! (You know what I mean.)

Here’s how.

  1. Sight the celestial body and record the Gyro Compass bearing (GB).
  2. You also need to record the following right after the sight was taken: (1) UTC Time, (2) current GPS position, (3) the ship’s gyro and compass headings and (4) Variation.
  3. In the Star Finder sheet, update the cells UTC, Body (if known only), Latitude and Longitude only. No need to update the ‘Date’ unless otherwise your computer’s calendar is wrongly set.
  4. Click ‘Click to advance 5 minutes’. The celestial bodies re-align on the chart.
  5. If you don’t know the name of the celestial body yet, most probably a star, refer to the horizontal vales of the chart. For example, when your GB is 090◦T, check what star lies straight above 090 in the chart, and you’ll know its name.
  6. Mouse-over in the celestial body sighted, and you’ll get its True Bearing (TB).
  7. Voila! you can now solve the ship’s Gyro Compass error. It’s the difference between the celestial body’s GB & TB. If GB>TB, affix West. If not, affix East.



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Download your copy here.

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LOOK: MAGSAYSAY is hiring cruise ship workers!



Name of Agency:

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation.

POEA License:



Manila: Ground Floor G.E. Antonino Bldg. T.M. Kalaw St. corner J. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila

Cebu: 2nd Floor ATC 2 Building, 128 F. Ramos St. Cebu City

Davao: Unit No. 1, Ground Floor GIMS Building, Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City

Iloilo: Capitol Drive, Iznart St. Iloilo City


Hello, dreamer! Here are Magsaysay’s latest sea-based job openings, as posted on its official,

The minimum working experience required is 1 year and such related work experience should not be more than 2 years ago!

( For more details on how to apply, click the job title.)

14 Sept 2017

04 Sept 2017

  2. NURSE

30 August 2017


We regularly update this blog post. Subscribe to receive new job alerts!

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Didn’t find your dream job listed above? Check the latest sea-based job offer here.

Further, here’s our tips when you’re applying for a job in Magsaysay.

Seaambassadorph is not a licensed recruiter. Please contact the agency directly for your job related queries. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

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